Downfall of God
4 The Sacred Dream
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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4 The Sacred Dream

A mass of beings could be seen in a pure white setting while they had been arranged in perfect order. Although their number was completely unidentifiable and truly uncountable, there was no disorder, not even the slightest bit.

The gap between every individual and the ones near him was the same for the others. No difference could be identified with naked eyes. They had placed their figures so accurately and symmetrically that any "human" soldier would praise their order.

Furthermore, their outfits didn't differ from each other even in a small quality; a total white suit with golden bars sewn perfectly over that pure snowy cloth. Simultaneously, the outfit had a hood with itself, and they had covered those heads of themselves with it. Hence, this part of their figure had remained a mystery.

Concisely, those entities all had the same characteristics.

One could see an endless quantity of them in that place. No matter how much one would go higher in that nonexistent sky to extend the sight, still there was no end for them. Like a sea full of drops of water; those were unending.

However, if one would go closer to the start of this enormous formation, they could see some different points which also included a significant number of kinds. They had worn distinct outfits from the others.

Being ahead of that eternal formation and having different clothing would imply their superiority over all.

The surprising part wasn't the unlimited numbers of those beings, nor was it their order. It would utterly be sensible for every entity which had entered there. Anyone could feel the pressure of divinity in that nonexistent atmosphere.

But if a mortal being — such as a human — were present in that time, the weight of the holy presence would definitely make this "being" vanish immediately.

Notwithstanding, those beings which had walked in this place were different. They were no mortal being, because of the will of God.

Being immortal due to the Lord's desire is the best gift which one can receive after all.

Because of the Lord's grant, they had been able to walk in a place like that, a truly spiritual and holy spot in this world. They didn't want to be anything but appreciative. The only thing they wanted to represent was the praise for their creator, The Lord.

Suddenly, the divine pressure intensified throughout the place. It was so intelligible and intense that even the last person at this endless formation was able to directly comprehend it.

Their bodies wanted to shake, and their mouths wanted to express a "wow" because of the astonishment, though they had to remain in perfect order right then; disappointing the Lord due to their actions would be completely unjustifiable.

However, that was not the end. While they were adoring the Lord in their minds, a blinding light began to shine strongly.

It was so much bright that nothing else could be seen while it was illuminating the place.

As the beams of the godhead lightened the pure-white space, it dominated the hearts of its followers with the divine might.

Thereafter, the rays of that radiation gathered at the source and merged at once.

Instantly, an individual from the head of the formation stepped forward. He then began to stroll toward the source of the light.

Even though he was walking toward it, it didn't seem the interval was going to decrease. The light was close, yet so far from him.

But even in the first place, his purpose wasn't to reach it since he understood it's impossible.

His objective was to have a difference from the others when he was going to start expressing the first words.

By the time that he had gone far enough from the others that the difference had been plain to see, he raised his hands and pulled his hood down.

One would describe him as a "pure treasure". Those long golden hairs along his gleaming eyes had made him so resplendent in that outfit.

His appearance didn't differ from the humans', but there was a huge gap between a mortal creature — a human — and an immortal being like him.

Subsequently, a rupture began to appear on the back of his outfit and became wide and wider over time until it became clear what had been rupturing it.

There were two sizable wings on his back, coming out of his scapula.

For a moment, he flapped those two mighty wings. If there were an atmosphere, a strong airflow would instantly send everyone behind him flying.

He raised his wings as much as possible and started to word.

"We, the humble sons of the Lord, bow before the supreme presence of the universe and the primitive existence of perfection!" he instantaneously genuflected and lowered his body downward as his eyes were fixed on the bottom.

He was trying to keep his wings as high as feasible at the same time.

Although He wasn't looking at his surroundings, he could still say the others had already started to bend and do what he had done.

Even though everyone — no matter where they were — heard this voice, still it was as soft as a breeze, blowing gently and fondling their skin.

Normally, the more distance someone's voice could traverse, the louder it would be for the people close to the sound's source.

However, the persons at the start of the formation — that endless mass of entities — would hear his voice as same as the others at the end.

As the chosen individual in front of the lineup had profoundly bowed, they also followed him by genuflecting and showing their respect to the Lord.

"We bow before the supreme deity!" they said together.

Although one would think if all these people uttered something at the same time, it would make the utmost sound that can ever be existed — according to the unending quantity of them — still, nothing like an ear-splitting sound could be heard afterward.

The volume which all of these beings produced with shouting altogether was as high as the previous voice which the leading individual represented, though the tone of it was significantly different due to the combination of those distinct voices.

This sound was a gift from the Lord to them. Unlike mortal beings on Earth — and other places — they had the granting of immortality.

All they could show was the gratitude for their God; everything else was insignificant in the world.

If there were any human among them, he would truly become wide-eyed after hearing them saying those words.

Getting astonished due to amazement would be absolutely normal when being honored with hearing such a magnificent holy voice — granted by the god himself.

But what could be heard afterward was truly beyond the understanding of "any" being — mortal or immortal.

