Can a dragon love a fox
157 chapter 156
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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157 chapter 156

Although they did not intend to stay in the garden any longer, their walk through the garden lasted a few hours.

Kaida spoke more and spoke in great detail about how she found out she was pregnant and what her aunt had told her.

Then she spoke about how the trip to the wolves tribe had been and how different Nana was. Huli walked beside her and listened occasionally and nodded and said a few words.

Kaida was already used to the distant attitude of Huli and knew that despite not speaking much, he was interested in what she had to say. He seemed cold to her for the outside world, but she had seen that he did indeed feel affection for her.

She remembered how he spinned her around when he heard the news and felt butterflies in her stomach. She looked up and looked at the profile of Huli's face. He still had a tight face with few emotions, but she saw enough in his eyes.

After Huli and Kaida had taken a walk together through the large garden, they walked back into the Villa. Huli leaned over to Kaidas and looked at her playfully

"It's getting late, Come then we shall retire to our Chamber"

Kaida's cheeks turned red from the tone of his voice and the look he gave her. They looked at each other for a moment. Just when she wanted to walk with him something suddenly occurred to her

"My king I would like to go with you, but have you forgotten that we are in the wolves tribe for a wedding? You know that it is common for women and men to stay separately. It is time that I return to the villa for the women and you to the villa of the men "

When Huli heard that, his face gloomed. He had completely forgotten the costum of the wolf tribe. It was indeed so that the men and women reside separately. Only at the wedding would the women and men reunite.

Knowing that Kaida was pregnant with a triplets, he wanted to keep her with him as much as possible, so that he knew she was safe. But as much as he wanted to accompany her to the women's villa, it was not allowed for the men to come near the villa.

"My queen I would like to accompany you but I will respect the traditions of the wolves tribe."

When they arrived in the arrivals hall, they saw an older male and female butler standing. The female butler bowed

"Queen of the foxes tribe, I will accompany you to the women's residence. The rest of the women have already withdrawn "

Kaida nodded and then looked at Huli again

"My king, I wish you a good night's sleep, I will see you again at the wedding"

When she saw that Huli nodded, she walked towards the female butler, suddenly she felt that she was pulled back by her hand by Huli. He took her in his arms and embraced her, stroking his hand through her hair and gently kissing her lips.

"Sleep gently my queen"

The male and female butlers looked at them with wide eyes. Although it was not uncommon in the wolves tribe to show affection for your partner, this was the first time they saw the king of the fox tribe behave that way.

Kaida was also surprised because apart from the times they shared the bed, Huli did not show much affection towards her except in his words, and especially when people were arround . She felt the butterfly in her belly increasing. Is this because I am pregnant with him?

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Huli released her and walked to the male butler with the cold look he always had and said

"I am ready to go"

The male butler straightened his back and stretched his arm

"this way your highness"

When they had walked away, Kaida was still a bit stunned in the arrival hall until she heard the voice of the female butler

"You are blessed with a loving husband, I see the king loves you very much. It is good to see how he has changed. If you want to follow me"

Kaida looked up and coughed

"yes of course"


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