Can a dragon love a fox
155 Chapter 154
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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155 Chapter 154

When they were at their seat, it was time for the greetings. Kaida was glad she didn't have to wait long until she could greet her sister and cuan. During the greeting, she immediately presented the foxes tribe's wedding gifts.

Kyona laughed secretly and said "the foxes tribe is generous, but sister you can not fool me. I am also a student of our aunt. I want to know everything after the wedding! "

While Cuan looked at Kaida and Kyona, Kaida bowed and said

"but of course my little sister"

As soon as the greetings were over, the party was in full swing and everyone was having a good time. After a few hours Kaida was exhausted and just when she wanted to withdraw she was approached by the butler of the royal family of the wolves tribe

"Your highness the king of the wolves tribe requests that you meet him in the meeting chamber, if you would follow me"

Kaida nodded and left the ballroom with the butler. Within minutes they came to a large oak door. The butler opened the door for her so that she could enter.

When she was inside, the butler closed the door. Kaida looked around the meeting chamber and saw that Zuko, Salmus, and Chao were present.

Chao was the current king of the wolves tribe. He was in his forties and was tall and athletic. He had his long black hair tighted on the front and the back fell over his back. He had the same black eyes as Cuan.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was tense. When Chao saw Kaida, he signaled that she could take a seat. When she was seated he spoke in a serious tone

" Your Queen, as you wished I tried to find out where the woman is, but my research has shown that the woman died during labor"

Salmus nodded and said "I have exactly found out the same, besides it is not clear where the child is"

Zuko now took the opportunity to talk "we thought she would be safe if we left it to the elders, but unfortunately we failed to keep our promise "

Kaida thought. She saw the woman they were talking about in her mind. The woman had been one of the most beautiful women in the dragon tribe. She was a member of the strongest branch family and had been one of her mother's personal maids.

Her uncle Kaidon tried several times to court her, but she had rejected all attempts because she was not interested. because he found that he had suffered humiliations, he had abducted her and took away her innocence.

By the time they found her, she was broken and Kaidon had had his way with her several times. The earlier queen had been furious and had exiled Kaidon and given all his wealth and possessions to the woman.

However, it had not been enough to keep her safe, since Kaidon had tried to kidnap her the moment he heard the news that she was pregnant. But this time he did not succeeded, but the woman became sick with fear.

Because the threat of war was there and the earlier queen knew that she could no longer protect her, she secretly sent her to the elders. But they themselves were not safe during the war.

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"We must try to find out who all knew that my bad uncle would get an heir. We will probably find a clue as to who stole the dragon egg. "

The three men nodded and then Chao said "this was all dragon princess, now that you are pregnant you need your rest. It's well into the night it's time to take a rest "

Kaida looked up in surprise, and saw Salmus and Zuko nod correspondingly. Is it so clear then?

"I will take a walk in the garden, then I will retreat to my Chamber, I wish you a pleasant evening and a good night's sleep"


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