Downfall of God
11 He“s a Wizard Part II : Master and Servan
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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11 He“s a Wizard Part II : Master and Servan

Her name was Charna, one of the third-generation Sirins of the Unholy Mountain. The whole purpose of their existence was to serve those who summoned them; hence, letting their master die would be unjustifiable.

As the faithful servant of Yuma, Charna had spent so much time with him, so she knew many secrets of him as the bittersweet moments of his life. The bond between the master and the servant was so strong for them, making it impossible to be separated from each other.

Although Charna's face was always serious due to her strong and combative characteristics, spending time with her master made her womanish side grow over time. Her emotions which were gained through spending time with Yuma appeared to be much stronger than her instincts as an unholy creature to protect the wizards.

With spending time on Earth — alongside her master — she started to understand humans more than before and feel their emotions by sensing their hearts. Charna was a magical beast; therefore the lifespan of her would normally be longer than humans. Wizards were also able to live longer than average humans, though Charna's race would have a longer life than her master and other wizards'.

During all of this time that she had been with Yuma, perhaps the decision of her master for living in humans' world and risking on his life — to be caught by the priests — could be considered as one of the most significant occurrences.

She had heard about "love" when she came to this world; this word was really unprecedented for her. In the Unholy Mountain, only courage and bravery was important, every other concept was insignificant.

However, the moment she heard it from her master, Charna asked about more information. After she had found out her master was fallen in love with a human — Akane Nakamura — Charna didn't bother him more with her questions. Even for her — who knew nothing about love — it was obvious that this feeling was so strong that could make Yuma stay there and endanger his life.

While Yuma was living with his wife and son, she meantime observed him, seeing his master pleased and laughing all the time made her so satisfied. Even though Charna would always watch the master's surroundings vigilantly for any possible danger from the priests, she was absorbed in her own emotions while being in the human world.

She could remember it, 15 years of living in here alongside her master. Yuma's son was thirteen when Charna warned her master about the approaching priests. That moment he decided to leave his family for their own sake and again live as a wizard.

This decision of the master made Charna lively once again since she didn't have to just watch those monotonous normal scenes in the humans' life; she could go and fight for him in the battle as a Sirin warrior. Still, seeing her master becoming depressed after the separation from his love made her so much worried. She wanted her master to be cheerful again.

Subsequently, Yuma had changed to his past self for 4 years, trying to ignore his family and don't let the Church find anything about it. He didn't want his family to be used as a hostage against him; he could never put those important lives in danger. Yuma also knew what would happen to the families of wizards so he decided to just forget about them.

Nevertheless, he could only last for 4 years, priests had already found out about his family. Charna completely understood how much concerned would her master become after hearing that; he loved his family more than anything in the world. They had a magical connection, so she could feel Yuma's emotions — as Yuma could feel Charna's feelings too.

By the time that her master had decided to summon her by using [Demonic Eagle] spell, she found herself in a narrow place. Charna's instincts immediately informed her about a danger, a being like herself — a Sirin — was rushing toward her insanely while holding a large and heavy sword with his strong muscles. With looking at the color of his wings, Charna figured out about his identity. He was a Sirin from the Holy Mountain. The existence of a beast from that place implied the presence of a holy summoner, a priest.

But the available power of a summoned creature depended on the magical — or spiritual — power of its summoner. As long as she was the loyal servant of Yuma Takahashi, she could use her full potential, and therefore handling such a weak priest with his subordinate wouldn't be troublesome at all.

That was why it didn't take a while for her to finish them off, though something was bothering her. It was the presence of those human bodies in such a small battleground which made it hard for her to move without colliding with them.

Because she had become closer to humans after becoming Yuma's servant, Charna felt discomfort while she saw those dead figures. Notwithstanding, no matter where she was summoned, she had to fulfill her duties as a warrior and fight in any situation without any hesitation. Her master had summoned Charna right then, so she had to kill the enemies without caring about anything else.

The only thing that a warrioress has to think about on the battlefield is the extermination of the foe, always staring at her opponent without getting distracted by anything else.

And now there she was, outside of that building, walking alongside her master as the humble servant of Yuma. After she had killed that priest and his servant instantly, Yuma told her many different things, though he finally mentioned his plans to her in the end.

The sky had become dark; hundreds of the priests were covering the light of the sun by standing straight in the air. Their bodies seemed so stable while the light wind was making those long black garments of them budge in the same direction.

The fate of death which was waiting for her didn't cause any panic in her expression. She was free from the anxiety and fear. Dying on the battlefield would be an honor for a warrioress like her. She had pledged her life and loyalty to her summoner, Yuma Takahashi the wizard.

