Demon God Awakening
2 The Kingdom of the Sun and the Moon
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Demon God Awakening
Author :Hatake_1856
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2 The Kingdom of the Sun and the Moon

@@As Jashin sat up using his palms for support, his gaze fell upon the room, there where about a dozen or so people in white, and dark blue robes in a circle around him, one person in specifics looked special. They wore a gold embroidery of a sun on their shoulder, with two swords crossing each other in front of the sun. As Jashin's gaze continued he notice that this person was in fact a woman. She had 2 blades at her side that looked like Japanese Swords (Katana's) her, and the others in robes where kneeling, as she opened her eyes Jashin could see her gold eyes, focus upon him. She had blonde hair. She got up out of the kneeling position while looking at Jashin, and said "Welcome, our Brave Hero. We have summoned you here to help us against the threat of a new Demon King."

Jashin was stumped when these words came from this young girls mouth who was no older than 17, he had read Isekai novels before, but they where always just that...Novels. Jashin's line of sight fell down to this woman's chest. Her chest was tight, but had 2 big firm plumps that where very appeasing to Jashin's eye. Unknowingly he licked his lips.

"Oh, brave hero I am the Princess of this Kingdom Yuhi Tsuki, welcome to the Kingdom of the Sun and the Moon. Would you please follow me?" Not even waiting for Jashin to respond Princess Yuhi turned around, and walked out of the room. Jashin quickly followed, and after a while of following Yuhi down long, and beautiful halls he spoke " So could you please explain why I am here?" Jashin spat, Yuhi just shot him a small glance then looked back in front of her saying "We are here." In front of the two where two giant bronze doors with designs of the Sun and the Moon with dancing Dragons, and Knights.

The Doors opened and Jashin, and Yuhi stepped in.



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