Downfall of God
7 Happiness
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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7 Happiness

A boy was there in the dark, being swallowed by the darkness which had surrounded him.

He no longer had the ability to open his eyes. That sensation was completely gone, though it wasn't the only sense which had been taken away from him.

"Where am I?"

Those words weren't coming from a physical source. He would never be able to produce such a disembodied voice with using a human body.

While he considered every possible situation, he could only reach one thing:

"—I died."

Suddenly, a voice filled the nonexistent atmosphere of that void. Unlike his own, this one absolutely belonged to a mortal being.

"With his leg broken like this, he may never be able to walk again. As for his backbone, it is seriously damaged. Incredibly, there's no serious harm to the brain part, but still, I can't promise if he will ever open those eyes. The fact that he is still alive is quite a shock for itself. "

The word "alive" gave him a sudden shock the moment he heard it.

"Well... that's all I can do. It's a miracle that he has survived. You should be thankful."

The passage of time lightened his eyes until he could finally sense his body. A blinding light started to shine through the void.

As darkness left his sight, a sparkle irritated him instantly. After getting used to this bright scene, he began to look around.

Again, he was on a bed, though it didn't look like the one he had got used to sleeping on. The surroundings were also different than his usual room.

With a glance at the setting, it could easily be said that he was in a hospital right then.

But this scene didn't cause that surprised expression on his face. A woman had sat beside the bed. By watching her face, he could identify who she was.

Akane's eyes included a great feeling of surprise when she saw that scene. He had finally opened his eyes. It would be impossible to put her happiness into words at that moment.

Tears of joy started to appear on her face as she was trembling with delight. All Akane wanted to do was to firmly embrace her son in that time, though it couldn't be done because of his condition.

It was truly a miracle; everyone could say it. How can someone jump from a building and stay alive afterward?

There would be many ways to suicide, but this one could completely guarantee your death. With considering the weak body of humans, it would be impossible to survive.

But Akane didn't care about any of these matters; they wouldn't even strike her. The only feeling which existed in her heart was the joy.

However, there could be seen some signs of anger in her. She was angry because her son had tried to suicide, though that joy could overcome it and put it aside. It wasn't the time for such a thing after all.

Although Akane would absolutely punish him in the future, right then, she was so filled with happiness to even think about it.

The news of Giichi Takahashi's suicide had meanwhile reached his friends. Therefore, they would immediately come and visit him.

Giichi had great charisma, and that was why he didn't have problems at finding friends. From the moment he remembered them, he had known a handful of people whom he could actually call "friend".

Furthermore, many students would claim they are his "friend". Boys who wanted to impress girls would always mention: "I and Giichi are childhood friends, we're so close." or girls would claim: "He's so intimate with me, he once asked me to go out with him." and these kinds of far-fetched lies.

He had to expect it; reputation would always bring trouble behind itself, and he was no exception.

The first question which would occur to everyone after hearing his attempt to suicide was:

"Giichi Takahashi, of all people?"

He had everything: Beauty, charm, caring mother, love, friends, healthy life, and intelligence — even with him being carefree at the lessons.

So why should Giichi Takahashi suicide? What had motivated him?

Clearly, this question was unanswerable for them. Humans who had known him for a while couldn't respond to this either because they didn't know he is God.

But if someone knew he is the Lord, still that question would remain insoluble. It would even become more intense for them.

So why should God suicide? What had motivated him to commit a sin?

No problems would be solved with changing "Giichi Takahashi" and "God". In both cases, nobody except Giichi or God could provide an answer.

The Lord had become tired of this world, or maybe Giichi Takahashi had become mad. For God, it would be boring to do the same thing one day after another. He at least wanted to experience something new and fascinating. Lord had been used to spend his time up in the Heavens, not be humiliated in the mortal world.

— Sleeping —

— Waking up —

— Eating —

— Going to school —

— Eating —

— Taking a nap —

— Eating —

— Sleeping—

"Damn, too boring."

It more felt like "surviving" than "living".

