Downfall of God
13 He“s a Wizard Part IV : The Rain of Sorrow
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Downfall of God
Author :Overbest
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13 He“s a Wizard Part IV : The Rain of Sorrow

Erben could see the wizard, standing before him with arrogance. Notwithstanding that he had been trying to lower his spiritual pressure — while hiding behind the great army of priests — to not be noticed by his enemy, it appeared to be useless since he had already found Erben in that time.


It was an important question. How could he find him this easily in such a short time? Erben had great control over his spiritual energy so he could hide it from being perceived by the other people, so that wasn't the problem.

The rainstorm seemed so massive, speedy, and destructive. A deadly flood would definitely happen if the situation continued like that. As Erben looked at the dim sky, with dark clouds spread throughout of it, a thought instantly struck him.

—Is there something wrong with this rain?

A sudden change in the weather conditions could never be considered usual in his sight. Hence, the wizard must have manipulated it for his own advantages in the battle.

However, Erben was pleased about it. He had to follow the orders — which were the plans of Zeatser— and not show himself to the wizard at first, but now, nothing was preventing a glorious battle against that magician.

Although Erbem Whisperwinds was still showing an angry — and cold — expression through his face, he was remarkably exhilarated inside, as the excitement of upcoming combat thrilled through him concurrently. A heart of a warrior was throbbing intensively for a spectacular fight, between him and the man — who had stood — before him.

"So, you came," Erben began, fixing his eyes toward that person, "wizard!"

"Paladin," the wizard taunted as a smirk appeared on his face, "your friends gave him a hard time over there, so it wasn't easy to reach here."

"I see... can you really fight properly? I don't wish to beat a weakened opponent."

"Huh... Don't worry. I've retained enough energy for defeating you."

"Good, this way I won't have to hold back."

Those two looks had many similarities; both were thirsting for a fight, for an unforgettable and outstanding clash of might. Notwithstanding that, one great difference was apparent. Erben would never show his strong desires and emotions to anyone — also neither opponents nor friends — because of his identity as a paladin, so nothing except seriousness — including anger — could be read by looking at him.

"And I thought you would be a coward, paladin!" the wizard suddenly mentioned, trying to keep those eyes focused on his.

This time, Erben didn't respond to him immediately, though it also didn't take so much time to provide an answer. Although the word "coward" had a considerable impact on his pride, he couldn't get carried away with the words of that wizard since it obviously was a trap. The person before him certainly wanted to buy time with those words; whatever the reason was, he couldn't let the wizard mislead him.

By considering the existence of his son, perhaps he was buying time for him to flee. However, by looking at that being — which was fighting against the priests down there, it seemed unlikely that this wizard would waste time and let that creature die because of it.

Therefore, maybe he was doing something at the same time. When a battle starts, only fools would let the enemy's moves run out of their range of vision. A warrior had to stare eye to eye until the enemy has been defeated or has retreated from the battle; thinking about anything besides the foe results in instant death.

Incidentally, the priests didn't have to use those eyes since a human's body would be so defective. They had something better, the spiritual vision, a gift from the Lord himself to the humans on Earth. Only a few humans could become the master of using it.

Even with that ability, a distraction in the battle wouldn't be without a price for them. That was why he decided to not underestimate the wizard and use all of his strength right then.

"It's useless," Erben shook his head as his eyes got closed instinctively, again opening them and looking at him, "why do you want me to get preoccupied with those matters? Are you buying time for someone?"

"What are you talking about? No, of course, not. I just nee—"

A loud and harsh voice abruptly interrupted his words, letting nothing be heard but a strident sound in the atmosphere. It was coming from a numerous group of priests, rushing at the wizard from behind.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Die, you damn wizard!"

Erben wanted to say "No, stop you fools", though it appeared to be too late. Those furious eyes began to lose emotions, and the energetic bodies started to become inanimate and fall down in the air. Moreover, the priests' fanatical minds could no longer defile the place with tumultuous shouts since just a few of them survived.

The fact that this wizard was able to take all those lives at once without even moving a muscle, made something really clear for him.

—So there's something wrong with this rain, I knew it!

He didn't waste even a second and used [Protection Aura]. It was a prayer which could be used to cover one's body and prevent — or at least reduce — the magical attacks from the magicians. It was also effective against the spiritual kind of attacks. The raindrops — which existed around him — were being easily directed aside as he used that prayer, and his cassock would no longer get wet

Although the rainstorm was truly prodigious and the sound of rain and thunderstorms would barely let a mere human's voice be heard, he — Erben — turned his face toward the survived priests.

