Divine Brilliance
31 Chapter 31 Too Late to Regre
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Divine Brilliance
Author :Kai Huang
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31 Chapter 31 Too Late to Regre

The atmosphere on the Heaven Talisman Platform was scarily cold. The many heads of Pill Spirit palace were all extremely nervous, standing solemnly and looking at the gloomy Ling Weizi.

"Which meant that the Gantian Mountain Prince held the Lingyun Vermillion Token and wanted to join our sect but Liang Miaozi Junior Brother rejected him. Junior brother not only chased him out, but even humiliated him! So this prince was furious, not only breaking the Small Heaven Sword Formation but also copying the twelve God Talismans?"

As he summarized all that, Ling Weizi felt a huge headache. One could pretty much imagine the situation that would occur.

An absolute dual talent, such a teen, even without what happened today, was enough to shake the hearts of anyone.

"Then after that, this Gantian Mountain Prince didn't choose to join Lingyun Sect, not just saying words of humiliation towards our sect, but also tossing aside the Lingyun Vermillion Token?"

The people around all didn't reply, shame and regret appearing on their faces. Ling Weizi only felt his chest feeling really stuffy, his head giddy.

He took in a few successive breaths, resisting the temptation of beating up everyone present.

But looking down at the broken puppet parts and broken pieces of stone, his face couldn't help but twitch.  

Casually bringing the red Token to his hand and softly holding it, only after a long while did the fury in his eyes fade away. However, the cold he was emanating sent more chills down their spines.

"Gantian Mountain Prince. I remember that kid, isn't he just thirteen? Keke! How strong! Just a thirteen-year old, and he could break the formation and copy the talismans, and we actually chased him away. If this matter is spread out, what would others say about us? Are we brainless, or do we not have eyes?

"Forget it? Not being able to accept such a talent to our sect is a regret, but it doesn't affect us much. But this Token affects the reputation of our sect that was built up over generations. I am simply ashamed, not knowing how I will be able to meet my masters after I die…"

The few cultivators around were looking more and more ashamed. Ling Weizi looked right at Liang Miaozi coldly. "Liang Miaozi Junior Brother, this entire matter started because of you. How are you going to explain yourself?"

Liang Miaozi had no anger left in him, hesitating before trying to fight for himself, "I saw that he had dual meridians and isn't suitable for cultivation! Within the sect, although there are dual meridian cultivation methods, they aren't orthodox…"

"That is an excuse! Our sect has so many previous examples, and I didn't see any of them harming our sect. That Zong Weiran only wanted to seek sanctuary for his son. That person helped our sect, so why couldn't we protect his son?"

Ling Weizi shook his head, his face was filled with disappointment. "Furthermore that Gantian Mountain Prince, even with dual meridians, with his talent we would go all out to help him make up for his flaws. Junior brother, I know you still keep in contact with those few people. But are such relationships strong enough for you to harm the sect's interests? It seems like you have forgotten your identity! We have really spoiled you…"

Although his words were simple, Liang Miaozi visibly shook, his entire person instantly felt like his soul had left his body. After a short while he barely moved his lips, "Miaozi is wrong! I will go into secluded meditation and await sect punishment."

Ling Weizi didn't bother with him, turning around and looking at Lin Fei, whose face was really bitter. "I am also at fault. I will personally go accept my punishment."

Ling Weizi smiled bitterly when he heard that. "I don't know what to do about this matter today. We can only try our best to pick up the pieces. Who knows how many people witnessed it?"

"A total of two hundred and sixty-nine people. As the spiritual wave period is about to arrive, close to ninety percent of Junior Brothers and Senior Brothers were cultivating in the cave. Only the disciples on duty, as well as the juniors brothers and sisters who entered today, saw it."

Huang Yi expected that Ling Weizi would ask that, answering without hesitation. Ling Weizi's eyes lit up.

"Two hundred and sixty-nine? That's good, at least there's not too many…"

Muttering softly, Ling Miaozi sighed, looking up into the clouds, "I will seek instructions from the sect leader. I hope there's a way to save it. No matter what, such a shocking talent cannot afford to wander outside of our Lingyun Sect!"  


At the current moment, Zong Shou and his two attendants were walking down the foot of the mountain. The Pill Spirit mountain was two hundred thousand feet high, its path was really dangerous. Even with Chuxue and Yin Yang being skilled cultivators, they took close to four hours to reach the bottom.

Zong Shou felt a little regretful that he had too much of a backbone when he left. He should have asked Huang Yi to send them down.

Yin Yang kept silent the entire way. Only when they could see the bottom, that giant mountain gate, did he suddenly ask, "Prince,you really don't want to join Lingyun Sect? Once we walk out of this Pill Spirit Mountain, we can't turn back. The way back will have a lot of ambushes and dangers. That Liang Miaozi is just a small person, why do we care so much about such humiliation?"

"How can we not care? Since I have already said those words, can we still return and let them laugh at us? We have to have some dignity and pride!"

Zong Shou shook his head before laughing, expressionlessly saying, "Actually I don't really care about my face, but I really didn't want to see you two get humiliated. I feel really disgusted by such people…"

Yin Yang was startled and a little speechless. Although the prince sounded really righteous and also really cool, why did his tone sound so fake?

In truth, he really didn't mind the humiliation Chuxue and him had endured. Even if they went back now, would the Lingyun Sect people dare to laugh at them? They would even treat them as VIP's!

He wanted to say that and give Zong Shou a way out. Chuxue didn't notice anything, saying, "I think Young Master is right. Especially that Liang Miaozi, he is so annoying. He said Young Master is trash, but apart from your dual meridians, you are better than him in every other way. So what if they are the top sect in the East of Cloud World? Even if they beg us, we won't go back. Even if I die, I don't want to enter this Lingyun Sect!"

Zong Shou and Yin Yang wanted to say something but thinking about it, turning around now was a little inappropriate. Yin Yang turned his head and asked, "How did the prince find out the weakness of the formation? I have thought about it for a long time and only felt like the entire formation didn't have any weakness, it was a flawless combination. It is hard to imagine how the prince managed to find the method to break the formation so quickly, while in so much danger."

"That's simple!"

When Zong Shou heard that, he laughed carefreely, "If there are no ways to break through, you make one yourself…"

Yin Yang frowned. This was common martial arts logic, but if those eighteen sword puppets were so easily broken through, then they wouldn't have remained unsolved for tens of thousands of years.

In the next moment, Zong Shou said once more, "Those puppets are truly unbreakable, if they were slow naturally one would not be able to do anything. But when they became fast, then there was a chance!"

Yin Yang shook. A light shone in his eyes as he was filled with astonishment.

So that was it!

Who knew whether or not the prince had thought about it himself on the spot, or relied on his intuition?

If it was the latter, then this prince had to be a cultivation genius, able to stand at the top of the generation in the future. If it was the former, then he would be even more terrifying, filling one with fear!


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