Downfall of God
12 He“s a Wizard Part III : Find the Paladin
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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12 He“s a Wizard Part III : Find the Paladin

There was no sign of that black suit as it had immediately disappeared. Those formal clothes would no longer be observed when one looked at him. They had changed with a new set of clothes, a truly strange outfit which couldn't be found in the current advanced world.

It was plain to understand that style of clothing didn't belong to the 21st century. Long and loose sleeves and full-set vestures with hoods — which could cover one's figure from head to toe alone — were no longer used in the modern era, as the usage of those kinds of garments would go far back in the history of humanity.

But the difference between this man and normal humans wasn't just a dissimilarity in appearance; there existed a huge gap between their powers which would definitely separate that person from the humans of this world.

He stepped forward with that antiquated footgear — which also belonged to years back than the current era. As the wind blew over his outdated dress, his windblown robe could fascinate anyone with its movements. That long cloak appeared to be entirely indigo with golden bars precisely placed over it from top to bottom, giving a majestic quality to the air around this person.

However, his red hairs didn't fit the color of that cloak. It seemed so unsuitable when one looked at it with more attention.

When this man opened his arms wide and turned that enthusiastic look toward the sky, the azure began to gradually change with the dim sky. The huge dark clouds started to be seen concurrently as the light of the sun couldn't thoroughly reach the ground anymore.

"[Dark Magic: Rain of Sorrow]"

What happened after those words — which had been expressed by that man — was a striking rainstorm, falling heavily and continuously from the sky as the strident sound of enormous bolts of lightning could be heard simultaneously.

The drops of rain collided with many things in the way from the sky to the earth, though only one significant barrier survived in the air. The shoulders of thousands of priests — getting soaked completely because of the rain — existed in the atmosphere. Because of their countless number, the ground under their figures didn't get wet in the least.

For some reasons, they had been keeping their distance from this man — who appeared to be standing on the ground unlike them. Even this situation couldn't force them to move the slightest bit from their place. Although by observing such a heavy rain their face showed a feeling of surprise as though they didn't know what was going on, still those feet were solidly stood on the nonexistent ground of the air.

While his face was moving around quickly, he was glimpsing every direction as though to find something among all those priests around him — who still had remained far away from him with keeping their distance in the air.

"[Demonic Magic: Demonic Cycle] [Begin]" the man turned at his right side, "Charna, your turn!"

And it was then that a figure could be seen moving beside him; it belonged to a strange creature, making people confused if it was for a bird or a human. But with looking at that human face, one would refer to that being with using "her".

"Yes, master," she obediently replied, raising her head meanwhile.

Her movements deliberately sped and changed from strolling calmly to running with incredible speed, though the destination of her wasn't something on the earth. She suddenly flapped, lifting her body instantly with those wings.

She was quickly extending her distance from the earth by flying hastily with widened eyes on her expression. Nothing could stop or delay her by any means, even this severe rainstorm.

It didn't take a while for her to reach those priests who had besieged them. By covering her body with those sizable black wings, a conspicuous spherical wave of energy surrounded her immediately, radiating dazzlingly throughout her surroundings.

The scarlet beams of light began to get spread from this orbicular mass of energy toward those numerous numbers of priests as she fluttered her largish wings, making a strong airflow which sent the nearby drops of rain away simultaneously.

"[Eye of Wisdom]" she coldly said.

Now that her wings weren't in the way, that change in the color of her pupils was clearly visible — shifting from black to pure red.

The priests looked so confused since everything happened so sudden, though this confusion didn't last long as the rays of light had already reached them. At first, they felt a sense of warm, although this feeling turned into a burning sensation afterward. Their screams didn't go on for a while because of the degree of heat, easily taking their lives in the blink of an eye.

However, even that destructive doing — spell — wasn't enough to significantly change the number of them. It was like taking a bottle of water from an ocean; obviously, it would be entirely useless and have no effect on the size of it.

The people with black garments — priests — could be noticed from every side, surrounding her — and that man — with their enormous amount.

