Divine Brilliance
614 Let you live?
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Divine Brilliance
Author :Kai Huang
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614 Let you live?

The city quietened down as the killing noises dissipated. Everyone looked out into that direction. 

Ling Fakong was amongst them, like Hu Qianqiu, his eyes were filled with shock. He was stunned for a long while before he sighed. 

\"It was said that in times of the ancient monster race, anyone who was an emperor could suppress the other race bloodlines. In the past I thought that they were just rumors, but it was really true. Before this battle ends, there is still the fight for Monster King...\"

Ling Fakong's brows rose, then he calmed down. He knew what his father meant. The various imperial races to return from the outer regions weren't limited to the Xue Family.

Their wolf forces were the same.

However, he didn't really care, Zong Shou was the king of their eye wolf race. In this world, only the ruler could make him yield.

In front of the ancestral temple, Zong Shou looked down from above, coldly at the Xue Family girl.

Only to see that the Nine Tail Fox image was really ugly, letting out an impressive roar. Its body was bending low as if to pounce at any moment, whilst still seeming really majestic.

Zong Shou's eyes turned cold and then he scoffed, \"Just one right tail and you dare to form a Nine Tail shape to try to steal my power?\"

The moment those words were spoken, one of the tails of the Dharma instantly shattered.

The Fox image cried out, its body bending down, unable to resist. Only, its eyes were filled with helplessness and unwillingness.

The body of the Xue Family girl shuddered and her aura also paused for a while.

She decisively used a spell to retract the Dharma, wiping the blood from the corner of her lips. She smiled at Zong Shou and Zhao Yanran, bowing, \"If Ruler is willing to let the Xue Family race and the soldiers live, we are willing to serve the ruler! Xue Xuan is also willing to share a bed with you to be your concubine...\"

The moment Xue Xuan decided to go soft, bowing towards Zong Shou, she was decisive and didn't worry about her face.

She had a gentle smile on her face along with her unrivaled beauty. Even without using illusionary techniques, she caused everyone who looked at her to feel tempted as if their heartstrings were being tugged. 

With such beauty, no one would be able to take a hard stance against her. With her begging, no man would be able to reject her. 

Zong Shou was speechless; this woman really thought that he was a pervert.

However, speaking of which, he was indeed a pervert.

\"You are Xue Xuan? You can really cause a city to fall for your beauty!\"

The bouncy face of hers instantly flushed red, \"I am Xue Xuan, I don't dare to accept ruler's praises!\"

Zong Shou held onto the illusionary heart mirror and walked down from above, stepping on thin air, \"Then do you think I can accept your Zong Family?\"

Xue Xuan laughed, \"Ruler is magnanimous...\"

When she said this she was unable to continue. Her face turned ashen white because who knew what she was thinking. 

How could he accept the Xue Family? If the Xue Family was here, how would two imperial races of the Zong and Xue families coexist? Who would the Fox Forces branch races listen to?

If she was left alive and something happened to Zong Shou, what would happen to the lives of the entire Zong Family?

If it was her, she would kill them all! She wouldn't leave any future problems!

Thinking back to how Zong Shou wiped out the entire Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect, no one doubted that Zong Shou was vicious enough.

Zong Gang grinned, thinking that this was straightforward! Being vicious at the crucial moment, this was the test of a true man.

Zong Han and Zong Ling's eyes glittered brightly. The heavens blessed the Zong Family to let them have such a wise ruler!

Zong Zheng kept silent but his face turned red.

He was still feeling unhappy about the direct race power being stolen by Zong Weiran.

At this moment, he felt that although what followed was not much, he still gave birth to a good son!

\"Actually all these things don't matter! Although your Xue Family has Eight Tail blood, I am confident I can accept you all. As a ruler, no matter if one is rich or poor, strong or weak, you are still my people. Everyone is equal. There are all kinds of different people, many different races, hundreds of sects. You are just a small Xue Family so how could I not accept you?\"

Zong Shou stepped forward confidently, the green Dragon hairpin sword flew a hundred thousand feet away, rising into the air and flying into his hands.

At the start, Xue Xuan had some hope, but her heart soon turned cold like she knew what Zong Shou meant.

Moments later his tone changed, becoming stone-cold and devoid of emotion. 

\"However, what I hate the most is people like you holding my people hostage, causing chaos to the world. If I don't take your heads to worship the heavens, how will I answer to the people of my country...\"

Saying those words, a giant claw shot out from the sky, slashing down into the ancestral hall.

Zong Shou's eyes turned cold and the mirror shone. A green light shone toward the silver claw.

