Divine Brilliance
387 Chapter 386 Lightning Winged Flood Dragon
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Divine Brilliance
Author :Kai Huang
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387 Chapter 386 Lightning Winged Flood Dragon

It was a 3 legged medicinal furnace, and around it was carved 5 purple defense pill turtles. Their heads were turned back towards the furnace cover.

This was what Zong Shou had obtained from Li Yuandan's little heaven and earth bag. It was called the purple defense pill furnace, the so called purple defense pill turtle was the legendary spirit pet of a saint realm expert during the ancient era.

It was said that this person was the top person of the pill path during the cloud desolate era. The purple defense pill turtle had skills which were beneficial to pill refining and every time one refined pills one had a 70% chance of succeeding.

To pill masters, this purple defense pill turtle had extremely strong symbolic meaning.

The thing in front of Zong Shou could be considered one of the top treasures of Pill Fountain Sect. Carving the effects of the purple defense pill turtle in the form of marks and talismans into the furnace to raise the chances of pill refining.

However now in the furnace, it wasn't pill refining but medicine refining.

"This scent, has it already been completed?"

Zong Shou sniffed and felt that when this scent just entered the nose, although it was nice to smell, after a long while it gave one a feeling of disgust.

Even with his martial ancestor realm true qi, he couldn't suppress it and just felt disgusted to the point that he wanted to vomit.

This was as what he had read in that book in the last life. This was a poisonous item and in its scent was also filled with poison.

Taking out a pill bottle from his sleeves, placing around his nose and taking a few sniffs, Zong Shou only felt refreshed. Only then did he carefully walk beside that medicine furnace.

He opened it, only to see a furnace of liquid which was greenish-black in color and bubbling.

The thick scent made him feel his mind sink, he then quickly covered it and then sniffed the pill bottle to make himself feel better.

Then joy appeared on his face. He had refined this thing for close to 10 days and he failed 7 days, spending a large number of ingredients before he finally managed to succeed once.

He couldn't help but feel some delight. Although his pill refining talent was a little weak, his poison refining skills were present!

Below the furnace, he added in some charcoal flame which was also taken from Li Yuandan's heaven and earth bag. It was collected by Pill Fountain Sect and crafted to turn into a charcoal core. Just one was enough to burn for numerous days and maintaining a high temperature from start to finish.

Following which Zong Shou backed out to hundred feet out until he couldn't smell the scent before he stopped and sat down to meditate. When the day fell and the moon rose up, the stars filled the sky, Zong Shou open his eyes once more.

His eyes first flash with joy. Since he broke the 9 remnant image stone walls and the puzzle of the reflective wall and fought with Long Ruo, be it spiritual or martial cultivation had explosive growth.

Dragon Shadow old man merged the dragon essence into his body, turning it into the potential of his body which was the same as strengthening his body quality on the foundation level.

That was why just now when he just cultivated a little, his soul power had crazy growth. A few true spiritual charms were formed, what an extremely quick speed.

On this Dragon Gathering Mountain, in just ten days of cultivation, it could be compared to close to a hundred days of tiring training.

However, when he looked within his soul ocean, Zong Shou felt his head hurt.

"Water, fire, metal, lightning, luck, swallow, purify, stack…"

Within his soul ocean, 7 true spiritual talismans formed as well as that stack word talisman which was about to be formed, but close to half of them couldn't directly harm the enemy—they were only supportive talismans.

In terms of spiritual spells that he could cast, he had probably the least out of same grade spirit masters.

However, there were wins and loses. Although he could last little spells in terms of strength, it wasn't something normal spirit masters could compare to.

Shaking his head, Zong Shou already made up his mind that before he charged for the day wandering realm he would at least form the wood and terra talismans, to first complete the 5 basic elements.

He stood up and slid forwards towards that pill furnace. When he removed the charcoal core from below and opened the lid once more, he realized that there was no more liquid within, just a layer of fingertip deep, blue jade-like translucent medicinal dirt.

It seemed decent but Zong Shou knew that just one nail sized portion of it could kill thousands of 50 thousand kilogram and above cloud whales. The poison was amazing.

He followed a poison recipe he had seen in the future to refine. It was called the hundred-mile quiet scent, which was said that as long as it was burnt, within a hundred miles..people, beasts, birds would all die so it would become quiet.

Be it the bugs or walking beasts, it would have an instant effect. Ten thousand years later, after some company modified it, they would make a pesticide which sold well.

Of course, if it was used on human race spiritual and martial cultivators, after using a certain quantity it would also have the same effect.

As the charcoal flame had been extinguished, the temperature within the furnace slowly reduced. As for that smoky smell, it also became less thick.  

Zong Shou used 2 pieces of cloth to cover his nose and also placed down some golden powder, causing the blue jade-colored medicinal dirt to have some golden spots, looking beautiful. Following which he covered his hands in a type of rubber tree's sap before carefully picking up a portion of the herb and gently mixing it into pieces of incense.

