Divine Brilliance
367 Chapter 366 Unreasonable
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Divine Brilliance
Author :Kai Huang
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367 Chapter 366 Unreasonable

Within the stone room that Zong Shou had stayed in not long ago, Yan Feibai looked forward with an ugly expression on his face.

This seamless giant iron door had totally blocked their pathway towards the upper layer.

He had arrived an hour ago. He first chased the scent of Zong Shou on the others and when he walked passed several alleyways and the entire cave, suddenly cloud and mist spread. Numerous illusions appeared in his mind.

Yan Feibai didn't know the reason, but when he chased her after all the trouble, he was able to guess a part of it.

Along the way, they didn't see Zong Shou and the others at all. It was obvious that he was in the upper layer and this gate was tightly shut, no one could do anything about it.

Many thoughts flashed in his head. Following which he didn't hesitate to turn around, "Let's go. Since it is tightly shut, let's search at other areas." 

Ge Hanyun was instantly at a loss, "We just need to find a way to open it before we can enter. You just took one look and you are prepared to give up?"

"The gate that the martial path saint left. If he was willing to open it for us, we wouldn't need to spend much effort. If he was unwilling, then even if we think of ways we won't succeed."  

Sighing bitterly in his heart, once a girl is infatuated with a guy, her intelligence was close to zero.

At this moment, Ge Hanyun wasn't as smart and fast as before. The only thing she thought about was seeing Zong Shou.

He shook his head like he couldn't understand, as he continued to explain, "On the iron gate should be a carving that the dragon shadow old man did by himself. It is extremely simple to open it, as long as one is someone he recognizes and show respect to him, bowing a few times it would work. However, the statue is broken. It's obvious that he is unwilling to let any other people enter through this gate!"

Ge Hanyun's brows furrowed as she looked carefully. Actually, just now she had already noticed that there were a few thin marks on the statues.

She didn't pay much attention before and now that Yan Feibai reminded her she realized the meaning within. Her face flushed red and she knew that something wasn't right with herself.

And Yan Feibai was really calm, thinking much further than she was.

The dragon shadow old man had destroyed his own portrait, did he already recognize that he had found the most suitable person to inherit his nine dragon shadow sword? There was no need to find others?

Even the stone room from before was well hidden and guarded.

If it wasn't for him bringing many important items from the sect, he wouldn't have been able to get here.

Even then when he entered the last stone room, it was totally empty. The walls on both sides and even the top of the cave was extremely smooth, on the ground was bits of stone, like something was already destroyed.

Was the intent of the dragon shadow old man still paying attention to this dragon gathering mountain from start to finish?

He was just so satisfied with that Zong Shou?  

And also with such a person inheriting his sword path how would he have others in his eyes?

That person's talents in the sword path were secondary. To actually bear with such pain over such long periods and forcefully break through the barriers from heaven. Just thinking about it, he felt a chill down his spine and sigh that he wasn't as good.

Thinking about it, his chest burnt up, filled with more uneasiness. His legs also moved much quicker, slowly becoming an all-out dash.

Ge Hanyun hurriedly cast a spell to let her float in the air and follow closely behind, "Why are you in such a rush to find the 2nd entrance? Senior master Long is very calm and he has his ideals when he does things. Even if we don't remind him, he wouldn't do anything wrong…"  

Yan Feibai scoffed coldly, "He does, in fact, have a calm personality but he cares a lot about his face. The Zong Shou matter concerns the fight for the sect leader position, and with Han Nishui by his side, who knows whether or not he would get overly emotional? A person like Zong Shou can't be easily offended. One of me is enough to have grievances with him. It's best not to drag the entire sect into this."

He scoffed coldly, "In the future, if you don't want to be enemies with him, want to talk normally to him, even snatch his love from his fiancee, then find a way to help me find those 2 entrances. I am not joking with you!"

Ge Hanyun was shocked and took in a deep breath, her body speeding up, even several bits faster than Yan Feibai.

Not long after the 2 of them left, a person appeared in the stone room.

He was wearing a Taoist robe. Behind him, there were giant ants the size of half a human which flew in the sky.

Looking at the gate in front of him, his brows were tightly furrowed.

In the next instance when he looked at the small pavilion that was sliced by Zong Shou, a look of fear appeared in his eyes.

"...The cut is so clean and clear, what a sharp sword!"

Slightly thinking about it, the Taoist robed middle-aged man also left without hesitation. His eyes were filled with a dangerous glow.

Killing intent apparent within... 


"Zong Shou Zhao Yanran, why are you all here?"

Within the main hall of the upper level, Zong Shou followed the voice and looked over with a lost expression, only to see a person step out from within one of the stone rooms.

It was Lingyun Sect, Long Ruo. Behind him, there were a few people that followed him: Zu Renkuang, who he met once in Cloud Saint City, and naturally, there was also the Mysterious Cloud Sect Han Nishui.

