Can a dragon love a fox
154 Chapter 153
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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154 Chapter 153

"Where is Huli? Why hasn't he arrived yet? He said he would arrive in the west at the same time as us. "

Kaida kept on rattling while Jaya desperately tried to get her in her dress. She was visibly sweating and seemed to be very worried.

"Your queen, now is not the time to think about the king since we have a big problem. The dress that they have made for you does not fit! "

Kaida shrugged "how come it does not fit? Isn't there anything else I can wear? "

Jaya became frustrated with Kaida's casual attitude and pointed to her belly


Kaida rubbed her ears " Well my dear Jaya you don't have to shout like that, I am sure you will come up with a solution. By the way, do we still have lemons?

Just as Jaya was going to explode, Rei came in with an extra piece of fabric.

"Jaya, luckily I made it on time, I already suspected that the dress had to be tailored.

Kaida looked at Rei while she ate a lemon "do you know where Huli is?"

Rei smiled and rubbed Kaida's hair "there came a message that there has been a change in plans, since there is something off with Fu, the journey will take them a little longer. He willl arrive at the earliest in the night or at the next sunrise "

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"Mmm probably Fu is a bit slower because she is pregnant"

The rest of the time, little was spoken because Jaya and Rei were adjusting Kaida's dress and Kaida was mainly eating lemons. When they were finished, Kaida was allowed to look in the mirror.

When she looked in the mirror, she was pleasantly surprised. The dress that Kaida was wearing was made of light blue silk . In the middle there was a dark blue band, which made sure that the belly of Kaida was clearly visible.

To hide her belly she put on the mantle she had received from Huli on their wedding day. In addition, she also had a blue silk scarf that she could wrap around her.

"Come it's time to go to the engagement party"


Together with Jaya and Rei, Kaida walked through the corridors of the Villa of the royal family of the wolves tribe. The Villa was large and simply furnished, many pieces of furniture were dark and made of wood.

They were escorted to the ballroom by a butler. When they arrived in the ballroom, they saw that many were already present. Mamushi and Salmus were talking to Zuko and Okuri, while Nana took the opportunity to introduce Renjiro to her father.

"Since when she gets along so well with my oldest brother?"

Rei looked at Nana and Renjiro in disapproval. She was not fond of Nana at all because of her behavior in the foxes tribe and rather wanted her brother to stay away from Nana. But since they were in the west she had seen the two together every time!

Kaida laughed "don't worry, she's not that bad. I have seen a completely different Nana during our trip, you would be surprised!

Rei wanted to ask a few questions, but she was interrupted by the trumpets that blew. The doors on the other side of the ballroom opened and Kyona and Cuan stood in the opening. They held each other's hands and walked inside together.

Kyona wore the traditional engagement clothes of the wolf tribe, She was wearing a black satin dress and around her neck, she was wearing a necklace with a dragon pendant and matching earrings. She had two thick gold bracelets with a flame on her wrists.

Cuan was wearing the traditional engagement clothes of the dragon tribe but it was not the color of the dragon tribe. He was wearing black woolen trousers and a sweater and had a necklace with a wolf pendant around his neck and had golden bracelets with a wolf on his wrists.

Because Kyona did not want to marry in black, they had decided together that they would wear the clothes in the color of the wolf tiribe for the engagement party and the dragon tribe colors for the wedding.

As Cuan and Kyona walked to their place, they were welcomed by the people who were present. Kyona glanced around and was visibly enjoying the attention. Cuan looked satisfied at Kyona and lovingly guided her to their place.


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