End of the Magic Era
158 Who Called Me?
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End of the Magic Era
Author :Zhuang Bifan
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158 Who Called Me?


Hoen glanced at Monchi and then nodded, as he indeed knew Solan Monchi. Although the Cloud Tower was the Black Tower's mortal enemy, in the struggles between those forces, there were rarely any major conflicts breaking out because of their large influence. They wouldn't make a move unless one side was at least 80% certain that they could eliminate the other side. Their fights were mostly about who was leading in various fields as well as small-scale conflicts and clashes. A true life or death battle might not even occur once in a year.

Sometimes, the mages of both forces might even cooperate, and their understanding of each other wasn't inferior to their understanding of their own side.

Hoen and Solan were both 9th Rank High Mages and had come into contact on many occasions. And because of one of the times they cooperated, Hoen even owed Solan a small favor.

"High Mage Hoen, it's an honor to see you…" A smile blossomed on Monchi's face. He had heard Hoen's name by accident and had now talked purely based on his instincts as a businessman. It had been a gamble.

In any case, he wouldn't have lost much if he lost the gamble, but if he won the gamble...

And he won the gamble!

Although Monchi wasn't gifted in the field of mana, he was pretty skilled at reading other people. And seeing Hoen's expression now, he could confirm that this person indeed had some degree of friendship with his younger brother.

And sure enough, the originally tense 9th Rank High Mage slightly eased up after hearing of Monchi's identity, and he even greeted him in an amiable way. "Is Solan doing well?"

"Not bad, not bad, last time he returned to Thousand Sails City, he kept talking about you, talking about how your accomplishment in the field of magic was greater than his…" Monchi lied through his teeth. Everyone in Okland knew that Solan would definitely reach the Archmage realm once he returned from the Dark Azure Plane while Hoen had just advanced to 9th Rank High Mage this year and was on a completely different level compared to Solan.

But who would hate flattery?

Especially when the one who was flattering him was Solan's older brother...

Hoen would spend all his time on magic so he rarely had the chance to come in contact with people. How could he resist such sugar-coated words? A hard-to-discern smile appeared on that square shaped face.

But no matter how faint that smile was, it couldn't escape the eyes of an old fox like Monchi. Monchi knew that the opportunity had come and immediately showed an embarrassed expression as he gently asked Hoen, "High Mage Hoen, can we speak?"

"Ah?" Hoen gave Monchi a suspicious look, but after thinking for a moment, he nodded and walked over to Monchi's side. "Speak, what is it?"

"It's like this, High Mage Hoen, this Mafa Merlin had some business issues with me. He owes me three magic materials and has yet to hand them over…"

"Eh?" Hoen suddenly frowned. Mages cared about honoring their obligations even more than merchants did. Hearing that Mafa Merlin had such vile conduct, his originally poor impression of him had dropped even lower.

"I'm also to be blamed for being too trusting. I thought that the great Gilded Rose wouldn't short me of my three magic materials, I didn't expect it…" Monchi shook his head as he explained as if he had truly been cheated of these magic materials.

"Your point is that you want me to help you get them back?"

"No no no…" Monchi was suddenly startled. How could he have them returned now? The Vaughn Treasury was still lying unexplored in the Four Seasons Canyon. Even if Hoen was willing to help out, Mafa Merlin didn't have them in his hands right now, and thus, Monchi promptly shook his head and said with a helpless expression, "High Mage Hoen, I wanted to see if you could help get Mafa Merlin to sign a contract." Monchi sighed dramatically and continued, "I had been too trusting and only made an oral agreement so I don't even have a contract sheet left…"

After saying this, he shook his head and sighed once again. Sympathy could be seen on Hoen's face as he straightforwardly agreed, "Rest assured, I'll definitely make him sign a contract."

"Thank you, High Mage Hoen…" Monchi thanked him profusely while showing a perfectly contented smile. 'Let me see how you get out of this Mafa Merlin, this is a High Mage on the same level as Solan. Even if that old man Solomon came, he wouldn't be able to do anything.'

After agreeing to Monchi's request, Hoen walked back to Lin Yun. He didn't make any moves, but the fierce mana fluctuations emitted even made Cadgar and Sauss feel breathless.

"Mafa Merlin, it isn't easy to reach your rank at such a young age... It could be considered quite an accomplishment. I won't make it too hard on you, I'll give you one chance. As long as you agree, I can make it as if nothing happened, otherwise…"

"What chance?"

"First, you undo Leon's Mana Shackles, and then you have to sign a contract for Leader Monchi's three magic materials…" He then paused. "But as a punishment, I'll also put Mana Shackles on you. Three years later, you can come look for me at the Cloud Tower."

