Demon God Awakening
3 Training Begins
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Demon God Awakening
Author :Hatake_1856
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3 Training Begins

"Creak" The large bronze doors opened, as Yuhi, and Jashin stepped through Jashin couldn't help but gasp in amazement. What laid ahead of him was a large throne room, with gold chandlers hanging from the ceiling. From the door was a fancy red carpet that was laid down, and led up a set of 3 stairs, where their was a throne. On top of the throne was a man who had blonde hair that curled to form into locks, that went down past his ears, he had a beard that was groomed straight. The man had a natural look of power, and authority. This man who had a crown atop his head was clearly the king of this kingdom.

Before Jashin could stop admiring the decorations of the throne room a deep, and powerful voice sounded out, "Welcome brave hero, I am the king of the Sun and Moon Kingdom! Hikari Tsuki!" When Jashin heard the king's voice he couldn't help but flinch from the authority, and natural born arrogance that his voice carried. It was clear to Jashin that this was someone not to be taken lightly, a ruler who could deploy a army in minutes, and wipe out any threats in his own territory.

"This guy is dangerous, but he won't stay in my way for long." A cold light gleamed in Jashin's eyes as he started to form a plan.

"You are probably wondering, oh Brave Hero, why we have summoned you here. My Daughter has said that she filled you in on the basics so, I shall fill you in on the rest, the King's deep voice bounced of the walls causing a faint echo to be heard.

"Indeed, I would like to know the details." Jashin spoke in a soft, and respectful way, but it was hard for him to hide the disdain he held in his eyes. "These fools, they don't even know what gold is when they see it. They lavish themselves, and act all brave." Jashin kept mocking them in his head, when the King spoke again.

"As my Daughter, Yuhi, has informed you, you have been summoned here to help us stop the rise of a new Demon King." Jashin stopped thinking then, he opened his mouth to ask "How does a Demon King rise?" he asked.

The King looked Jashin over a few times, then said "Every century or so, someone comes around who dominates over the race of Demons, they are the Demon King. They are decided, by one their race, and second, their strength." When the King said this Jashin stumbled into deep thought, how does one know their race, what about statuses?

While he was wondering this a few words tickled his ears, and caused him to perk up, "I bet you are wondering how to see you own race. Well you can see it by simply thinking 'Status Open' this will open up your status for you to see."

Jashin immediately thought 'Status Open' a small window appeared before his eyes, he looked around the room, no one else seemed to notice. "Good they can't see my status."

After his gaze wondered around the room it settled on the Status Window, which read:


Name: Jashin

Magic Affinity: Dark Magic, Evil Magic, Necromancy Magic, Space Magic, Holy Magic (Summon perk)

All Elements...

Occupation: Undefined (Fulfill requirements to gain occupation)

Title: None


All of this looked normal until the last part of the status window that read


Race: Demon


This gave Jashin a start, and asked the King "What is my Race supposed to be?" the King looked at him, then said "...Angel..."

Jashin was deep in thought, "Maybe because of my nature, I was born a Demon, was I meant to be a hero or a Demon? Maybe I should pursue the role of Demon King... No that's to evil, let's try hero, if I don't enjoy it I can always change."

"Alright. I assume you are tired, go rest up, tomorrow morning be at the training fields. Your Training Begins."


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