Can a dragon love a fox
158 Chapter 157
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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158 Chapter 157

Kaida walked over to the female butler and thought about what she had said. How did he changed? She looked up and asked

"you said the king had changed, how so? "

The female butler laughed

"I have known Huli since he was a little boy. He and Salmus always came with their fathers and then visited Cuan. Your cousin Kyro often visited too. As a child, he was aloof and did not laugh much. Nonetheless, the three were good friends, but the other two were delighted to get attention from the women in the villa. Huli didn't like it at all. Only when he got to know Tatsu did you see him laugh a lot. He started participating with the other two when they did mischief "

Kaida laughed and would have liked to see those three in childhood. Although she was also an heir to the throne, she never went with her father. This was because she preferred to receive combat training from her mother.

Her mother always let her father go as an envoy because her mother never really wanted the crown for herself.

"Your highness we have arrived"

She opened the doors of the villa and together they walked inside. As they walked through the hall, Kaida heard that it was getting noisy. When the female butler opened the door at the end of the hall, she let out a cry.

Kaida looked inside quickly and curiously. She saw that Jaya and Nana were lifting a mattress while Cuan's mother was giving directions where to put it.

On the other hand, she saw that Haya gave instructions to a few women about where the furniture should go. Salmus mother stood in the middle of the chamber, helping the other women to push the mattresses close together.

When everyone realized that the door was open, they all looked at the doorway.

Aimi Cuan's mother approached them. Cuan's mother was a tall slender lady of 1.80cm, she had long, thick black hair that stretched over her buttocks, her eyes a light brown color.

She thanked the female butler, who then left the chamber and closed the door.

"Wow Haya, Nuo and Eri, look I thought Kyona looked a lot like Katsumi, but look at her oldest daughter! It looks like Katsumi is here "

Haya rolled her eyes "Katsumi was more beautiful, that's why Okuri gave her that wreath"

Nuo sighed "Haya come on, that's something that happened in our youth. You know very well that Katsumi would not take Okuri from you "

Eri laughed "Yes that's right! And if you hadn't suddenly changed places, he wouldn't have made the mistake of giving the wreath to Katsumi "

Kaida looked confused at the four women. What were they talking about? And she was surprised to hear Haya say her mother's name. The way she treated Kaida seemed like she wanted nothing to do with the people of the dragon tribe.

Aimi waved her hands and the other three ladies continued what they were doing. She took Kaida by the hand and led her to a chair

"Take a seat given your condition you do not have to help and you are already a few months"

Kaida looked around the chamber confused and wondered what the women were doing. Kyona walked towards her with a smile.

"big sister take the opportunity to change into your nightwear. The younger women want a girls' evening together before I get married. So we decided to turn the Chamber into a sleeping chamber using the mattresses "

While Kaida was changing in to her nighwear, a quarter of the women were following Haya's instructions to move the rest of the furniture out of the chamber.

another quarter of the women were laying down the mattresses according to the instructions of Aimi.

Another quarter of the women followed Nuo's instructions to provide all mattresses with blankets and pillows.
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While Eri was busy with a quarter of the women providing enough drinks and snacks on the remaining tables.


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