Can a dragon love a fox
159 chapter 158
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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159 chapter 158

After half an hour the four mothers looked satisfied at the end result. The entire room had been turned into a large sleeping chamber with enough space for the women to sleep. In addition, there was plenty to drink and eat.

Meanwhile Kaida , had changed and stood beside Kyona. Aimi clapped her hands happily and was smiling broadly.
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"Well ladies, we from the old guard are retreating, just like the other older generation. I wish the women of the younger generation a lot of fun tonight and please don't make it too late for my future daughter-in-law "

Haya, Eri and Nuo were already walking to the door ready to retreat to their Chamber. While Aimi was still walking to Kyona and gave her a warm hug. When she did that, she followed the three women and together they left the chamber.

Jaya went to Kyona and took her hand and led her to the center of the mattresses.

"Since it's all about you, you're the center of attention tonight! What do you want to drink then I will grab it for you "

Since Kyona was a born and raised lady of the dragon tribe, it was not difficult to guess that she wanted something to drink that had a high alcohol content. After every woman was provided with drinks, they sat around Kyona.

"I don't understand what you actually see in my brother"

Everyone looked at the younger woman who started the conversation. The woman was slender and had thick long black hair with brown eyes. It was Cuan's younger sister who had asked the question. She was the same age as Kyona.

The women were also curious about the answer and looked at her while they were , waiting for Kyona to reply. Especially the women from the dragons, foxes and snake tribe wanted to know the answer, the women of the wolves tribe already knew how amazing their crown prince was.

Kyona blushed and looked shyly at the group of women around her. She shrugged and said

"Honestly, I don't know. When I heard the news, I also responded very casually as if it didn't bother me, but I cried myself to sleep that night. I thought it was unfair that I was not allowed to choose my own marriage as a person and that in the interest of politics a decision was made about my future "

A voluptuous lady with curly green hair and light green eyes nodded

"I understand you, although I now love my husband Kaën, there was no love between us. Even after the birth of our first child, it was more a good relationship than a love affair. I did what was required of me and I did it for my people. "

Kayra squeezed her hand "Shuang it must have been tough for you, even though I don't know how it feels, I can understand it. Some children of the royal family unfortunately dont have th right to choose their partner."

Huan took a sip of her drink and also joined the conversation

"but how come you both fell in love anyway? Because it is clear to see that Shuang and Kaën have a happy marriage. In addition, it is also clear to see that Kyona and Cuan are visibly in love with each other. Isn't it better to rebel against the decisions of the elders and choose your own happiness? "

Shuang laughed "little girl from the foxes tribe, its only just a little while longer and you will have reached the age of getting married. I suggest you grow up before that time. Everyone who is a member of the royal family has a duty to think in the interest of their people. Can you say with certainty that going against the decision of the elders is not a threat to the safety of our people? "

Kyona nods "I understand what you want to say Huan, but for the safety of my people I am willing to try and atleast meet the person who will be my future husband. Why do you think they announced it in advance? If you do not see any chance of success within that time, then you are free to make the journey to the Elders and speak your mind.


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