Divine Brilliance
104 Chapter 104 Spiral Energy
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Divine Brilliance
Author :Kai Huang
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104 Chapter 104 Spiral Energy

He was stunned for a long while, before regaining his senses. Raising his palm to his eyes, a ball of true qi seeped out of his palm. The air above his palm continued to spin in a spiral movement, bringing with it bursts of wind.

Not only did the energy flow within his body speed up a lot, his energy wasn't as scattered as before, and easily consolidated in one area. The tip was like a drill, unbelievably sharp.

After injecting the spiral true qi, his strength had actually only raised up by ten percent, but the increase in speed and focusing of the power shattered the entire chair into pieces.

The power of the vortex in his hands was shockingly strong!

"So that was the case!" After thinking about it for a short while, Zong Shou understood the reason for this true qi spiral movement.

His true qi picked up speed because of the parallel movement of his dual meridians causing attraction and repulsion, forming a force similar to magnetism. Flowing in a spiral structure would focus the true qi more.

Such a method was really fierce, and the attack power was frightening.

However, there were pros and cons to this. He would also have to give up on many things because of it. 

The speed of the energy within his body meant that he was destined to walk a path of speed and power unless he reached a certain Realm. If not, he didn't even need to think about fist or sword techniques that focused on using soft methods to overcome the strong.

"... You gain some, you lose some, it is difficult to cover all ground. Dealing with my Dual Meridian Body is already a great success. To have such benefits is a surprise!"

Zong Shou suddenly pulled out the Lightning Tooth Sword, striking out to the side. A thread of sword energy along with some lightning shot out, and stone shrapnel flew, carving a hole in the stone wall five feet away.

It was only a thumb thick, but inside it was very smooth and shiny. The other areas of the stone wall were totally undamaged.

He gaped for a moment before he stared at the sword in his hand.

"Sword energy! People above Xiantian can only use this energy up to thirty feet. I am now only a Grade Seven Mythic Master, and I actually have sword energy!"

The thread of sword energy that Zong Shou gave out was only around ten feet long. Compared to true Xiantian masters, it was simply too weak.

The strength of this spiral true qi far exceeded his expectations. Unfortunately, he could feel the spiritual patterns within his Lightning Tooth Sword were showing signs of damage. He probably had to wash it with the Sword Washing Technique before he would be able to repair it.

The spiral true qi was really strong and direct, but its drilling energy transmission method wasn't something that normal weapons could handle. Even this high Grade talisman weapon Lightning Tooth Sword was far from enough.

This was only the first step. He needed at least a year to complete the reforming of his spiral meridians. These hundred-plus Meridian Spirit Pills were probably not enough.

At that time, when the meridian structure that he designed was completed, how sharp and strong would that vortex strength be?

"My true qi travelling in a spiral really gives rise to extraordinary strength! It was worth torturing myself for two hours. I remember in the past, no, around five thousand years in the future, there was a martial cultivator who created a Heaven Spiral Power secret technique. It was famous for a while and invincible in the Cloud World. Unfortunately, he fell before he was able to step into the Celestial Realm. I can borrow his technique to create one that is suitable for my dual meridians!"

Zong Shou's eyes flashed as he forcibly suppressed the excitement which was building up within his chest.

Although the spiral true qi was not bad, it needed several months before he could truly see its effects. Within the next few days, he wasn't planning to use another Meridian Spirit Pill. Although his meridians had been stretched and moved, they weren't stable. His meridians and tendons were weak and couldn't handle being stretched too soon.

In the next few days they would definitely show signs of shifting back to its original state. He needed to repeat the process a few time before being able to stabilize it.

To raise his strength, spirit master sword-driving techniques and incantation methods were more reliable.

His eyes shifted towards the Black Wave Sword as he suddenly got an idea. He used his soul intent to call it over. It rose up in the air and hung in front of him.

Zong Shou's face was filled with praise. As expected from a Spiritual Weapon which was nourished by that Broken Blade Sword for years, although it was only Grade One, its spirituality was shocking.

Even without him refining it, he could use his mind to control it.

This sword had no handle, and its insides were hollow. However, this was exactly what he wanted. With its weight greatly reduced, the soul power used when he controlled it was naturally much less.

The only unfortunate thing would be that this sword was water element, and it didn't fit his ability to control lightning.

"This water element spiritual sword can help perform the illusion talents of the Sky Fox bloodline to an exquisite level. Even the Eighteen Cloud-Shocking God Destroying sword intent can be used by this sword. Only not with lightning, what a waste!"

The strength of a spiritual sword was strong, not only was the material used much better than talisman weapons, the talismans drawn would be even more complicated and close to the formation level.