She fluttered back, keeping her distance from the front line of enemy's formation, though there was no movement from the priests. Notwithstanding she had started the strike and had killed some of them by it, no counter-attack from them — neither any will for it in their eyes — could be identified. Normally, there would be a reaction in response to an action which was done, but why wasn't there any sign of it from the priests?

Those questions abruptly vanished from her mind when she felt a feeling of pressure on her body. It was so intense which made her tremble with shock. She couldn't move her body or sense it as though she had completely become paralyzed. It was impossible to budge that body no matter how many times she tried.

Her incapability in controlling her body was subsequently followed by some smirks on the priests' faces, looking at her in enjoyment and satisfaction.

♦ ♦ ♦

"I see, so that's it," Yuma smirked, looking so relieved as though he had figured out something so important.

The sight of Charna and other priests close to her could clearly be seen from where he had stood. Yuma once again shouted as he was watchfully looking at there.


The Charna's image disappeared from his view in a sudden. There was no sign of her existence right there, though the presence of her could still be noticed. She was once again beside Yuma Takahashi, standing in the same position where she had stood before flying and rushing toward those priests.

"Sorry Charna, for making you risk on your life."

"No, it's a duty of mine to obey your orders, master."

Thanks to Charna's attack, now Yuma knew about one of the traps — which priests had made — at that time. Not so much of knowledge about them had been available for the wizards, though it would be totally necessary to know about the enemy's powers and abilities.

The holy warriors appeared to be practicing a method called "Prayer" for using their abilities, instead of "Spell" which were used by wizards. The details about how this system works weren't really clear for them, although according to various reports from the wizards who had faced with a priest, much useful information about it had been achieved.

The prayer which priests had used against Charna was called: [Punishment of Sin]

It would affect a large area of the space, permanently punishing everyone who would commit a sin inside of it. There existed many different prayers as a subset for this general prayer; only a few specific prayers under it were known for the wizards.

One of those sub-prayers was [Punishment of Murder], paralyzing everyone who would commit a murder in the mentioned area.

With knowing that information, Yuma could immediately find out about it when watching Charna and what had happened to her afterward.

By knowing the enemy's powers, it would be easy to counter it with the appropriate spells. Furthermore, with not understanding the abilities of them, it would be hard to resist against those prayers.

That was why Yuma Takahashi cast a spell called [Demonic Cycle] before engaging in the combat. This spell would create a time cycle on a particular person in a specific region of space which would give the caster of it the absolute control over the manipulating the cycle; notwithstanding, there were some limits for this ability. He could only use it in a limited period of time, therefore it would simply lose the effectiveness of itself after that finite duration.

Besides, the more he would manipulate the cycle, the more his magical force would be used in the result. It meant losing a great amount of energy in the battle, so it would be better to spend it wisely and not waste it away.

Now that he came to think of it, this prayer — [Punishment of Murder] — was known as a high-level prayer among the wizards. According to the information which had been gained through devotions of many valuable lives, this prayer was considered as one of the most powerful abilities which belonged to those priests.

The fact that it had been used against him in this battle, implied the presence of a strong person among them, though he already was aware of the existence of that paladin.

It was also possible that all of these priests had used their spiritual powers together for managing such a high-level prayer. But it didn't matter who had made it, the right question was something else.

—Are there any other traps?

He had to be careful about it, but using his energy on identifying the enemy's traps would bring trouble for him when he was going to fight with that paladin. A battle doesn't end quickly; it continues until the very last moment. That was why he couldn't be careless in spending his force.

There was just one way which he could reach a possibility of victory due to it; Yuma Takahashi had to gamble in the present for a chance in the future. He assumed there would be no other prayers used as a trap in this area. Although he wasn't completely sure about it, there existed some proofs for this thought.

Yuma couldn't use [Teleportation Magic] in that time, and with this fact, he was determined about the existence of a powerful ability which could block any teleportation inside of there.

When one put those thoughts together, only one conclusion could be reached: "It's all they have."