It was the sound of God.

"We desired to summon you angels for a reason."

This sound didn't belong to the mortal world, nor was it actually a sound. How can God be doing what "beings" would do? Sending out sounds was a feature of living things, and God was beyond being limited to the life which he himself had created.

The angels, the loyal servants of the Lord, had been honored to straightly hear his deity — yet nonexistent — voice.

They were not permitted to talk with God, though even being able to hear was adequate for them.

"Your immortality has made you arrogant."

That sentence filled the heart of those angels with panic. It could be easily understood that the Lord was unsatisfied due to their behavior.

"We forgive you, my sons."

Unlike the previous sentence, this one cleared their anxiety. The Lord was truly merciful. Such a state of benevolence couldn't be put into words.

"Repent of your sins and return. Compensate for the deeds which you have done."

The light vanished immediately; there was no trace of that blinding light over there, not anymore.

Angels all had become shameful. But thinking about what's done is completely pointless, and they knew it. Therefore, Angels promised themselves to never disappoint the Lord again.

The leading angel stood up and then turned his face to the others.

"My fellows, this should be the last time that we bother the Lord." he audibly — yet quite gently — mentioned.

"Yes!" they all replied at the same time.

"Now let's talk abo—"

Suddenly, no sound could be heard from them. The white space began to disappear in the darkness, and everything became vague.

♦ ♦ ♦

Giichi Takahashi swiftly raised his head. The blanket slid from his chest simultaneously, as he was gasping crazily.

"Nooooo!!!!" he shouted.

He had just been roused from his sleep. While he was trying to reawaken his consciousness, he saw a human silhouette sitting on his bed. The room was dim; hence, he wasn't able to identify it.

However, when this person turned on the table lamp near his bed, he could understand.

That outline belonged to Akane Nakamura.

Her unusual fearful expression made him surprised.

"A-are you... alright?" she worriedly asked.

Giichi, who was fully awakened from sleep nodded.

His sleepiness had been gone at least for then. He abruptly noticed Akane was holding his hand; her anxiety was easily tangible for him at that moment. The look on her face was — without a doubt — a look of a mother.

"You've been screaming all this time. Another nightmare?"


He had been in this body for two weeks by now. And after this time, he didn't experience anything but those scenes in his dream.

The dream itself was no nightmare; he could see his past self, and he really enjoyed it. Watching everyone respect him like that was really delightful.

What would make them a nightmare for him, was the "waking up" part. He had to wake up and find himself in this mortal world once again.

It truly hurt him. He always feared from the moment that this pleasant dream would end. It was so much hard for him to wake up that he would always shout: "No, I don't want!" "Please, no!".

Now that he was thinking about it, he was actually able to sleep since he was human. Although he had been dreaming of her past self until then, he could still hope for a dream about his current self.

He had decided to forget about his past and just live as Giichi Takahashi, but those teasing dreams didn't let him have peace even for a day. They had been coming back every night to remind him what he missed the most.

"W-why, just why!" he mumbled as he put a despondent expression on his face.

It didn't take a long time for him to change that expression with a surprised one.

Akane had embraced him warmly with her arms. This was why his eyes became wide the moment his heart felt her warmness.

"Sorry..." Akane quietly said.

God knew why she was apologizing. She couldn't see her dear son suffering, even though she couldn't do anything about it. Akane was asking for forgiveness due to her weakness.

That was how God would interpret it for himself.

However, Giichi Takahashi — the current situation of the Lord — would express it differently.

What he saw, was a woman who hadn't remarried just to take care of her beloved son. She had forgotten about all of her pleasure and just had focused on her son's prosperity. And what Giichi had done until then, was just ignoring her.

So if someone was supposed to apologize, it would be him and not Akane Nakamura.

That was what Giichi of today would say.

If he decided to be God, he would say "I forgive you, my mom, go repent of your sins". But he couldn't be such a despicable person, so he chose to be a son.

"No, I am sorry..."

Both of them stared at each other's eyes for a long time, as Akane still had her son folded in those arms of her.

God hated Akane due to many reasons. Every day, many reasons for despising her would come from nowhere to him. One, for example, was her identity as the mother of him. God was supposed to have no creator, but now he had a mom. He knew she was Giichi's mother, though it wouldn't change the fact that God was Giichi right then, and therewith, his mother is simply God's mother too.

However, in those two weeks, many things had been changed.

Instead of God, the existence of Giichi Takahashi had been dominating this body in this time. Obviously, being in the mortal world and having the emotions of humans would be a great disadvantage to the Lord.

The more time would pass, the more he would become human. God had been afraid of it, but it still happened.

Right now, the person whom Akane had hugged was more "Giichi Takahashi" than God.

And because of that, he would never let something — or someone — make her mother worry or unhappy. Since he knew what all of this sadness was coming from, he decided to get rid of God, and consequently, those dreams.

Still, God wouldn't just sit there to watch him. How can the divine deity of the universe surrender to such a kid?


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