Divine Brilliance
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Divine Brilliance
Author :Kai Huang
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989 Fast Improvement Method

Feng Taiji and Zifang both had weird expressions in their eyes as they looked at Zhao Yanran. However, neither of them spoke.

The Common People's Path's choice of existence didn't have anything to do with the Buddhist Faction, so Zifang didn't care.

It was a little related to the Sword Sect as between the two, it was the theory of 'how if the lips are gone the teeth would feel cold'. 

However, since Sword Sect was already prepared to move a portion of their foundations to Yuanlian World, then they could look on coldly at Common People's Path, not worrying about whether they lived or died. At most, when the situation arose, they would secretly help.

In the past, they were worried that Zong Shou would be affected by the death of the Common People's Path.

After all, the two of them had a deep relationship. Moreover, the Taoist Faction and Zong Shou had a huge hatred for one another.

If the Common People's Path felt that way, then Taoist Faction might attack Great Gan.

However, at this moment, they knew that Zong Shou was still the top heir of Sky Burning Lu Family, so the two of them naturally didn't worry about anything.

There was a low possibility that the Taoist Faction would attack before they had a decent reason to do so.

In the past, when they attacked Zong Shou viciously several times, they could say that they didn't know.

However, at this moment, if they attacked for no reason it meant that they neglected the Sky Burning Saint Dynasty.

This was why the two of them could only sigh regarding Common People's Path's situation. There wasn't much they could say.

Zong Shou also kept silent, he knew that this wasn't the time to speak.

He changed the topic and started to discuss other matters 

How many cultivators the three sides had to send each year to work for him and listen to his orders? Also, the acceptable casualty and death ratio. How the three sides would defend together if Great Gan was invaded etc.

After all the terms were settled, half a day had passed. Feng Taiji and Zifang knew that Zong Shou was extremely busy and after they were satisfied they took their leave.

Before he left, Feng Taiji hesitated and reminded, "I heard that Ruler is prepared to return to the Cloud World? Allow subject to remind you that the Cloud World is in chaos and if you return you might be in danger. I think it is best if you delay this trip."

When Zifang heard this, he also nodded his head, "These words make senses, Ruler please reconsider."

Zong Shou smiled and didn't say anything, neither agreeing or disagreeing. Looking at his expression, they knew they wouldn't be able to persuade him.

They didn't feel disappointed. To them, for him to return now was risky, but it wasn't a huge issue.

With Sword Sect and Buddhist Faction working together to protect Zong Shou, it was more than enough.

Even if the Taoist Faction caused problems, they could fight back.

Since they couldn't persuade him, then they decided to keep quiet and take their leave.

Only Zhao Yanran was left beside Zong Shou.

The latter frowned and kept silent for a long while before finally speaking, "What are my few Senior Brothers planning? They are obviously in danger, but they split all the manpower over to Yuanlian World. Are they really prepared to give up on the Cloud World and Common People's Vast Habitat?"

Zhao Yanran's expression was originally really dark, now when she heard that her gaze became bitter, "Four Months ago, Revered One Wei Xu suddenly felt that something wasn't right when he went through his tribulation. However, at that time, he had no choice and the tribulation was set. He was prepared to take it alone and tank the calamity to protect Common People's Path. However, halfway Ancestor Xiuguan grabbed him back. He said that if Common People's Path abandoned him, then sooner or later it would still die and there was no difference. Why not go all out and there could still be a chance."

Zong Shou's brow frowned even more.

"The other Great Senior Masters all said the same and agreed. Wei Xu was helpless and could only stay. However, after knowing of the changes here, especially about you taking down dozens of worlds, he was delighted. In the end, they discussed and decided. At that time, Great Senior Master Xiuguan didn't reject."

Zhao Yanran tried to keep calm, "A portion of them are only from Common People's Vast Habitat. Later on, there will be more from the Three Sects and Six Schools, but most of them are Earth Grade."

Her tone was filled with sadness. Just now, she purposely said a much smaller number.

Common People's Path that was about to lose its foundations were going to take up 13% of the Celestial Dynasty, which was already too much. It was more than Sword Sect and the same as Buddhist Faction.

Any more and it would make the two of them unhappy.

She had been out of decades and this was the first time she felt so frustrated. This was also the first time she had to be so careful like she was walking on thin ice.

Zong Shou's heart turned ice-cold once more.

Senior Master Xiuguan didn't reject? Which meant that even he didn't have high hopes of this battle?

This was why he silently accepted this way out that Wei Xu arranged for the Common People's Path.

Apart from shock, he was also filled with loss.

In his memory, Wei Xu should have left his position to that person decades later when the Spiritual Wave was at its most abundant.