Instantly, as if it touched lightning, the claw became a large hand and swiftly retracted.

A furious voice echoed from above.

\"Stop! As long as you are willing to let her live, I Xue Menglong am willing to serve you!\"

Zong Shou didn't bother and the green light spread, searching the entire sky. It sped outside of the Cloud World continuing to search for the tracks of this person.

The voice was an extremely annoying roar, however, it slowly faded into the distance till there were no signs of it.

Zong Shou's brow furrowed and he stopped delaying. A sword swept out and cut off Xue Xuan's head.

Even when the head was sliced off it was still really beautiful. Following this, a Yang soul emerged.

It was first a human form, eyes filled with hate as she looked at him. Then it turned into an Eight Tail fox image and fled into the distance.

However, sword energy from Zong Shou's green Dragon hairpin sword smashed it.

The death of this woman caused all the Xue Family people to shudder.

Zong Shou stabbed the sword right into the ground with a loud \"ding\".

\"Entire city! All Eight Tail Xue Family race, slay them all! Xue Family race soldiers and anyone who dares to touch the blood of Gantian Mountain people, all die! Anyone who dares to offend Gantian Mountain, kill them!\"

The voice sounded around the city, causing Gantian Mountain to shake like thunder.

\"The ruler is wise!\"

\"We will follow the ruler's orders! Anyone who offends Gantian, kill them all!\"

In front of the ancestral hall, all the Fox race members bowed. Then they all stood up, their eyes filled with killing intent as they looked at the Xue Family race members who held their weapons, powerless under Zong Shou's blood suppression.

Zong Gang's chains were already removed. He stepped on the ground, pulling out the knife by his waist. He stepped forward confidently and stood in front of Xueyang, laughing coldly.

The latter's pupils constricted and one could see the intent in his eyes.

You Xueyang belongs to the Xue Family now!

Before she was able to react, Zong Gang slashed down and sliced off Xueyang's head.

Holding the head in his hand, he laughed out loud and the frustration in his chest dissipated.

Such a traitor should be slain, and have his corpse hung for show for three months!

At this moment Zong Shou tried his best to spread out this intent, unwilling to miss a single fish.

Moments later he opened his eyes.


Where his intent landed, there were two people leaving swiftly. They were already quite far from the city gates.

In just a few moments, they would leave the range that his intent covered.

He found it a little familiar. Moments later he finally remembered that, weren't these two the ones that spied on him from within the inn?

Zong Shou scoffed coldly, \"These two rats wanted to leave just like that?\"

The illusionary heart mirror flew into the air, the green glow chasing in accordance with Zong Shou's thoughts.

The green Dragon hairpin sword also slashed down with a hundred thousand feet of sword energy.

The people at the front seemed to know that it was impossible to escape in such a manner. He suddenly turned around and numerous talismans flew out.

It actually formed into a small formation in front of the person. Amongst which was encapsulated a needle image filled with talismans spreading through the air.

These talismans spread out, the energy on the needle becoming more and more intense.

It was thin like ox hair but it had the strength to snatch everything beneath the heavens.

The sword and needle clashed. One could only hear a loud clang. Energy waves spread out, drawing millions of thousand feet holes in the ground.

The person also spat out fresh blood. He took out a golden purple talisman, turning into a ball of light and swiftly escaped into the distance.

\"World settling needle? Heaven escaping talisman? So you are from the Yang Family, are you Yangming?\"

The Heaven escaping talisman was common, as long as one's family had some ability, a Celestial Realm and above senior one could easily get their hands on it.

However, this World Settling needle was something only the Yang Family had. It was definitely left by a Celestial Realm cultivator, sealing true qi all within the needle.

Only then would he be able to go up against him!

He remembered that the Yang Family would be working for the Liao King and waiting for a chance.

Speaking of which, this Xue Family really colluded with the Tailing Sect!

Before this, the person who tried to assassinate him twice was also from the Yang Family!

What was this? In the past he tried to enter Lingyun Sect and in the end they were personally chased out of Donglin by him.

Then, he wanted to join Tailing Sect and in the end this Taoist sect also became his enemy.

Was this fate?  

These random thoughts flashed across his mind for just a moment. Following which his senses landed on another person.

He felt shocked that he was abandoned alone, whilst also terrified from the strength that the two of them displayed just now.

Although this person was escaping, his aura was uncertain and really chaotic.

Zong Shou laughed and grabbed with his hand. He formed some energy in the air. Since he knew who the main guy was, there was no need to ask anymore.

Just as he wanted to clench his hands and smash this person, they suddenly opened up, \"Stop! I am Kong Yao's brother…\" 


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