"Listen, tell everyone to not get close. I will defeat the wizard, concentrate on that being. Also, use protection aura. Don't let these drops hit you!"

They nodded and quickly left that place after hearing those words. Erben subsequently sighed as he saw them getting away from there. Finally, another emotion except anger was discernible on his look. One could simply understand that it was anxiety. This fear's origin was his ignorance of the Wizards' abilities

According to the information which priests had gained about the wizards, they would use "Spells" instead of "Prayers" — which were used by themselves. This method's specifics were not completely identified and known; therefore, many priests lost their valuable lives in order to achieve new data for the Church.

Erben knew this battle had already started; he had to concentrate on this man and be ready to face any unexpected happening.

"Do you feel worried?" the wizard tauntingly asked.

"Worried... you say?" Erben responded as he was meantime trying his best to not show so much of apprehension through his look.

"No need to hide it. I know you're thinking about it."

"Thinking about what?"

"This rainstorm, isn't it striking?"

The wizard brought his hands forward and opened them wide in the rain as he said in a gentle manner.

Erben's fear grew intensely the moment he heard those words. The roars of the clouds and the sounds of raindrops' impact didn't cause that concern since something else was the reason for it.

"Alright, let me explain what's going on, paladin!" the wizard suddenly revealed, looking so pleased and satisfied, "It's a dark spell which we wizards call it 'Rain of Sorrow'. As you've already seen, it presents such a magnificent rainstorm, bringing chaos to the Heavens and Earth! Every single drop which hits you and your friends, it drains your power by a little. Remain under this rain, and behold the significant change in your strength. Now, do you understand?"

—Damn, I should have known! But why would he tell me all these things? Why should he reveal this secret? No, he wants to distract me by those words. It has to be something else.

"Enough talking. There's no use in words, you can't deceive me, wizard. No matter what spell you use, the only destination for Evil is the void. Your annihilation is absolute. I will assure your death right here, by my own hands."

"Let's see if you can put your words into action, paladin!"

That feeling of worry — which Erben had — vanished completely as the taunting look on the wizard's face disappeared simultaneously. Both of them put a serious expression while glaring precisely at each other. Those eyes wouldn't leave the sight of their enemy even for a second.

As the strident roars of the sky could be heard, Erben raised his hand. The brilliant spots of golden light with intense brightness appeared in the pure air exactly around his right hand. The shining glow thereupon got a specific form with the passing of time, stretching and shaping a long sharp weapon — thoroughly made of lightness.

The spear-shaped resplendence gradually lost its original brilliance until the clear appearance of it was clear to observe. It belonged to a marvelous golden lance with shiny silvery bars set over its shaft. While Erben was wielding this astonishing weapon, the gleam — which was being reflected from the head of that razor-sharp spear — was dominating the atmosphere of the place with its gorgeous effulgence.

Meanwhile, the raindrops close to the wizard's aura began to come together immediately as he raised his hand — exactly like Erben. Those drops congregated near the wizard's left-hand palm and slowly formed a sword-shaped mass of water, flowing continuously and cyclic over its current form.

The limpid liquid progressively changed itself to a solid sword while being wielded by the wizard. Unlike Erben's spear, no radiance could be reflected by this weapon since it was messy from the base to the edges, drowning in the total darkness.

"Tell me, wizard," Erben unexpectedly asked as he was still holding that glorious weapon, "what's your name?"

"Yuma, I'm Yuma Takahashi!" the wizard paused, putting a smirk on his face like before, "This name won't be so much of a use for a dead man."


"Now tell me, paladin. What's your name?"

"Erben Whisperwinds!" he also hesitated, looking arrogantly at Yuma, "However, this name won't save you from your miserable destiny, wizard!"

"I've already told you," Yuma remarked severely, walking without hurry toward Erben while holding his weapon, "put that illusion into reality if you can!"

His speed increased as he started to charge at Erben, grabbing the haft of the sword with all of his might. In response, Erben tightened his fist over the spear's shaft and gripped it firmly with his strength.

By the time that the wizard had reached him, he was completely ready to defend any kind of attack from him.

Yuma swung his black sword upward, attempting to slice Erben's chest while grasping his weapon tightly. Erben didn't hesitate since that fast upper strike would truly cut him — not to mention it was affected by magic. While bringing his spear to the wizard and pushing it forward, he blocked the attack by directing the sword aside, proceeding to thrust it immediately for stabbing the enemy in the waist. Yuma sidestepped to avoid getting stabbed by that golden spear as he thereupon decided to counter-attack by inflicting a blow from the side.

