Downfall of God
3 The Family
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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3 The Family

She couldn't keep that fake smile of her anymore. It was really hard for her to control those emotions. While you're Being filled with anger and wrath for a while, it's not possible to act any longer.

It would just take a little bit more, and she would get out of control. But fortunately, the sound of the school bell ringing intensively rescued her from doing inappropriate deeds.

She immediately ran toward the door and quit the classroom as though she was a bird running from her cage.

What she had done absolutely wasn't a suitable action for Hikaru Yamamoto. Running hurriedly like this wasn't what she would do after the end of the class. Consequently, it surprised everyone when they saw her like that.

But none of them knew it could be much worse. Yeah, it would be truly horrible if the bell ringed even a second later. Normally, she was able to control her feelings, but right then, the situation was totally different.

"That... that filthy human... to even think a miserable and imperfect creature can dare to do such a thing..." she thought as her fake smile was still on her face. Simultaneously, she was walking through the school corridor.

Since she was the first one to quit the classroom, there wouldn't be many students in her way. Hence, she easily passed through the main corridor and opened the door of the institution. After finding a quiet place — located at the corner of the yard — she let her legs rest by leaning her back on the wall of the school.

Her body was shaking due to her uncontrollable rage. There was no need to hide her true emotions now.

Her eyes became wide, it wasn't due to amazement; it was the look of ire and revenge.

There was no trace of that fake — yet beautiful — smile of her anymore. Instead, just a widened mouth — with sharp teeth of wrath inside of it — was visible.

But even with that intense expression on her face, she still looked beautiful. Her beauty couldn't vanish even with this recognizable situation of her. It was like the sun that no black cloud could completely prevent it from sending the light; the beauty of her was absolutely immune to those effects.

Suddenly, a red glare could be seen in her eyes. No, it was like her own pupils had become red. The color itself wouldn't change the look of her at that moment.

Her look belonged to a killer, one who would seriously kill someone with no hesitation.

There was also no point for hiding her true self since nobody was there to watch her movements.

For a moment, she moved her tongue and lips around as though she was tasting something in her mouth.

"I will definitely kill him," she mumbled, "I won't let anyone who disrespects my Lord stay alive."

Thereafter, she began to put another specific smile — a real one this time — due to her excitation, the excitement of murder.

"But killing people without pain is just a blessing. No, he's not going to be that lucky; especially the person who hasn't only disrespected the Lord, but also humiliated him in front of me, her loyal and beloved servant."

When she was done mumbling those words with herself, she abruptly began to change her expression from that emotional condition to a totally different one.

One could identify her state as a "thoughtful" person at that time.

"Killing him immediately after school will bring trouble to master, so I should wait a quite long time," she said with a louder tone than before, "though it's better to not do it in a suspicious way. A car accident sounds a plausible explanation or maybe a heart attack since he's old enough."

The air around her had become malevolent; it could clearly be read by staying close to her and looking at that evil giggle.

Her ears could hear the sound of the school bell once again. It made her stop talking with herself and get ready for the next class.

That face had changed a lot from before; notwithstanding, it was easy for her to put that fake expression once again.

The motive of her for going back was to be with "him". The only thing which could give her more passion than torturing and tormenting humans was to watch her beloved master, although he was inhabiting in a human body right then.

Finally, Hikaru Yamamoto was back and "she" had gone. Her face went back to the usual appearance which others had known her with.

Her back was dirtied since she had leaned over the wall. Therefore, she wiped out the dust on her school uniform and quickly arranged her attractive black hairs with those soft hands.

Hikaru Yamamoto was a girl of fashion. You could always find her behaving with a way just specific to her. One could identify her identity with just looking at the movements of her shadow since she had her special way of walking too.

When she was ready to leave that place for the destination of the classroom, she gave her walking a special style which particularly belonged to Hikaru.

That shadow was definitely hers; it was owned by Hikaru Yamamoto.

But still, she had kept one strong emotion in her heart. If she wasn't able to control it, her whole face would flush immediately due to that strong passion.

♦ ♦ ♦

The school was over. After a long day in the school, anyone would become exhausted, and Giichi Takahashi was no exception.

He went for his locker to pick up the necessary stuff from inside of it as putting some unnecessary things there. He wanted his backpack to be as light as possible since his body was completely tired.

Being worn out didn't let his mind think as he could before. He was human now, he had limits as long as he remained in this body.

He had been aware of this defect, nevertheless, he didn't feel it even for once. But now that he was mortal, he could comprehend it completely.

Giichi Takahashi's body was yelling due to its exhaustion. It was asking him to just stop and lie down, but he couldn't do it before arriving at his house.

If there was a bed in front of him, he would absolutely lighten his body and fall on it without thinking about anything else.

The moment he quit the main door of the building, he could sight four buses outside of the yard, though only one of them could carry him toward his destination.

His eyes caught it immediately as those legs of his started to move instinctively toward the right bus.

