Can a dragon love a fox
161 chapter 160
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Can a dragon love a fox
Author :MevrouwKersJ
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161 chapter 160

Nana looked down and said in a soft tone "I met him during the war, when I left the north for the first time, I ended up in the west. I tried to find the way north, but I was lost. When I had given up hope, I came across a warrior. He was wounded and alone, the army in which he fought was raided at night and he was the only survivor. I nursed him and when he was okay to travel we made the journey back north together. Once in the north I never saw him again "

Everyone looked at Nana in shock. She was always so arrogant and proud, but now she was so shy.

The women were having fun talking about anything and everything and they were having a great time. Kyona, who already had quite a bit of wine, suddenly got up and looked around the group of women.

"So ladies I just want to know! How is the first time intercourse? What do I have to take into account? What should I do! When he gave me a kiss I almost fainted"

When Kyona heard she had told her secret, she quickly put her hands in front of her mouth and sat down quickly. In the meantime, the entire room was quiet and looked at her with wide eyes. When everyone had recovered from the shock, they started to talk

"A kiss before the wedding?"

"That's so immoral!"

"Oh well you foxes and snakes tribe are too prudish it's only a kiss!"

"How was your first kiss!"

Kaida looked at her sister with raised eyebrow "I think we first want to know how come that you two shared a kiss, then we are willing to answer your question!"

While Kyona looked at her fingers, she started to talk.

"Well, as you know, after the fox festival he guided me back a part of the journey south. Halfway through our journey we arrived at a beautiful flower field, where we could clearly see the stars in the sky sparkle. He suggested to take a moment to relax in that flower field and admire the stars. During the time we were there he was very secretive and then suddenly he asked me to close my eyes. I was a bit stubborn about doing it but I did it anyway. When I was allowed to open my eyes it turned out that he had made a flower wreath for me. It was so beautiful that I was eager to wear the flower wreath. "

Chanying clicked with her tongue "I don't know my big brother like that!"

The ladies were listening intently and wanted to hear the story further so everyone did "stttttt" for Chanying. She understood the hint and kept her mouth shut.

Kyona started to talk further "where was I, ow yes I wanted to wear the flower wreath. But he insisted on placing it on my head for me. He did it so charmingly, and the way he looked at me as if I were the most precious treasure made me blush. When we looked into each other's eyes it was as if only we existed. And before I knew it, he moved forward and placed his lips on mine. His kiss was so soft and tender! "

When Kyona finished telling, she had her hands in front of her eyes and she was bright red. The ladies in the room were cheering, it was wonderful to hear how Kyona her first kiss was.

"Okay, okay I have told you my story, I expect an answer to my question! "

Shuang sat up "let me start then, my first time intercourse was great even though there was no love. I really can't complain about that! I'd lie if I wasn't very nervous for our first night, but Kaën was so tender and accommodating with me. I don't know how he knew but he had satisfied me several times before we did the real thing! "

Kayra looked in disgust at Shuang who was beaming while she told it

"Ow sister in law! I really don't want to hear this! "

Shuang grinned "then sister in law why don't you tell us our about your first night with your husband"

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Kayra face paled and she took a big sip of her wine

"let me start with saying this i love my husband dearly, but the first night was a disaster! He and I were way too nervous and wanted to go way too fast. That made the act so painful! So Kyona take your time and let him prepare you for the deed! "

Meanwhile, several ladies had told their stories and gave Kyona the necessary tips to make her first night a success. When all eyes were on Kaida again. Everyone was naturally curious how her first night had gone with the cold king!

Kaida sighed when she realized she couldn't get away from it

"I can't complain about my first night"

Everyone in the room "-__-"


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