♦ ♦ ♦

Now that he was out of the school building, the image of this horde seemed much clearer than before. He knew about their numbers, though seeing all of them like this made him more anxious. The light of the sun could barely reach his eyes as those full-length black figures had covered it completely with their enormous quantities.

The priests had already surrounded the school in every direction, both from the sky and the ground — although their majority could be identified in the air. It would be impossible for a normal human to see this picture and not stare at it in astonishment. If that human were a realistic man, that person would believe this is a dream since there was no way for it to be the reality — in humans' sight.

When God created the humans, he didn't give them the ability to fly. The Lord wanted them to know their place, down on the earth, an inferior place and far away from the Heavens. Yet, now not only one person, but hundreds of humans existed in the atmosphere, staying on their feet straight and with no unease as though they are just simply standing on the ground.

But that wasn't a question for Yuma since he wasn't a normal human. Ordinary people always accept what they see and reject what is not logically explainable because they are born in regular society. Not everyone is blessed to be aware of the hidden secrets of this world, and it's as to be expected since a secret would no longer be precious when it's been revealed.

And Yuma was one of the people who had been chosen to know this. His parents were well-known wizards in the Qu'adkel; almost everyone would admire them when hearing their names. Being born as a wizard gave him many privileges, though there also existed many disadvantages with them.

His father expected him to become even a greater wizard than him, while his mother wanted Yuma to bring grandsons and granddaughters for her by marrying a noblewoman in the Qu'adkel. These expectations would never let him live his own life, that was why he decided to start his adventure by traveling in the universe.

However, after meeting with Akane, everything changed. What he wanted now was to protect his family as a father. And it seemed this wish was going to finally take his life, as he had expected.

"How could he survive this?" No, this was a selfish question. The right question was: "Whom could he survive?"

The priests had entirely besieged him, though they wouldn't budge, it seemed they are waiting for him to do the first move. He used this opportunity to talk with Charna — who was stood beside him.

"Promise me," he paused, quietly looking at her in that silent atmosphere, "promise me you will run if I don't come after one hour."

"Please excuse me, master, I can't do that. I have already insisted as a servant of the master, I can never turn my back on my summoner."

"I see, but what is going to be achieved with your death? You've been my loyal comrade for many years, I can't let you die for no reason."

"Your humble servant asks the same question from you, master. I also can't let my master die for no reason."

"I told you, I'm going to buy time for my son."

"Remember master, it was 'we'."

"Ah... well..." Yuma hesitated, searching for an answer to give her.

The truth was he didn't want Charna to die, she was a talented magical Sirin and letting her die here would be a waste. He also had a strong bond with Charna, making it impossible to ignore someone like her, though he also knew she was a warrior, always ready to die on the battlefield.

"Alright Charna, remember the plan. We're going to show them that we will never surrender, no matter what."

"Yes, master. I shall not disappoint you."

The still body of the priests hadn't changed yet as Yuma made a glance at them.

"So they really want me to start the attack?" Yuma pondered, "no, something's wrong. Letting me attack all of them at once will bring a total disadvantage for them since with massive spells many of them would lose their lives with this compressed formation. There should be a trap..."

While thinking about this in his mind, another thought suddenly struck him.

"I can't feel an immense spiritual pressure anymore, what does this mean? There is a paladin here, but why isn't there any higher presence? I can't feel any, what's going on?"

As he was puzzled about the absence of a pressure which would belong to a paladin, an answer came to his mind.

"C-could it be... Is he keeping his spiritual force down to the same degree as the priests to not be identified? If that's it, then I will never be able to find him among all of these men. Damn... to think with having an army of 10,000 priests and a paladin beside them, they would still try to be this much careful..."

Everyone who was in charge of those priests would be considered as a wise man. Underestimating the enemy — no matter how — would always bring unwanted results in any battle. It would be better to overestimate the enemy and have different plans for distinct possibilities to happen rather than risk on the lives of men with underestimating the strength of the opponent; what is needed in a battle is patience and wisdom since any action due to impatience can bring trouble afterward.

"I see," Yuma sighed slightly, letting a giggle appear on his face, "it's been a long time since I experienced such a challenge..."

"So... I have to find out about the enemy's traps and plans, discover the paladin in this crowd, trust Charna to keep 10,000 priests occupied for one hour, defeat one of the ten legendary paladins in that short time, and return to her for fighting against all those other priests after the battle with that paladin."

Yuma sighed deeply this time, taking a brief look at his surroundings. He no longer had that fearful expression on his face, and there was no trace of any anxiety in the air around him. Yuma Takahashi was too excited, filled entirely with the excitement of combat.

"Let the battle begin!"


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