He didn't place importance on the look of it, only that it was usable. Each piece of line incense used Meizhang wood which itself had poison as its pillar, on the outside a layer of thick blue medicinal dirt was rubbed on. He then used spells to barbecue it to force out the residue moisture within. Only then was this hundred-mile quiet scent considered complete.

When Zong Shou was refining the medicine he was great at choosing the ingredients, selecting those of the best age. When he was creating this scent he wanted the poison to be the strongest it could be. Hence when this line incense was created it was the size of a kid's arm, only the outer surface of it looked slightly ugly. The golden powder scattered around it was also a unique item of the Pill Fountain sect, formed after the shell of a poisonous golden scorpion was ground up. It was said that unless it was an ice element poison, anything else's potency could be increased by at least 30%.

And just as Zong Shou was using up all the medicinal dirt in the furnace to make 14 sticks of hundred-mile quiet scent, his senses picked up a gust of wind rushing over from beneath the mountain. In just a moment it arrived in front of him.

The person who appeared after standing still was Zong Yuan. At this moment his brows were furrowed as he asked solemnly, "Ruler, that person probably can't take it anymore…"

Zong Shou's brows rose up as he focused down. Only to see a vast wide land where there wasn't any point worth focusing on.

However, if one carefully observed and used their spiritual senses to investigate, one could sense that there were thousands, tens of thousands of crystal ants hiding in wait.

It was only because he was worried the Dragon Shadow old man might still be here that he didn't show himself to attack.

However, at this moment, the area was unusually quiet, so much that it made one feel anxious.

Rather than saying those crystal ants hiding ten thousand feet below the earth layer were hiding, one could say they were storing up strength and were ready to attack.

Ant Zhenren? As expected he couldn't take it anymore.

Zong Shou laughed coldly. Then he didn't care anymore. He had expected this, outside of the swamp Chai Yuan should have also gotten the news to gather up some troops.

If this Ant Zhenren didn't act during these few days, he probably won't have any more chance to.

"Don't worry!"

Even before, he had a way for both of them to escape.  

With Wei Xu's sect token there, with just one space teleportation they could arrive at the common people path vast habitat.

Furthermore, at this moment he had refined the hundred-mile quiet scent and he did not need to hide.

He took out that miniaturized spell altar from his heaven and earth bag as he chanted and made hand seals. He casually tossed, a ball of spiritual light descended and a small spell altar suddenly expanded hundred times, turning to a hundred feet in size.

It was still the golden pyramidal shape like before when it was a hundred times smaller.

Only at this moment, it was a hundred feet in size, 50 feet in height. The sandalwood essence on the altar all became real life-sized.

On the top part of the altar there was a 7-star picture carved, around it there were numerous stars, correlating to the star groups.

After Zong Shou kept the furnace he stepped onto the spell altar and looked around, following which his brows rose up once more.

Not only below had a 7-star picture, on the stone railings around him, but there were also various things carved—the metal was the main element and the other 5 elements were support.

It seems like Long Ruo was prepared to go all the way in sword cultivation.

In his heart, a feeling of surprise rose up. Before this, he had fought several spirit masters, amongst which there were a few who were extremely rich and able to have their spell altars.

However, as a spiritual master, using the power of the spell altar to battle others, this was his first time.

He had bonded to this altar to a decent extent before and he didn't need to spend much effort now. He only took out 7 long banners and stuck them around the spell altar.

Amongst which Long Ruo had the metal, water, fire and lightning talismans in his heaven and earth bag. They purify, swallow and luck talismans were what Zong Shou had crafted. It was extremely rough, at most, it could be used 5-6 times. However, to be used to handle today's battle, it was more than enough.

Following which Zong Shou tapped lightly on his shoulder, only to see a dragon shadow suddenly surge out from his left hand.

It was the lightning winged flood serpent who 3 days ago finally awakened. It had merged with the giant lightning dragon blood. However, the 2 drops of blood of the god realm true dragon weren't so easily absorbed and were temporarily hidden in the body.

At this moment its body had transformed from the less than half an arm-sized to hundred feet in size.

It had scales and horns, it had several strands of mustache on its chin which floated in the wind. Lightning flashed around its body, making it seem extremely majestic, really similar to those giant dragons.

However, Zong Shou knew that no matter how similar it looked on the surface, that lightning winged flood dragon was still a flood dragon. Even if it was extremely close, it needed the next grade to become a true dragon body. In terms of skills and combat strength, it was still a distance away from a true dragon.

After that lightning winged flood dragon showed itself, it started to extend outside of his body, reaching a thousand foot long. That huge dragon head first nodded towards Zong Shou. Then he circled the spell altar and stared down below aggressively. It had an alert expression on its face.


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