Downfall of God
10 He“s a Wizard Part I : Death for Stupidity
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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10 He“s a Wizard Part I : Death for Stupidity

"Damn... damn..."

His aura contained great anger and uneasiness, though his anger was toward himself. As he punched the wall with a gazing look — upon his own deeds —, it was the time for regret to show up.

"Stupid... I'm stupid. I should have known this would happen."

The air around him was filled with regret and remorse; only his shame could be read by getting close to him. Those eyes consisted of a significant amount of remorse and compunction.

It appeared to be guilt, a feeling which had completely overwhelmed him. Although he was in a deep regret right then, some excuses struck him to justify his actions.

"Those damn priests, so they will sacrifice everything to catch me?"

However, no matter how many times he thought about it, still he could only blame himself.

After he had become aware of the existence of that paladin — along with all those other priests — his instincts were intensely warning him, telling him to not face them alone. That was why he couldn't let all these students go; priests would wait until everyone was gone and they would attack after it.

He had decided to use all of them to handle this huge army of enemies. Of course, it was a dirty and unhonorable plan, but what choice did he have? If he failed, his son would get hurt. He couldn't let it happen in any possible way, even if it meant risking on all these lives.

Still, were all of these deeds needed to be done? Wasn't there any other choice? He could have handled this without letting all these people die, but why didn't he do so?

Using [Demonic Time] — which was high-level magic — to stop all of them, or just coming here to have this nonexistent advantage that he had considered, was it really necessary; was it the best choice? Now he absolutely knew it wasn't.

Although he could stop the time, even for him it was impossible to go back in it. He wanted to change many things, though he couldn't do it. And this incapability was the reason for the existence of "regret" in humans.

The whole reason for the presence of "emotions" in humanity was their weakness in reality.

While he was stepping through those corpses — of innocent youngsters — a weird being could be seen walking beside him. It possessed the upper-body and face of a human, though those long thin legs didn't seem human at all. It had the leg and foot of a bird, and instead of human arms, it owned two lengthy wings in place of them.

One would get confused whether this being was human or a fantastic huge bird; it seemed more like a demihuman in the myths.

He eventually reached the main door of the corridor. A different corpse — than the students' — was on the ground; his shedding blood had reddened that black cassock of his along with his exanimate face. He appeared to be the priest who had suddenly come inside.

There also existed another body near him, though it didn't belong to a human. Exactly like the creature that was beside Yuma, this being also had bird feet and legs — with wings in place of arms — while owning human appearance for the other parts of its form.

The only physical difference between those two beings was the color of their wings. The creature beside Yuma possessed red lines — irregularly placed — on its dark wings, as the other one had blue streaks — regularly set — over those pure white wings.

However, there was another dissimilarity which could be understood by sensing their distinct aura — that differed in nature. One had diabolical energy around itself, while the dead creature had made a divine atmosphere.

"Sorry," Yuma looked behind, seeing the lifeless bodies of students, "I'm sorry..."

Thereafter, he directed his eyes toward the being which had genuflected with those thin legs.

"Sorry, Charna. To make you fight on such a battlefield."

"No, your humble servant should always be ready to fight for you, master."

The sound was so gentle; only a female person would be able to have such a soft voice. Apparently, that being had a gender and name; she was "Charna".

Everyone who faced her for the first time wouldn't give attention to the human parts of hers since the bird parts seemed more extraordinary to catch the eyes of people, although the beauty of her face and body was truly seductive.

With the passing of time, one could simply forget about her ugly lanky legs and focus on that exquisite beauty of her. She had long dark hairs which could easily reach her back. A piece of red cloth had covered her breasts partially, though every other part was entirely naked. There was also a beautiful and sizable bird tail on her back, waggling around randomly.

Her lovely black eyes could charm any person in this world as though they had a magical power which could possess the hearts of men. Even Yuma would admit her beauty, notwithstanding he was a loyal man. He would never betray Akane since he had promised himself to keep his body for her, and no other woman. Incidentally, Akane was without doubt superior in terms of beauty when someone compared Charna with her.

But that wasn't the appropriate time for those thoughts. He suddenly glimpsed the creature — which was fallen alongside the priest. If someone compared that being to Charna right now — after understanding her gender — that person would immediately identify the difference in their faces. The fallen beast was masculine and he had short black hairs.

As Yuma turned his look back at Charna — who had genuflected — his regretful expression changed with a curious and anxious appearance.

"Charna, how many of these creatures can you handle at once? What about the priest?" he asked uneasily, waiting for her answer apprehensively.

"They are too weak, same goes for the priests. I can fight with hundreds of them at the same time," she paused, glancing at the main door, "however, with sensing the spiritual power of the people outside, I can estimate their number. They are around 10,000. Fighting with all of them is impossible, even for me."

—I knew it, I shouldn't have come alone. But how should I have known about this? Also, bringing other wizards wouldn't do anything well, they would also lose their lives.

When Yuma was mused in these thoughts, a gentle voice brought him out of his imaginations.

"It still changes nothing. If master orders, I will fight with them. My life is to be offered to the master. It's an honor for me to die in your way."

"I see..." Yuma sighed in relief, letting a smile appear on his face, "then, let's die together."

"My sincere apology master, but I have to resist on this, " Charna paused, looking seriously at Yuma, "master has summoned me, I can't let my summoner die. It would be a dishonor for my kind."

"Well, it's not like I want to die. You already know it's impossible to survive this situation."

"Still I can't accept this. Your humble servant will be able to buy you some time until you run away master."

"As long as they can sense my presence, there's no way to run. Also, I'm the one who has to buy time."


"Let me make it clear, 'we' are going to buy time for him to run away. Do you understand?"

