Downfall of God
1 God Is a Boy
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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1 God Is a Boy

The pressure against his eyelids made it hard for him to open his eyes. Although he finally made it through, still another pressure — a mental one — was completely crushing his whole mind.

The moment he opened those two blue jewels, the sight of his surroundings made his eyes widen as though they would get out of his eye socket anytime. A feeling of confusion combined with anxiety and terror filled his heart completely. At the same time, he was looking around with so much intensity as if everything upon him is totally unprecedented.

So many questions came to his mind: "What's going on?" "How can it be?" "Where am I?" And other various questions about his whereabouts and circumstance.

All he could remember clearly was the recollections of a human. All of his memories about his past self were as vague as the depths of an ocean, though he was able to tell who he was in the past. How can such a thing be even possible? No, it wasn't possible at all, that was why he couldn't get out of this bewilderment.

Somehow he had enough memories of his present self to refer to them for answering those questions.


He could never allow such facts to pass through his mind. He would never accept it.

This shock didn't let him notice the silhouette which entered his room, neither did he notice the voice of her shouting upon him. She was a woman in her forties with average height and blonde hairs. Even her age couldn't diminish that beauty of hers. She was beautiful. No, she was beyond being beautiful. Words are truly unable and incapable to show her beauty; absolutely no one can put her elegance into words.

"What are you doing? You're already late!" she grumbled angrily when she saw him in that situation. One could say that she was bursting out of anger, as though she was a volcano full of rage lava.

Her shouts finally awakened him from his ignorance. Thereafter, he noticed a soft sensation beneath his back. It was when he found out he was lying down on a quite comfortable bed.

The confusion wouldn't let him realize what situation he had been facing, but now he could almost guess what's going on. Even with knowing that, he still didn't understand how did he end up in such circumstances, and most importantly, he couldn't believe the conclusion which he had reached in his mind. It was impossible, there was no way—

"Hey! Who am I talking to?" the woman snapped abruptly; she then moved toward him as she was raising the sleeves of her cloth simultaneously.

Suddenly, an intense sensation on his ear made him ache. It was called "pain". It was so painful that he instinctively sent out a sound of suffering.


"See young man," she looked at him, trying to make a serious expression, "I told you last night that you will wake up this late when you stay awake until 4 AM!"

Her hands were holding his pointy ear tightly as she said it. But the pain got much more unbearable when she decided to move him in that situation out of his bed. She tried to grab it harder than before to force him out of the bed. Again, his instinct made his mouth move after he felt that pain. But this time he could express words.

"Ahh... s-stop! It hurts!"

"No way! I will teach you a lesson when you come back from school, but right now you're running out of time so let's hurry!"

She was able to bring him out of his bedroom, though still, her hands wouldn't stop grabbing his ear.

Meantime, he tried to bear the pain while thinking about the current situation. He then realized something, he was actually "thinking", an action done by humans.

He already knew what had happened to him, he was fully aware of the situation. But still, still, like hell, he would accept such thing. No, there was no way.

He was so much absorbed in thinking that he couldn't see what existed in front of him. For a moment, he could feel the pain was totally gone. With this, the sense of pain changed itself with a feeling of relief in him.

The sight he could behold in front of himself appeared to be a combination of objects with different colors. There was also a pleasant scent he could identify. It was coming from the kitchen table ahead of him. The breakfast on it wasn't complicated; it just contained a cup of coffee and one piece of cake, though he could say it's really delicious with smelling its aroma.

"What? Are you planning to eat it with just looking at it?"

The woman beside him suddenly interrupted his thinking with those words.

Somehow, he had become calm. Maybe it was due to the relief he had from the pain, or perhaps because of the passage of time. Incidentally, he decided to sit on one of those four chairs beside the table and start eating his breakfast like a good boy.

While he was eating his breakfast, she looked at the clock on the wall for a moment and sighed lightly.

"Apparently, you won't make it in time. Well... it can't be helped then."

He had his attention on her simultaneously, so he noticed what she said afterward.

"I will bring you myself. Hurry up and finish your breakfast while I go ready the car."

The moment she went out of the kitchen, he again could feel the confusion he had been feeling all this time. But somehow he managed to finish his breakfast and put those thoughts aside. He needed a quiet place and situation to concentrate on the current status without the existence of that annoying woman to interject.

His instincts were helping him; his memories were guiding him and telling him what to do. First, he found and put on his high-school uniform, then began to choose what books to pick up for today's lessons. It was troublesome, truly it was. To imagine a being like him do such inconsequential actions. No, to think about it, not even the most precise entity in this world — his past self — would consider such an unbelievable and improbable possibility to happen.

But it couldn't be helped, not even the slightest bit.

Coming from the heavens to the earth, such a distance, such a difference, there is no way to run from the shock of facing with such a thing.

Preparations were finally over. He was ready to leave the house — his home — for the goal of the school. He began to run toward the main door and quit the house. As expected, that woman was waiting for him; he could see through the transparent windows of the car. She had sat on the driving seat of it.

As he heard a sound of "Beep" at the time, a voice was calling him afterward.

"Hurry up, we don't have much time!"

He rushed to run toward her and opened the door; he then entered the car and sat on the front seat of it, exactly beside her. He was expecting her to immediately start the car and move it toward the high-school which he had to arrive as soon as possible.

But she didn't. Instead, her eyes were focused on him. He knew she wanted him to do something, although he didn't know what.

"How many times should I tell you?" she said, showing an expression of disappointment on her face.


"Your seat belt!" she snapped.

"O-oh... Yes!"