"Ah?" Lin Yun was stunned. Lin Yun could understand the matter about removing Leon Mana Shackles, and he could even understand why he wanted to add a punishment, but what was that matter about three magic materials and Monchi?

Lin Yun looked at Monchi, and then at Cadgar and Sauss, not knowing what he should ask.

"Well, Merlin, Leader Lys made us come."

"Oh…" Lin Yun immediately understood from Cadgar's expression.

No wonder the three of them had arrived together today, it was due to the conditions he raised with Lys.

"What, you don't want to agree?" Hoen frowned when he saw Lin Yun's hesitation. That young mage truly didn't know how to appreciate kindness. Hoen felt that his three conditions were good to the point that they practically couldn't be better. Leon was his most cherished disciple. That young Great Mage had the gall to make a move against Leon and use Mana Shackles on him...

Seeing that he was young but still stronger than Leon, he only suggested three years of Mana Shackles, along with the three magic materials he owed, yet he would dare to reject it?

'Does he think he is too good to speak? Looks like I have to teach him a lesson first.'

Hoen said no more as he composedly brandished his staff. In an instant, a gust swirled in the lobby as nine realistic pythons appeared, hissing loudly as they pounced at Lin Yun.

This was the 4th Tier Spell, Wind Python.

But compared to William's, Hoen's Wind Python was on a completely different level. Not only were there nine Wind Pythons, but the difference between the two spells was like heaven and earth. At that time, Lin Yun hadn't even frowned when William made a move, yet today, Lin Yun felt pressured in front of Hoen. Amidst the whistling gales, Lin Yun only had time to cast a Frost Armor before the nine pythons reached him. A snapping sound echoed as countless small cracks appeared on the Frost Armor.

'Troublesome…' Lin Yun couldn't help feeling a bit startled. After all, the Frost Armor had been combined through the Magic Arrays and its defensive power was far stronger than an ordinary Frost Armor. But in front of these nine Wind Pythons, it felt no different from the average Frost Armor and started showing signs of shattering.

"You dare to resist!" Hoen sneered when he saw that Frost Armor. How could a young Great Mage block a power close to the Archmage realm? He tightened his grip on his magic staff and poured a huge amount of mana into it, making the gem at the top of the staff blossom with a dazzling light.

The nine Wind Pythons hissed as a frightening power burst out and the cracked Frost Armor shattered in an instant.

"Mafa Merlin, still not begging for forgiveness? Don't you know that I only need to rouse some mana to shatter your Frost Armor…"

"Ahahah…" Lin Yun laughed as if he hadn't seen those nine Wind Pythons.

Because he could already hear footsteps coming from the 2nd floor.

"Fuck…" Sure enough, just as Lin Yun laughed out loud, Solomon's withered figure could be seen hurrying down the stairs. "Hoen, do you know what you are doing?"

"Solomon?" Hoen's hands suddenly slowed, and he stared right back at Solomon. "You want to shelter this Mafa Merlin?"

"I asked you, Hoen, do you know what you are doing?" Solomon raised an eyebrow. 'This Hoen can't do anything right, Teacher finally managed to pull Mafa Merlin into the Magic Hand, yet right after you come back from the Pale Plane, you come and attack him!'

"Solomon, you think you can criticize me because you are Sir Jouyi's disciple? Who do you think you are?" But Hoen wasn't Hogg. Because Hogg had shallow backing in the Cloud Tower, he couldn't say anything in front of Solomon. But Hoen was different, as he was the Head of the Magic Department. Even if Solomon was Star Sage Jouyi's disciple, he couldn't make the esteemed Head of the Magic Department bow his head. 

"I…" Hoen's words truly infuriated Solomon, but he didn't know how to deal with him at this moment.

"Okay, Solomon, you are a tactful person. Stand to the side. With your identity, you aren't qualified to order me around. That Mafa Merlin used Mana Shackles to seal Leon's mana, and as a punishment I wanted him to be subjected to Mana Shackles for three years, this is fair, is it not?" Hoen stopped there and looked back at Lin Yun. "Mafa Merlin, I already gave you an opportunity, but unfortunately, you didn't cherish it. I'll let you know, unless Sir Jouyi personally appears today, no one can save you!"

After saying this, Hoen tightened his grip on his staff once again and the gusts, which had paused while they spoke, once again created a storm in the lobby.

But another set of footsteps came from the 2nd floor.

And the footsteps were followed by a sentence.

"Who called me?"


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