Can a dragon love a fox
156 Chapter 155
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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156 Chapter 155

Huli hurried to the garden. He had just arrived in the west and was looking for Kaida. The journey to the west took longer because Fu was not in her best condition. She was tired quickly and much slower.

He hoped to meet Kaida in the garden so that he could spend some time with her. Because she had been so attached to him in recent days, he missed her presence. Even though she slept a lot, he found it soothing to see her sleep.

The garden was large and he almost wanted to walk back until he came to a lake in the garden. As he got closer to the lake, he saw that Kaida was standing next to a large black willow tree, facing the lake.

Her hair fluttered in the wind and with her finger she plucked a few locks of hair behind her ears.

Because of the moonlight that fell on her dress, the dress seemed to sparkle as if thousands of mini diamonds had been sewn around the dress. The blue silk scarf fluttered around her waist.

Huli slowly walked closer while admiring her. The closer he got the more he wanted to touch her.

When she realized that someone was there, she looked up and looked right into Huli's eyes. When she saw him she gave him a warm and loving smile and walked to him.

When Huli saw her smile he looked at her and before he knew it he said

"I love you"

Kaida stopped in front of him and said "sorry what did you say I didn't hear you through the wind"

Huli put his cloak on her and quickly grabbed her hand

"nothing important my queen, it's late come let me guide you to the chamber"

Kaida grabbed his hand tightly and let him guide her through the garden. His hand felt warm and while she looked at him she felt butterflies in her stomach.

She didn't know if it was because she was pregnant or not, but she felt that she had more and more feelings for Huli. If she had to be honest, she could say with certainty that she had fallen in love with him in such a short time.

She suddenly stopped walking and pulled his arm gently. He turned around and looked at her

"what's wrong?"

Kaida smiled broadly and asked

" Is there not something diffrent about me"

Huli looked at her from head to toe. It was visible that she was fuller and the scarf she was wearing was barely enough to disguise it. Was she worried because she had gained some weight?

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"You are good how you are my queen"

Kaida looked a bit confused at Huli. What does he mean by that? She loosened the scarf around her waist and said

"it looks like the gods has blessed our marriage"

Huli looked questioningly at Kaida and wondered what she meant.

"Is that so my queen?"

Kaida was surprised by his answer, but when she looked at him she realized that he really didn't know what she meant.

He looked questioningly at her as if he were asking with his eyes if everything was going well.

" I am pregnant"

Huli's face brightened and he walked on

"You are im happy thats it, I thought something ..."

Suddenly he turned back to Kaida

"what did you say"

" I am pregnant"

Huli quickly approached her and grabbed Kaida by the waist while he turned her around. This was the first time that Kaida saw that his smile also reached his eyes. He lifted her enthusiastically into the air and looked at her full of joy.

Kaida got a little dizzy because he was spinning her around. She grabbed him by the shoulders and said with difficulty

"my king im getting dizzy "

Huli stopped spinning her around and held her in his arms, looking at her belly. Now that he looked closely at her belly, he clearly saw that she was pregnant.

"My queen how far are you, since it is already clearly visible"

Kaida laughed uncomfortably "well… for 5.5 months now and it is a triplet.

Huli was visibly shocked by the news, almost letting Kaida slip out of his hands. He put her down gently and couldn't find the words. The only thing he could say was

"ow 5.5 months and three"

Kaida saw that he was still in shock, so she took his hand and walked on

"let's go to our Chamber and talk further. Recently I have felt them moving more and more, maybe you are lucky and you can feel it too "

When Huli recovered from the shock, he looked at Kaida, who was enthusiastically telling him everything. His heart was happy but his thoughts were full of care. Is it possible to give birth to three children?


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