"The master's son?"

"If he makes it through, then there'll be no disgrace to your kind as long as he is safe. Is it alright now?"

"Yes, master..." Charna nodded in agreement, still keeping her eyes fixed on Yuma.

As he sighed after hearing her response, he began to ask a question from her.

"How long can you resist against those priests?"

Charna went deep in thought, trying to not disappoint her master by giving him an inappropriate answer.

"I guess an hour. What master is going to do in that time?"

"I'll be fighting with that paladin. If I take him down during that one hour, I will come to help you. I think both of us are enough for the rest."

"Excuse me master, but are you able to kill the paladin?"

"I d-don't know... but it's the best plan I could reach. While you're keeping them occupied, I have to somehow finish off the paladin."

"I understand, I will do my best to not disgrace master."

It was plain to see the difference between him and that paladin. He was aware of this gap between their powers, but what could he do? Yuma didn't want to surrender; he wanted to do all he can until the last moment of his life.

"Also, there's another part in the plan," he revealed, "let me explain it to you."

♦ ♦ ♦

Erben Whisperwinds was one of the 10 paladins who were under the command of Church. The purpose of the paladins was same as the normal priests' in the world, though their overwhelming strength was the difference between them. The paladins were known as a higher power in the eyes of everyone. They also had one unique duty, and it was to enhance the power of the Church, train the young priests and make them more powerful and loyal to be the servants of God.

It was the responsibility of every human in this world to assure the annihilation of evil; it was the only way that the world could progress according to God's divine plan. The extermination of the devil was an obligation for anyone who believed the Lord as the creator of this world.

However, without the required power, it would be impossible to clean the devilish creatures from the universe. That was why paladins — who had a great amount of spiritual power — existed in this world.

Incidentally, there were disputes among the priests. It was as to be expected since you can never find two humans with exactly the same beliefs; nevertheless, none of them would ever start to declare blasphemous thoughts. The difference between them was more about the intensity.

Some believed God's orders should be done without no question and hesitation, though others would say that the commands of God should be followed meekly and without any aggressive actions.

Erben was with the second group, always trying to avoid unnecessary and antagonistic deeds. Although he couldn't bear the presence of Devil and wizards because he was a paladin, Erben believed every warrior — no matter what — deserves respect. This opinion of him made many of the priests his enemies since it meant showing respect to demonic creatures which were a warrior.

He was also against burning the sorcerers and demons alive. Being burned alive would break the pride of warriors when they scream and ask for help because of the unbelievable suffering. Also, why should they burn the innocent wives and children? They were just unlucky to be born in a demonic form or have a relationship with a wizard. So what was their fault?

It was exactly why Erben would immediately kill his enemies without letting them endure any pain. This was a great kindness and mercy that he showed to his opponents. He could never let the pride of a soldier break or an unarmed person burn alive with pain.

When he accepted the mission to clean the existence of Yuma Takahashi from the world, he promised to kill his wife and son without any pain. Paladin Draress Graysky had been in the charge of this mission for 4 years, though he had finally failed in getting the wizard.

That was why they gave the mission of annihilating the wizard to him — one of the 3 strongest paladins — and the mission of bringing the wizard out of the shadows to Zeatser Misthorn, the most intelligent paladin of the Church. They wanted to be sure about the results of this mission, so sending Erben alone would do it perfectly.

Still, Zeatser insisted to send 10,000 priests to put the wizard under pressure. Everyone saw it as an unnecessary action while sending Erben over there, though they had to accept it since this request belonged to the most knowledgeable paladin, "there should be a reason behind it," they said.

Erben really didn't like that; he wanted to fight without anyone interrupting his battle. Having hundreds of priests alongside him seemed so annoying too. It was truly troublesome for him.

The surge of anxiety struck him the moment he found out about the presence of innocent people in the school. He had to manage to kill the wizard without hurting everyone else, though he didn't put on a worried expression when he was with that young-looking priest. He was a paladin, and thus Erben couldn't show any weakness through his appearance.

He suddenly saw a priest, hurriedly running toward the school. He wanted to stop that guy, though it was too late; he already had entered the school with aggressively opening the main door.

The presence of students instantaneously disappeared; he could no longer identify their existence by sensing their life force. What he really feared the most had already happened. Those lives were lost unnecessarily; just because of the stupidity of that priest.

If there existed a reason for their death, he would come up with it to lessen his disappointment, though it was obvious that those lives were taken away for nothing.

"Didn't I say to not do any unnecessary deed?" he looked at that young priest, trying to hide his frustration from him.

He — the young priest beside him — seemed so shocked at that time, looking at the school in astonishment. It could also be said that he was angry; knowing what had happened was infuriating him exceedingly. He somehow managed to ignore his anger and respond to Erben.

"Please forgive me for the foolish action of my inferiors." he bowed profoundly, resembling so ashamed.

"There's no need for that."

It took less than a minute after saying those words that the presence of the priest — who entered the school — vanished completely. It could be easily understood that the wizard had simply finished him off.

Subsequently, it didn't take a while for two figures to quit the building. As Erben saw them, his body started to go higher in the atmosphere and take more distance from the ground until those two people looked like small ants in his vision.

There was a reason behind this; Zeatser had told him to dress the same clothes as the normal priests and don't show himself to the wizard at first. He didn't understand why, and he also didn't like hiding behind all of these people, though he had to follow the orders.

Although he was far away from the land surface and the human eyes of his couldn't catch those two bodies, the spiritual energy — which was beyond the mortal world — could help him have a clear sight of them.

A man in black suit with red hairs was leisurely stepping forward while a magical beast that was half-human half-bird appeared to be following him simultaneously.


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