However, Erben didn't just stay there and watch; he swung the spear upright to stop the enemy from cutting his flank. The resplendent lance handled the sharp edges of that blade, stopping it to go any further.

Wizard's dark sword instantly vibrated crazily, quivering with rapid motion while still being held there, exactly in touch with the paladin's spear — which was trembling as well. Both of them were putting all of their strength into work and trying their best since it was unacceptable to be bested by the opposite side. Their strains didn't cause any change as those two were simply counteracting each other's force.

Yuma stopped thrusting forward as his muscles had become fatigued; alternatively, he pulled his sword back and prepared himself for another charge, though he had no choice but to form a defensive posture instead of this offensive pose since Erben had decided to launch an attack on him all in a sudden. The gleaming of that razor-sharp tip considerably discommoded him as it was getting closer to him.

Erben seemed to be targetting the head of the wizard, moving his spear like the wind to finish him with a single blow. Although his guard was fully open because of this attacking position, it wouldn't concern him so much since his opponent — Yuma — didn't have enough time for a counter-attack. Therefore, Yuma — his foe — could just focus on defending Erben's attack instead.

Yuma dodged the first strike, quickly moving his head aside while proceeding backward simultaneously. Notwithstanding, it wasn't the end. Erben hadn't still finished his attack. By swaying his spear, he started to launch a countless number of strokes — through the air — at an incredible speed while following him concomitantly.

The situation appeared to be so arduous for Yuma right then, making it really difficult and burdensome to handle and dodge all of those lance strikes. However, he was still able to manage it, though with a great effort and concentration. If he was distracted only for a moment, the tip of Erben's weapon would, without doubt, crush his skull immediately. Yuma had to think about and concentrate on only one thing, avoiding the paladin's swift charges; thinking about anything else would end up with him being dead due to his negligence.

Apparently, Erben didn't intend to give Yuma a chance to breathe, rushing at him unceasingly and making it impossible for him to do a counter-attack — since Yuma had to give his complete attention to darting and avoiding his speedy attacks.

Nevertheless, Erben's physical stamina was limited. With considering that the wizard hadn't still been damaged even by all those quick rushes — which were done by him in that time — one could easily understand the great disadvantage which Erben was in at that moment.

His blows began to become slower over time, giving Yuma the chance to finally focus on something else than just defending. He could again start his thrusts with studying the change in the paladin's agility.

Yuma also looked tired due to all of those dodges and physical movements that he had done; consequently, it wouldn't be a good decision to rush at the paladin with such a condition, though he still used the opportunity to turn the tables on Erben.

Although this fight was occurring in the sky, their movements didn't significantly exceed than a certain height from the earth. Vertical moves were another choice for running from the enemy's strikes for both of them since they could somehow fly freely in the space, though none of them had used this advantage by then, just fighting in a horizontal battlefield without considering it.

The clash of their weapons would make a striking sound every time they vigorously collided with each other, filling the atmosphere with noisy scraping clanks and scattering the large raindrops substantially.

When the exhaustion made them tried, they both decided to draw back and put a long distance between themselves while arrogantly scowling at each other.

The angry look on their expression suddenly changed with an excited face and a smile.

"You're not as bad as I thought."

"I can say the same thing about you, paladin!"

"So, shall we begin?"

"Yes, let's finish it quickly."

The eager expression disappeared as the serious countenance of them was clearly visible, though that wasn't the only thing which had changed. Their aura — which contained a great amount of energy — seemed much more massive than before, creating an intolerable pressure in the air of that place which could simply stun any human being.

Erben abruptly began to shout with all of his might as he raised his hands toward the sky.

"Listen to our prayer, send us your blessing from the Heaven..."

Meantime, Yuma was also expressing words, though not with that loud tone — which Erben had used.

"Forget about the light so I can bring the night..."

"... You're the essence of life..."

"... I can be your prime ..."

"... We're the slaves of you..."

"... Let me break the chains of slavery..."

"... Rule over us..."

"... Freedom shall be mine..."

"... Give us your strength, to clean the Devil..."

"... I'm strong, I will remain so..."

"... Chain us to your divinity..."

"... I will be free from stupidity..."

"... And you, the only one..."

"... It is me, one of everyone..."

"... Lord, show mercy on our sinful souls!"

"... Demons, lend me your powers!"

"[Light of Essence]"

"[Demonic Magic: Darkness of Night]"


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