In God's point of view, it was just a waste of time. Nothing could be more shameful than this life.

However, Giichi Takahashi — who also had a motivation for killing himself — had another reason for his suicide.

He had doubts about himself. The thought of being God brought him on the edge of madness and pushed him to fall. Living in a realistic world had another great impact on him. If he were God, why would everything be this much normal?

At first, he was the Lord who acted as Giichi Takahashi. He then became a totally different person because of those two different personalities inside of him. But now...

— Now he's nothing —

Men with no goals are rather dead. There's no meaning behind their life. Without strong motivation, nothing would enliven. He needed a meaning behind his life, a solid path to follow.

Suddenly, he remembered an important memory from his past.

"Those men..." he thought as his weakened body had rested on the bed.

Giichi hadn't forgotten those strange people. He had been thinking about them for a long time. But right then, it was doubtful if those were actually existent or just made-up by his imaginations.

Even using the table lamp as a sign for his future self couldn't assure him; that suspicious sense had led him to this situation.

His eyes changed their direction and weakly glanced at Akane who had sat beside him. If those guys had truly existed, then they would have hurt Akane, his mother. Giichi Takahashi couldn't let that happen by any means.

God hated Akane at the first time he had seen her, though human emotions considerably changed his feelings toward her. It was an effect of living in this body, as it caused many other changes in the Lord's view.

♦ ♦ ♦

They had finally arrived to visit their dear friend in the hospital. The moment they heard about it, nothing could be read except an immense shock on their face.

But as long as he was alive, still it could relieve them from that tremendous pressure.

They were a group consisting of 5 friends of Giichi Takahashi.

Noburo Okamoto: Being with Giichi from his childhood until now, has made Noburo the closest friend of him. He has the same age as Giichi Takahashi and is also a second-year student. His intelligence has always made things easier for him. Having perfect grades is a result of that intellect. Even with that fact, Noburo never talks about his brilliance. Instead, what people see from him is a great enthusiasm toward beautiful women. He can easily go and talk with any woman without showing any hesitation or shame. Although he's known Giichi for a long time, they don't converse so much. As for the reason, they don't think their friendship can be limited into words. Therefore, they would always make eye contact and pass afterward.

Yumiko Tono: She may be the only girl who's not fallen in love with Giichi yet. She's well-known for her unusual serious look. One day, the boys started to tease Yumiko with tickling her during the class, though her face wouldn't show any change in expression. No one would like to start a conversation with Yumiko since she most of the times spoils people with ignoring them. Even for a girl who doesn't care about her surroundings, Giichi Takahashi is an interesting person. He may be the only one who is worthy of Yumiko's attention. She is also at the same grade and age as him, but unlike Noburo who has been with Giichi from his childhood, she joined him in the middle school. Even though she's born as a girl, the way Yumiko behaves is far from being girlish.

Hiroshi Mifune: He's a cheerful and carefree boy. Hiroshi has many similarities with Giichi, that's why they both got along when they met each other at the start of the high school — as freshmen. His face is not as glamorous as his, yet, Hiroshi's behavior is almost as same as Giichi Takahashi's. He's the newest friend of Giichi since he joined him at the high school, but he spends much more time with Hiroshi than the rest of his friends. Unlike Giichi, Hiroshi doesn't have so many friends.

Megumi Yoshida: Anyone can easily understand how much shy she is when encountering her. Seeing her cheeks flushed is an everyday thing at the school, so nobody bothers asking why. Although she's a senior at high school, still, Megumi can't properly talk with people without becoming diffident. Megumi's lack of self-confidence has brought so many troubles for her. Among everything else, seeing Giichi Takahashi makes her blush the most. It's impossible for her to look at him without trembling uncontrollably. Megumi met Giichi in the primary school, from that moment until now, she can't stop thinking about him.