No matter how much numerous they were, it wouldn't be a wise decision for them to use those high-level prayers and not keep required energy for fighting with him. Moreover, he already knew the leader of them is a wise man, so the existence of more prayer traps seemed much more unlikely.

This plausible idea relieved him from the pressure of that question, though even before this relief, he was far away from being anxious. His calm expression was coming from assurance. Yuma Takahashi had already planned everything; after finding out about the enemy's powers — thanks to that priest, he no longer feared from them. The only problem was the paladin who could threaten his life; that was why the chance for the win was less than what he had imagined.

Incidentally, only thinking about the same thing won't make you a winner; Yuma had already considered it. The time is precious; it should be used in the most efficient way. And it exactly appeared to be what Yuma Takahashi had done. While planning to figure out about the traps, he had been looking for the paladin at the same time, though he couldn't find him until then.

As he looked at the fixed body of the priests, Yuma understood that the effect of [Punishment of Murder] was still active. He used this chance to completely concentrate on the location of the paladin.

His eyes began to move around hastily like before, trying to find something — or someone — in the enemy's population. It sounded like he can actually touch them by just looking at those black clothes.

The priests unexpectedly started to charge at him and Charna from where they were. The ear-splitting voice which they were making — due to their number — was truly unbearable. If one glanced at it from afar, they would look like a large group of crows, rushing speedily in the air toward the ground.

—So the prayer's effect is gone...

This thought in Yuma's mind was followed by a smile on his face.

"I found you," he looked back as he turned around afterward, widening his eyes simultaneously, "Paladin!"

Yuma was so much engaged in the battle that he didn't feel soaked under his robe at all. Now that after all of his efforts he had found the location of that paladin, it would be impossible to wait any longer. One side of Yuma wanted to protect Giichi, and therefore, the presence of a paladin would endanger his dear son. The other side was unbelievably excited; nothing can enliven the soul of a warrior more than the existence of a powerful opponent.

The distance between him and that large quantity of priests — who were charging at him — was slowly becoming less, though Yuma didn't give them the slightest attention. All of his awareness was centered on the paladin.

"Charna, one hour," he gently reminded her.

"Yes, please be at ease," Charna responded as she kneeled in the rain.

Yuma's body subsequently began to leave the ground and rise from the midair toward the atmosphere. Neither the countless drops of rain — which were touching his indigo cloak in the way — nor the endless numbers of priests — who were rushing toward him overhead — could decrease that incredible speed of him.

When he reached the front line of those storming priests, the look of excitement changed with disappointment and seriousness.

"You're in the way."

These words were followed by an immense slash of light, cutting every priest in his way into different pieces and dominating the rainstorm with the red blood. It gave the other priests no choice but to become shocked instantaneously after seeing it. Although with all of this still no significant change in their whole numbers was discernible, a gap in their formation was visible.

"Here I come!" Yuma loudly shouted, speeding his velocity to move through the staggered priests before they form their formation once again.

With moving through that black crowd of enemies while extending his distance from the earth, Yuma Takahashi was becoming closer to his destination outside of the darkness.

Finally, a single individual could be seen standing relaxedly in the air with a face free from any sign of tension. One could say he was an old man with looking at those wrinkles and white hairs. Notwithstanding he was wearing the same clothes as the other priests, the difference between him and the others would be plain to see.

Yuma sighed deeply. He was finally out of that crowd, though the rainstorm would now bother him more since those figures would no longer prevent the heavy drops of rain from soaking him.

But none of these things mattered to him. What would actually be important at that time, was already before his sight. The only block in his way was this person in front of him.

If Yuma defeated him, there would be no threat for his son as he could meet Giichi once again.

However, he put his characteristics as a father aside. This wasn't the appropriate time for those thoughts. Here was the battlefield; no time for those emotions or feelings. Only the strength mattered at that moment.

Weak dies, and strong lives; the only rule which existed right then. That was why he had to think about only one thing, defeating the foe.


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