A few thousand years later, although Common People's Path didn't rise up, it was able to maintain orthodoxy and stand on the same level as Taoist Faction.

Why was it suddenly in danger of being wiped out?

Was it because of him?

His thoughts and emotions swelled up as he tried to calm himself down to no effect.

He knew that he had caused too many changes in the world. After all, the chain reactions gave rise to this.

At this moment, his memories of the last life were all useless.

"It isn't so simple to wipe out Common People's Path!"

Thinking about Lin Xuanshuang who he had no idea where she was, Zong Shou shook his head.

This was one of their trump cards. Taoist Faction would definitely be unable to expect that his Master had succeeded in breaking free and stepping into the End Realm, forming her body once more.

Since she had deduced that Wei Xu was going to rush his tribulation, then naturally she could see the risks within.

Who knew where she went? Was she recovering her injuries or was she prepared to help them turn the tables?

Anyway, he couldn't sit still and not do anything.

"At most, in 10 days, I will personally make a trip to the Cloud World!"

At this moment, just thinking about it was useless. He had to return to the Cloud World to see the situation for himself and prepare before he could fight for the Common People's Path.

When Zhao Yanran heard this, she was more worried than delighted, and her brow rose up, "Revered one wants you to stay here and wait for the outcome. If he succeeds, then naturally everything is okay. If not, then you will need to take care of the Common People's Path. You are the only one now with the ability..."

Zong Shou was too lazy to say more and didn't plan on arguing.

Not only would her words not change his mind but it made him more anxious and impatient.

After sending her away, Zong Shou headed back. He didn't go to the room to deal with policies and government matters, but into his sleeping palace.

He sat cross-legged and was in deep thought.

This time he had a huge army but was unable to bring them back.

The only thing that could help Common People's Path would be the powers within which could slightly restrict them.

Next would be himself and although he was only Initial Celestial Realm, he could defeat the average God Realms.

He was too weak in this battle.

However, apart from that, he had an advantage: World Burning Blood Eyes!

This eye technique might be of some help for Common People's Path, to lock down spacetime and scout the enemy.

However, to use this ability to its most effective, he had to have an even higher realm.

Next would be the King Path Martial Arts!

Taking down Tianfang World and obtaining this center point would allow his King Energy and Country Strength to influence the Cloud World.

Without enough martial path cultivation, even if he grasped a billion worlds, it was useless.

Unless his martial path could rise up a little more and he had more cultivators to borrow the King Path Energy from, he would be able to use some extreme techniques to temporarily have Saint Realm strength in the Cloud World.

However, cultivation was tough, step by step, and it was tough to find any shortcuts.

He had entered Celestial Realm not long ago and still needed decades to advance further.

However, the bloodline mutation in the Nine Extreme Death Jail meant he had enough Martial Path accumulations.

At this moment, he coincidentally grasped a technique that could swiftly raise his cultivation without much repercussions.

He took out the Book of Eon and flipped it to the fifth page.

Zong Shou hesitated once more.

There were nine pages, which correlated to Body, Earth, Heaven, Spirit, Celestial, God, Saint, End, True, the Nine Realms.

At this moment, his cultivation was on the fifth page.

He had already flipped it open when he broke through to Celestial Realm in Cangling World.

Apart from deeper time and fate techniques, there were two extremely important laws.

One was to control the Book of Eon, to toss in more mind stones and Celestial stones to increase the speed of time to 100 times.

However, this consumption ratio wasn't in folds but in dozens.

So much that Zong Shou felt his heart ache. The practicality wasn't that high.

The other type was to turn back time.

It would be able to return one's soul back to a certain time, to completely recover, and once again go through what he had gone through.

He wouldn't be able to move and wouldn't be able to do anything, he would only be able to look on.

It required around the same number of Mind Stones and Celestial stones which Zong Shou wasn't lacking in. However, apart from that, he also needed to use 300 years of lifespan.

In the past, Zong Shou hesitated and was reluctant. At this time, he was forced to, he had no choice.

"What a headache! I stepped into Celestial Realm and finally managed to get 4,000 years of lifespan. This time, I'm probably going to use it all up..."

Spirit Realm to Celestial Realm, due to different talents one could add from 1,600-2,000 years.

Zong Shou's body was similar to that of an Unbreakable Body that God Realms had. His name was also in the Mysterious Golden Life Book.

This was why the moment he entered Celestial Realm his lifespan was increased by 4,000.

If his calculation was right, he would need to use up at least 3,000 years of lifespan this time.

He laughed as he closed the book.

He didn't give up but had decided to use these 3,000 years of lifespan to gamble.

However, to use this, one needed plenty of time to rest up and also an expert like Aokun to protect him. He had many things to do now and it was far from the appropriate time. 


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