Sakura Watanabe: Everyone at the school would joke with describing her as "a female version of Noburo", though she would always frown when hearing those jokes. It's as to be expected since her appearance and behavior is quite similar to Noburo's. But she wants to be close to Giichi Takahashi, not that "pervert". Calling him with this term has become a habit of her. Sakura is a childhood friend of Noburo like Giichi, so she's been calling him "pervert" from the moment they were kids. Still, Noburo can't get used to that habit. Sakura hasn't talked so much with Giichi, neither has she become so intimate with him. It's not like Sakura doesn't want to, she's just unable to get close to him without becoming "wet" under her skirt.

These high-school students were walking through the hospital corridor. The sound of their steps was quite harmonized as though it belonged to a specific song.

A girl with a short hairstyle was holding a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums. While wearing a black T-shirt under that leather jacket, she was stepping forward simultaneously. With considering the black color of her hairs and those trousers, every inch of her body was covered in black except her face.

She was the shortest among her companions. For someone who didn't know her, it was impossible to identify her gender. Most of the people would think she's a boy due to her boyish appearance.

Her eyes didn't imply any expression; they were just too cold to contain any kind of emotions; her smooth round face wasn't an exception either. Reading what she was thinking by looking at her appearance was not possible by any means.

There were four other people, walking beside her simultaneously.

A tall figure with slim limbs could be seen. By observing the miniskirt, up those bare thighs and that bulge over the chest — breasts — it could be understood that figure belonged to a female.

Her ginger hair was so long that it could easily reach her hips. That expression of hers was far from being similar to the previous girl. The look on that girl's face was heartless, cruel, and cold, though this one was overflowing with diffidence, timidity, kindness, and amiability.

She was much taller compared to the black-haired girl beside her — barely reaching her shoulders.

The colorful top-dress which she was wearing would enliven her appearance even more.

Two wrathful auras existed alongside these girls. They belonged to the fellows who were walking beside them. It was plain to see the intense anger which had dominated the air around them.

If it wasn't because of the difference in gender, no one would be able to distinguish them. They were Sakura Watanabe and Noburo Okamoto. The thought of those two being twins would occur to everyone who saw them for the first time since they were very much alike.

There existed another person among these 4 high-school students, following them from behind with hands behind his head. He was slow compared to the others. It seemed he didn't want to bother his legs so much.

The look on his face seemed unconcerned even with knowing what had happened to his friend. It was like: "As long as he's not dead, then there's no problem."

At least, it was possible to read something with seeing him. The black-haired girl who was holding the bouquet didn't show anything to be read. It wouldn't even imply her lack of unease for Giichi's condition. The right word to define her was "void", the perfect description for Yumiko Tono.

As for Noburo and Sakura, they were just so engaged with glaring at each other that no worry for Giichi could be identified by looking at them.

The only person who showed a feeling of anxiety was Megumi Yoshida.

But that was their apparent side; no one could be aware of people's "inside".

The fact was Sakura and Noburo's great anger toward each other was caused by hearing the critical condition of Giichi Takahashi. Those two always had problems with each other, but not this much intensely. Incidentally, people always blame their surroundings while they are angry.

Hiroshi also felt worried, but he couldn't trouble to change his nonchalant temperament.

If someone thought Megumi was worry about Giichi with just watching her appearance, it would truly surprise that person when knowing what she was thinking in her mind.

There was chaos inside of her. The moment Megumi heard of his suicide, she fainted immediately. Even after hearing Giichi Takahashi is alive and the suicide attempt had failed, Megumi's concern didn't go away.

By the time that they had arrived in front of Giichi Takahashi's room, Yumiko stepped forward and opened the door. Meanwhile, Noburo was checking his dress to be in the perfect condition.

Everyone followed Yumiko and entered the room.

Giichi was on the bed while Akane — his mother — could be seen sitting beside him. After saying hello to him and nodding to Akane, Yumiko started to walk toward Giichi's bed and give him those flowers.

However, someone intercepted her. Noburo suddenly snatched the bouquet from her hands and walked toward a different direction than Giichi's.

While genuflecting profoundly, he presented the bunch of flowers to the woman who had sat near the bed.

