Can a dragon love a fox
160 chapter 159
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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160 chapter 159

Rei also joined in the conversation "it is also possible to get the blessing of the elders if you want to marry someone, even if your marriage has already been decided. As you know the branche family I come from is in terms of strength and supplies not far from the royal family of the dragon tribe. To keep the power in balance, the elders believe that it is right to not allowed to engage two major powers in marriage. That is why the elders first rejected the marriage between me and Kyro "

Huan looked at the ladies who spoke and did not understand

"but you are married to him?"

Rei laughed bitterly "everything has a price. In order to get their permission, kyro and I had to take the journey to the Elders. And as everyone knows it is not easy to find them since they are not located in the south nor the north and also neither the west nor the east. In addition, nobody knows the exact location of their. But we succeeded. "

Shuang smiled "Huan it is not always that black and white. Sure you don't want to throw away your own happiness just for a decision made by the elders. But for the safety of your people, you are willing to see if it has a chance of success, especially if it is a valuable union. Kaën has treated me well from the start. Even when he had to take care of our first child, because I thought I had already completed my task. He stole my heart by how lovingly he treated our child. And even when I was aloof, he kept spoiling me. "

Chanying smirkte "future sister-in-law, now I am curious how my big brother stole your heart"

All eyes were now on Kyona and she felt her ears turn red.

"Well just before the annual fox festival, he sent me a message asking if I would welcome him the day he would arrive at the fox tribe and if I would like to accompany him during the annual fox festival "

Nana who was silent all the time said surprised

"Cuan? Are we talking about the same Cuan "

Mamushi holded her finger in front of her mouth "Sttttrt Nana she's not done talking yet!"

In the meantime Kyona continued her story "as most of u know we of the dragon tribe are fierce and direct people. I was a bit skeptical because he couldn't win once from Kaida during her wedding party, plus he was only too happy to flirt with other women there "

A lady of the wolves tribe said "yes our men are shameless sometimes!"

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All the ladies of the wolves tribe nodded in agreement. While the ladies of the other tribe shook their heads disapprovingly

"But no matter how distant I did and how difficult I was for him, he continued to do his best while smiling. And the moment I felt his fear I was sold. His fear was so fierce, dark and masculine. At that moment he looked so beautiful. "

Everyone giggled and kept asking Kyona questions She was only too happy to answer. Meanwhile, Kaida was enjoying all the goodies on the table. She was so much enjoying them that she didn't realize that all eyes were on her now.

"Big sister why don't you tell us how Huli stole your heart?"

Kaida choked and looked at the group of women who laughed at her reactions. Various comments were made

"Yes, I wonder, because everyone knows how cold and distant the king of the foxes tribe is"

"I really wonder how he is between closed doors"

"Come on you can see clearly that he treats his queen differently than others"

In the meantime, Kaida sat down and cleared her throat

"that is simple in a fight, he is my equal"

Everyone in the room was very quiet and looked confused and questioning. what did she say? She can't mean that, rihght?

Nana looked at her with wide eyes.

"You are not going to tell me that he has not stolen your heart yet, not even now that you are expecting?"

She looked up at Nana and said in surprise "how do you know that I am pregnant?" And you have no right to speak, what about you and Renjiro? "

Nana casually shrugged her shoulders "I already suspected it in the dragon tribe. You were visibly fuller than when we left the foxes tribe and because of the dress you wore at the engagement party, I knew for sure. And yes Renjiro ... yes that is ... yes ... "

Rei rolled her eyes seeing the look of a shy and blushing Nana

"just tell us what happened between you and my big brother"


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