He responded to her immediately. It wasn't like he had any other choice at that time; obedience was all he could show.

Now that he had enough time to relax and calm himself, he was able to put his thoughts into words and express them with his tongue. He already had the memories of "him" — this boy — so he knew everything about him or it's better to say: he "was" him.

However, he was now able to control himself in this shock, his character — past one — regathered itself in his mind. His pride, his divinity, and dignity were showing themselves among his thoughts, and they appeared to be much clearer than before.

It was truly unacceptable to give orders to the ruler of the world and the universe. She had made a sin. He could never forgive her for that; to even dare to look at the deity of this earth with such a poor way and even worse, to have the pluck to declare orders...

"Really... this woman is so much disrespectful to us..." he thought.

Clearly, he couldn't mention his true thoughts and intentions to her. Right now he was a 17-year-old teenager, Giichi Takahashi, and this woman was his mother, Akane Nakamura.

Now that he was thinking about it, Akane had no fault. She just thought he was her son, and blaming her is just unjust, though the divine dignity of him wouldn't let anyone have a rude attitude when facing with him. He wouldn't even let such mortal and minor being have the honor to meet with him. To think more about it, even this alone was a great sin.

But if he wanted to be honest with himself, he would be afraid of her. He wasn't Lord anymore, now he was Giichi Takahashi, and according to his memories about him and his mother, it was quite normal to be frightened by this mother.

His wisdom would surpass everyone's in the past. More specifically, he was the creator of the wisdom himself. Moreover, the fact that all he could do was to think with his brain — a brain which belonged to humankind — meant his sacred wisdom and knowledge wasn't there anymore.

Hence, having a sacred dignity and pride in it, or that kind of aristocratic attitude would be pointless. He knew this, though he couldn't leave that character of him.

He didn't want to leave it; it was the only thing — along with all the power, wisdom and knowledge he had possessed — which he still had from his past self.

Perplexity he had experienced was a mixture of knowing everything and not understanding anything due to the improbability of it. The situation being a sudden event didn't make any problem or confusion; the unlikelihood of it was the question. Even if it had been happening during the billions of years of the process, still he could never run from this mental sense. It was making him insane.

If more time passed, more he would be able to control himself, but more he would drown in this sea of distress.

As time passed, the view of Giichi's high school came into his vision. The moment the car reached there — in front of the high school — he began to remove the seat belt and try to get out of the car.

However, he could feel a soft sensation over his arm. It was Akane's warm hand which was grabbing his arm tightly and preventing him from getting out.

As same as before, he again knew Akane wanted Giichi to do something, though he didn't know what she wanted from him.

He was going to ask her to leave his arm, but then she started to talk before he had a chance to say anything.

"... Here."

Akane then turned her head and brought her right-side cheek toward him. Now he understood what Giichi has to do, she wanted her beloved and darling son to kiss her cheeks before leaving the car and going to school.

As he did so, he awaited her to loosen her hand around his left arm and let him go. But it didn't happen. What happened was that Akane even tightened her hand when she found out he's going to leave sooner than she expected.

Her face was not showing anything except seriousness and anger from early morning until now, and there was no exception for this moment either. However, she suddenly changed her expression, and Giichi could see a truly beautiful smile on her face. It was so simple, yet unbelievably specific to her.

"Don't forget the other side!" she said as she was still keeping her smile.

"... Right here."

This time, she brought her left-side cheek for her dear son to kiss. Giichi had no choice but to do so, otherwise, his arm would get crushed if it continued like this...

And this time he could send out a sigh of relief since after kissing was done, the pain was also gone.

Thereupon, he got out of the car; he could meantime see Akane waving at him while keeping that beautiful smile of hers.

"Scary..." he mumbled.

Everyone would praise the beauty of Akane. She was just too perfect and thorough. Describing her as an absolute beauty or a goddess is not an exaggeration at all. Her figure is excellent, and the way she acts is worthy to be praised billions of times; at least, it's what all men who have met with her think so.

But it was completely different in Giichi's vision. What he was seeing, was an unconditional bitch. She was the one who enforced him to bear this much of pain and humiliated him like that. He can never forget or erase those scenes from his memories. As the only supreme deity of the world who created every living thing and entity in this world, he can't let anything like this happen. How can the absolute ruler of the world go under such conditions?

For a moment he found himself so much absorbed in thinking about her.

It was true that having and using the same organ as humans were hurting his pride. It was also obvious that having emotions like humans isn't appropriate for the supreme being of this world, but still, he couldn't escape the fact that he is a "human" now. Therefore, it would be better to "think" wisely in such a situation and experience positive senses instead of suffering from "pain" and other physical and mental negative sensations. It's true that both of those feelings — positive ones and negative ones — are still some feelings from the mortal beings of this world, but he still would prefer to enjoy from pleasure rather than suffering from pain.

Despite all of those happenings, he would still appreciate one thing. He had somehow been relieved from the sense of bewilderment which he had been experiencing this early morning; it wasn't like that feeling had vanished utterly, but it would no longer affect his actions and deeds.

Now he was able to talk and communicate, think wisely in this human form and use the memories of Giichi Takahashi to live among humans while deciding what is the next move to be done.

"Ah... it's truly funny," he mumbled as he was watching the enormous numbers of students.

When he was done mumbling those words, he then chose to go for the same direction as the other students, the main door of the institution.

"So if there's no choice but to be a human..." Giichi thought.

As he paused his thinking for a moment, he was walking along the crowd of students to enter the school.

"No, it's not... We've already become a human."


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