There was also one person who Zong Shou didn't recognize. He also looked really young and wore a blue-colored robe. However, the true qi that he gave out was extremely hot..

He had only seen similar energy from Xuanyuan Yiren's body. However, after using the mysterious chill spirit sense pill to suppress it, her situation was much better.

Using wood to help the fire, what this person cultivated in was the mysterious moon brilliance technique. 

At this moment they all looked over solemnly, sizing up Zong Shou with disgust and a lot of disdain.

As for that Han Nishui, a sharp glow flashed across from the depths of his eyes, killing intent apparent. Then he seemed to realize that now wasn't the time and place for such things and he suppressed his rage, returning back to normal.

Zong Shou didn't want to bother with these 4 people. The main structure here was more comprehensive than what he comprehended below. It was obvious that this was the completed sword art of the nine dragon shadow sword.

As long as he comprehended and memorized it, when he comprehended the other 8 sword arts, it would be much quicker for him. Why would he want to distract himself with other things?

Zhao Yanran couldn't take it, bursting out into an ironic mocking laugh, "Why are we here? Naturally, we came from the bottom and walked up. Is this your home, since you came can't I come too?"

Long Ruo held his breath, following which he laughed out magnanimously, only at the depths of his eyes one could see that he was forcing it. 

Seeing that Zong Shou wasn't going to speak at all and that he was still closely staring at this carving, anger rose up in his chest and he was also a little shocked.

Zhao Yanran and the others could enter this level, forget it. But why was Zong Shou here too?

Since he couldn't cultivate, how could he arrive here in one piece?

A bad feeling rose up in his heart. However, Long Ruo wasn't willing to think anymore, only feeling a suppressed feeling in his chest.

Forcefully suppressing it, his face turned dark and depressed and was just about to walk towards another cave.

At this moment the blue shirt teen suddenly said, "Junior brother Long! This inner gate martial saint remnant image has always been a place our few sects occupied by ourselves. Opening the outer gates to the others was already us being able to answer to other people and we are generous enough. To let a person with no sect and no faction enter, isn't that a little inappropriate?"

When Han Nishui heard that, his eyes lit up whilst Zong Shou and the other three's expression turned serious.

Long Ruo halted in his tracks, after slightly hesitating he finally stopped. "Senior brother Li what do you think we should do?"

Zong Shou was enlightened, this person was Xuanyuan Yiren's senior brother Li Yuandan.

He heard that this person was the one who helped Xuanyuan Yiren set the marriage but he had never met him.

Following which he heard Li Yuandan smiled, "Forget about Zhao Yanran and the other two they are both people with backing. I think it is best we chase away that Gantian Mountain person. These things belong to us. How can we allow others to steal? I coincidentally have a teleportation talisman from my sect in my hands."

When he said that, Zhao Yanran and the others were filled with rage, looking coldly and firmly towards Li Yuandan.

Long Ruo was a little tempted, sizing up Zong Shou, his eyes shining bright like he was hesitating. A moment later his gaze became firm and he made his mind up, "Things that belong to ask we shouldn't let others steal? That makes sense…"

When he said that, a woman's voice interrupted, "What kind of theory is that? Your Lingyun Sect calls yourself a righteous sect, when did you learn how to bully people? This Dragon Gathering Mountain was left by the dragon shadow martial saint and isn't left for a sect or faction but for all cultivators in the cloud world to comprehend. Such a theory is something that even my common people path, people you call demon sect disciples to know…"

Along with her saying that, a girl suddenly walked out from a stone room.

She was 20 years old, looking like she was not much older than Zhao Yanran. The latter bowed, "Greetings little senior master!"

That girl didn't bother about Zhao Yanran, smiling towards Zong Shou, "Seven spirit Sect He Xueying greets your highness…" Following which she stared coldly at Long Ruo.   

Long Ruo's brows furrowed, just as he was about to speak, a large laugh spread out, "Fairy his words are great! Our sects occupying all the spots of the inner gate is a little inappropriate. Today, if we chase someone out, senior dragon shadow would be unhappy."

Another person stepped out. He was holding 3 swords on his body he also smiled towards Zong Shou, "Sword Sect Hanshan School Su Chen greets your highness! Your highness is Lei Dong's brother which means you are also my brother. I won't let you get bullied by these despicable scums…"

When Li Yuandan heard that his eyes opened wide with rage," Su Chen who are you calling a scum?"

Su Chen smiled coldly and didn't reply, his eyes filled with disdain.

At this moment Jin Buhui hollered out, "Senior brother Chen! You think this show is really nice to watch right? Do you remember you still owe me 3 favors? Come out and pay your debts. If not I will run to senior sister to spread rumors and cause trouble!"


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