After entering inside, he could see various faces sitting on the seats. He was able to somehow remember them since they had been coming and going on the same bus, though those memories didn't seem significant.

One would see many faces in his life, but not all of them would be equal in the sight of the spectator. You may like some people more than the others and talk with them more often than usual, and you still can ignore everyone you see or the people you don't like.

However, the tiredness brings sleepiness and thus he wasn't able to think.

He didn't "want" to think.

His only intention was to just sit on one for those seats and lie down. Thinking about anything else seemed insignificant for him right then.

His back finally had found a place to lean on it. He began to sit down on a random seat which he found it available.

Even though the exhaustion could still be sensed by his organs, he had a feeling of relief along with it. It was enough for him to relax while just forgetting about everything in the world.

At that moment, he was a real human. Becoming tired was one of the weaknesses of mortal beings in this universe. There was a limit for his stamina; it could never reach a state of infinite.

"Humans are truly pathetic." he thought.

He had relaxed his body enough to start thinking again. But even this feeling wasn't eternal, nothing mortal would last forever.

Just the supreme ruler of this world is absolute; he is also the only almighty and infinite being of the universe.

Well... at least it was how he would have been thinking before becoming human.

But right now, he was also "truly pathetic".

He couldn't say how much time had passed from then, but since he was watching the outside view through the window, he knew there wasn't much distance remained to reach his destination.

When the bus stopped, he began to stand up from his place and get out of it while he had his backpack carried on his shoulders concurrently.

Suddenly, he thought he saw a shadow lurking around in a far distance in that area. He was too sleepy to identify the reality from imaginations of his mind.

"Is someone chasing me? No, I must be too exhausted..." he silently mumbled. Thereafter, he closed his eyes and stroked his eyelids with using those fingers.

After doing so, he couldn't sight any silhouette around no matter how many times he looked.

"So it was an illusion after all." he sighed.

Beginning with a strident sound, the bus started to continue its way behind him. Meantime, he was walking through the thin stone path which had been built in the house yard.

After walking for a short time; he could see a door, exactly in front of him with just an inch of the blank.

He impatiently knocked on the door. If one were there, he could hear an annoying earsplitting noise due to those knocking sounds.

But since the only thing he wanted to do was to go and lie down on his bed and think about nothing else, he somehow had become immune to those noisy knocks.

That said, it would be quite bothersome for anyone who might have heard it during that time.

It didn't delay him so much. After less than a minute, he didn't have to knock that wooden door any longer, since someone had already opened it.

In front of him had stood a truly beautiful woman. Her golden scarf around her neck and those shining jewelries on her hands were truly attractive, but not as much as her body. It was perfect as though it belonged to a goddess who had fallen from the heavens.

Notwithstanding her body was just as perfect as a nymph, she had the pride of a king and the might of a god. That significant way of looking would make anyone surrender to her will. Therefore, nobody would even dare to get close to her body to satisfy his lust.

Even the most jealous and hateful people would drop upon her knees and start kissing her feet. Admiring her beauty could be the only plausible thing which one would decide to do after facing with her.

However, what God saw ahead of himself, wasn't even close to those descriptions. What he was beholding was far away from being elegant. His hatred toward her had made him blind; hence, her beauty was the last thing that would occur to him.

"You don't have to knock the door this much intensively, you know..." complained the woman in front of him.

Even if Giichi Takahashi wasn't all worn out, still he wouldn't be able to respond to those words.

Walking away from her and entering the house was all he could do; so, he didn't say anything.

He couldn't, even if he wanted.

Being extremely tired didn't let his mouth open even a little bit. That said, the presence of "her" with that "scary" expression of her was probably the real reason for his silence.

He was finally home. It really felt relieving to eventually rest after a tiring school day.

Giichi Takahashi wanted to just leave his backpack in the middle of the entrance hall, but he didn't take the risk of getting blamed by "her"; thus, after arriving in front of his room, he opened the door and threw it in the corner.

And that was the moment which he was waiting for all this time. Along with a loud sigh of relief which he sent out, his body felt lightened as though it was like a wing in the air. When Giichi Takahashi fell on the bed, he could feel the soft sensation over his skin. The pillow was so soft, and the firm mattress felt so comfortable.

By the time that he had done his relaxation, Giichi Takahashi disrobed his school-uniform and put on his pajamas.

Giichi's memories told him that woman would become utterly angry if he doesn't hurry up at joining her for the lunch.

And it would have happened in the end, if he hadn't gone out of his room for joining her. He already had rummaged through Giichi Takahashi's memories; hence, he knew how much delicious-looking — and truly tasty — would be the meals which she prepared for her darling son.

One could say there would be nothing like amazement in God's new life since he already knew everything about Giichi Takahashi due to his memories.

Even so, his instincts as a human were much more powerful than his wisdom as a God.

The moment Giichi walked out of his room and started to join her mother in the dining room, he was completely attracted by the luxurious and sumptuous repast on the table.