"A little gift for madam, please accept it from this humble man," Noburo said, followed by some confused voices from the others.




With hearing that, Akane took the bouquet and put a slight smile on her face as she placed the flowers on the bed afterward.


That gentle smile left him trembled with excitement.

"—Magnificent! Such an elegance!" wide-eyed Noburo mumbled.

♦ ♦ ♦

It was hard for him to breathe through the oxygen mask. His body was also weakened and it made it difficult to budge. But if Giichi Takahashi could talk effortlessly, he would ask something like this:

"Haven't you come to visit 'me'?"

He had his consciousness back, thus he could understand the expression on everyone's face in the room, and they absolutely didn't seem concerned.

It even surprised him more when he saw Noburo giving the bouquet to Akane, while politely talking with her.

"Wasn't that supposed to be for me?" Giichi thought.

With a brief glance, he could see his friends right there. Sakura was trying to not eye him, just looking randomly around. Giichi Takahashi himself didn't consider her as a close friend, though as long as she was Noburo's intimate friend, he could feel comfortable with her. Notwithstanding, Sakura had been an interesting person in his opinion.

Noburo was quite busy by talking with Akane. Maybe his whole purpose for coming here was to spend time with her. He didn't seem worried while praising his mistress.

What Giichi wanted to say was "Stop you bastard, she's my mother", but he didn't have the required energy to spend on declaring it.

Yumiko was as same as always. She neither gave him attention right then nor would she give any in the future. Yumiko seemed callous and free from compassion, as though God had forgotten to give her any in the moment of her creation.

—Why is she even here?

While asking that in the mind, his eyes abruptly caught another one of his friends, Hiroshi.

He had leaned on the wall, having his hands in his pockets. Hiroshi's eyes didn't seem caring for anything at that moment.

—Then... why have you come here? You should be asking about my condition!

After this complaining — in his thoughts — the sight of a slender woman came into his vision. She was Megumi, the only one with an anxious face in the room. He wanted to believe she was worry about him, but then something struck him immediately.

"Well... She's always like this, yeah."

As long as he could remember, Megumi had been nervous at all times when he watched her movements. So, it was actually her usual expression.

But now that he was thinking about it, he had actually come out of depression. Giichi Takahashi was complaining and being engaged in human emotions, and all of this was thanks to his friends. They somehow made a great impact on him that actually helped him to get out of those maddening thoughts.

Giichi didn't understand how, but a fight between Sakura and Noburo had started, and their loud voices could be heard; they were shouting at each other extremely.

"...You damn four-eyes pervert!"

"Huh... Four-eyes bitch!"

"W-what did you say?"

While the air around them was becoming more and more aggressive by time, the door got opened forthwith; a nurse was stood there.

"This is supposed to be a hospital, what's all of this noise?"

When both Sakura and Noburo heard that, they bowed and apologized.



Subsequently, she left the room while glaring at those teenagers. Both of them were ashamed due to what they had done.

By the time that nurse had gone, Giichi Takahashi started to laugh.

His laughter attracted everyone's attention in the room, but all of them put the same expression after hearing him laugh in that condition. All of them were smiling — even Yumiko.

The happiest person among them was Akane. It's hard to imagine how much a mother would become happy by seeing her son's happiness.

When he was done laughing like that, Hiroshi began a conversation with Noburo.

"By the way, where is Hikaru? Is she going to come later?"

"Hikaru didn't answer my call, no matter how many times I contacted her."

"It's weird. Normally, she'd answer immediately."


"Well... maybe she's somewhere out of the city with her family."


"We can always inform her in the future."

"But is she going to be OK? She might faint like Migumi..."

"It's because of the way you told her the message!"

"What? I prepared her before telling her about it!" Noburo turned toward Megumi and looked at her. "No, Megumi-san?"

"W-e... Well..." Megumi timidly responded.

"See? Why would you say 'Giichi suicided' to her, even without mentioning he was still alive!"


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