His sword skills were at the spiritual level. The reason spirit masters could use their wills to control swords was because of the talismans on them.

In the future, a simple explanation would be that the Spiritual Weapons had force bearing points specifically for soul power.

Refining them, however, was rather complicated. It would at least take half a year of effort to be able to freely control a Spiritual Weapon and not be affected by the wills of other spirit masters.

Zong Shou smiled, forming a seal with his hands, using soul power to bring up a flame to scorch the sword.

Only when the sword became a reddish-black after ten minutes did he stop. He waited for the temperature to slowly lower before he raised it with his right hand and stabbed it into his left arm.

When he pulled it out, blood flowed out. A bunch of it seeped into the spine of the sword, forming a really devilish blood seal on the metallic body of the sword.

Zong Shou's soul had formed a connection with this Black Wave Sword.

This blood sacrifice refining method was a demon sect technique. Originally it was meant to use the blood of ten six-year-old virgins to sacrifice to the sword.

Zong Shou could only use his own blood essence to replace that, the difference between the two wasn't that much, but the price he had to pay would be momentary weakness.

Luckily he still had the Lightning Phoenix egg essence within his body, so he wouldn't face many problems. This step could save him many months of sword nurturing effort.

People who had succeeded on the martial path were often cold-blooded. He was no exception, he was vicious towards others, and more so himself!


Night-time, seventy miles outside of Cloud Saint City, on a secluded little hill top...

Xuanyuan Yiren sat cross-legged on the peak of the hill, naked. 

Her jade-white body shone with a really pure glow under the moonlight. Her twin peaks were wonderful, her skin creamy and no matter which part of her body it was, it was enough to drive men crazy.

Her eyes were closed. In front of her chest a green and red pill floated. It was similar to a beast crystal, shining pure and clear, as if it were totally transparent.

Large amounts of fire and wood element spiritual energies gathered over.

If one took a step back to take a look, the entire hill had many beast crystals placed all around.

A total of nine thirty-foot wooden towers were placed in nine directions. There were balls of spiritual flames glowing on top of those towers. 

Xuanyuan Yiren was positioned in the center of this formation. Each time she took a breath, she would swallow large amounts of spiritual energy, before spitting it back out. Even the moonlight here seemed to be distorted, subtly gathering towards her. Bits of the moonlight's essence shone right between her eyebrows. 

With every moment that passed, the glow on the surface of her body became a bit more eye-catching.

Only after the moonlight dissipated an hour later did Xuanyuan Yiren heave a sigh of relief. She took in a deep breath and sucked that pill into her stomach.

After standing up, she reached her hand out, grabbing the robe beside her and covering up.

Li Yunniang was not far away, perched on the top of a tree, and looking around with an alert expression.

Seeing that Xuanyuan Yiren had already gotten up, the branch beneath her bent and then snapped back. Li Yunniang had jumped to the side of Xuanyuan Yiren, her face filled with questions. "Little Miss, why did you stop so early today? Is it because the moon is too dark?"

"It is indeed a little too dim!" Xuanyuan Yiren nodded, looking above her, a smile on her face. "However, my progress today is still not bad. Maybe it is because of the joy of getting a new pill recipe. If every day could be like this, I will only need two to three months to be able to break through. Even without using the strength of my external pill, I would reach Xiantian. I would also not need to use this Nine Spirit Flame Moon Formation to cultivate, and would still be able to cultivate the external pill."  

As she said that, her face turned red, "This Mysterious Moon Wood Brilliance method that teacher picked for me is so embarrassing. Each time I train it I need to be naked. In this wilderness, I have to be especially worried, afraid that people would find out. Who knows how long it will take to be able to train to the level where everything that touches me burns. Damn it, why can't I just find that Asbestos Cloth Celestial Veil…"  

When Li Yunniang heard that she couldn't help but burst out laughing, gloating, "Little Miss, this method is a legacy method of the Pill Fountain Sect for double cultivators. Unless one is a legacy disciple one is unable to learn it, who knows how many of them want to learn it. Didn't Pill Spirit Senior expect this and prepare you a cave manor, you are the one that decided to run out and search for this Zong Shou."

As she said that, her brows were tightly drawn, like she was annoyed just thinking about that name.

"Little Miss, are you really intending to get married to that trash? Even if you don't like that Young Master Wen from Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect, you don't need to find this Zong Shou! Even if he survives, he can only live for tens of years, while Little Miss can live for thousands. Why do you want to walk together with such a ordinary person? Little Miss, you are going to ruin your entire life…"

Xuanyuan Yiren didn't agree with her words, her small face sinking, revealing unhappiness at her words. "Sister Yunniang, I know that you don't like him. But no matter what, he is still my fiance."


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