Giichi wouldn't eat anything while he had been at the school — maybe he didn't want to ruin her mother's feast for him afterward — and accordingly, he had always been starving when coming back from the school. But since he had known what his mother would prepare for him thereupon, Giichi Takahashi always had a motivation in the way to home.

While walking patiently toward her, Giichi chose a chair exactly in front of Akane to sit on.

The first person who started to eat was him, as she was the one who began to do so after him.

The dining table seemed incomplete. Normally, another person had been used to sit along with them and start to eat, but there was no trace of him now.

This lunch lacked something; both Akane and Giichi knew what it missed.

There was no trace of his father among them.

He divorced Akane 4 years ago. As for the reason, he couldn't reach any clue by searching for information inside of Giichi Takahashi's memories. Apparently, even this boy wasn't aware of what had happened between his parents.

By the time that both of them had finished their meal, Akane started a conversation with her dear son.

"So... how was the school today?" Akane asked with a tone full of curiosity as she folded her arms.

"Nothing special." Giichi Takahashi replied patiently.

"Are you sure about it?"

"Well... yeah."

As Akane's eyes were fixed on Giichi's, she was precisely gazing at him. A feeling of uneasiness could easily be read on his face as he was trying to not look straight at Akane.

The way that she was looking at him abruptly changed from gazing to glaring.

"Today, I had a call from your school..."

Giichi Takahashi already was aware of what she wanted to mention.

He swallowed his saliva while he was trying to keep calm meantime. He couldn't forget that moment; it was impossible to dis-remember such a humiliating happening which had happened to the Lord during the school.

For a moment, he could hear Akane sending out a sigh.

"Well... It can't be helped. What's done is done."

With hearing that, Giichi Takahashi also sighed as he was relieved from the pressure.

He appreciated that she didn't continue to glare at him like that. It was truly terrifying when one was in such a situation.

When Akane became serious, nobody would like to be faced with her; the air would become horribly uncomfortable for everyone around her.

Well, at least that was how Giichi Takahashi — and the Lord — would think.

Even though she was his mother right now, still he had no thorough understanding of her. Akane's actions can never be predicted. Therefore, she could make so much trouble for him.

Giichi Takahashi was waiting for her to speak. However, when he understood there were no other words to be said, and she didn't intend to say anything either, he began to stand up and leave the dining room for the destination of his room.

♦ ♦ ♦

By the time that Giichi had gone, Akane closed her eyes and dropped her upper-body on the table.

She was extremely tired. Her face didn't show it while she was with her beloved son.

How could she put up the excuse of being tired, and run from her responsibilities as a mother? No, she couldn't do it.

She would "never" do that.

Akane had been working as an airline hostess for many years. But then she figured out she had to spend more time with her son. She thus changed her job to a hotel receptionist. Akane got a good salary from it; it would also get less time from her.

Another benefit of it was that Akane was being responsible for the morning and noon shift; therefore, she could be home and ready the lunch before her son comes from the school. She could also spend the entire afternoon and evening with him.

Everything was fine with her new job, though still her state could never be defined as "fine".

Akane Nakamura was broken. Yeah, she was broken into pieces. There were many reasons for her condition, though one of them had a great deal among the others.

She was alone. Her husband had divorced her 4 years ago. He didn't even care about Giichi and never came back to see him again. It was like he had disappeared from the world after their separation.

Meanwhile, she was extremely confused by her husband's actions. He had been a great father and a great husband for his family. However, after that day when he mentioned the divorce, he completely changed.

But still, she thought with the presence of her beloved son, she wouldn't feel any loneliness, though her thought didn't come true.

Giichi really loved his father. One could imagine how intense he would react after hearing his father leaving the family and him. From 4 years ago until now, Giichi Takahashi never became the same person that he had used to be.

What Akane wanted from her son was his attention to his mom. She needed love and passion to stay "fine"; even though she was awaiting that for a long time, she couldn't feel any happiness.

What she desired was her son's happiness. She wanted to see his prosperity.

Giichi Takahashi's pleasure was exactly as same as Akane Nakamura's pleasure.

Now that even with the existence of her son, she still feels lonely; now that she knows how hard it is to feel lonesome; Akane can never let his son experience this same feeling too.

She promised herself to work hard and harder overtime just to make his son happy and let him know he's not alone.

Her body, her soul, her life existed for her darling son. She could immediately sacrifice herself for him if it was needed. She was a "mother" after all, and also he was the only person in this world who had been retained for her.

That said, she was breaking from inside. There was no trace of her heart since it had been broken many years ago. Her physical health was also at a terrible stage as her mental condition.

Even with all of those facts, she couldn't show anyone — especially Giichi — that Akane Nakamura is weak.

She had to act as usual in front of her son; otherwise, he would become worried about his mom.

While Akane was being drowned in her thoughts, the exhaustion locked her eyes and put her to sleep in that inconvenient position.


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