End of the Magic Era
819 Unable to Confirm
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End of the Magic Era
Author :Zhuang Bifan
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819 Unable to Confirm

"Sir Mafa Merlin, I'll take this fool back first and personally watch over his punishment. In a little while, I'll personally pay a visit to you. I'll go on ahead now…"

Deloy hurriedly left, and Lin Yun didn't feel like thinking any further about this, so he went on to pluck some poison-resistant materials in the Poison Mist Valley.

Not long after he returned to the Storm Fort, Deloy came once again.

"Sir Mafa, these are some of the precious gems we extracted from the magic metal veins, and this is the map with the locations of those 13 veins. You can send people to take them over …"

Deloy gave a bunch of benefits as soon as he came, and apart from these, there were also all kinds of valuable materials, many of which were special products of the Gaugass Highland.

This was a relatively good gift for Lin Yun. The materials were even more precious than a True Spirit Magic Tool.

"Daryl is already being punished. Rest assured, losing his life would have been a better outcome for him. The King angrily ordered Daryl's punishment himself. He absolutely won't reappear before you."

After seeing that there wasn't a hint of unhappiness on Lin Yun's face upon hearing this, Deloy carefully added, "Sir Mafa Merlin, it looks like you are very interested in the Poison Mist Valley?"

Lin Yun raised a brow as he looked at Deloy.

Deloy promptly explained, "Sir Mafa, please don't misunderstand. It's like this... I believe you also know that the Poison Mist Valley's poisonmist is quite dreadful and that ordinary mages have no way to stay inside for long. Only our Gaugass Battlemages are able to stay there for a bit longer, and we are the only ones that didn't give up exploring the Poison Mist Valley after so many years.

"Because of this, our understanding of the Poison Mist Valley far exceeds that of others. The various environments within, the areas with poisonous magic beasts, the habits and characteristics of some magic beasts, as well as the regions that have to be circumvented... We have a rough understanding of everything.

Apart from the center, which we are unable to explore, we have already felt around all the surroundings. We believe that apart from the poisonmist being even denser, there shouldn't be too much change in the depths."

With Deloy saying this, Lin Yun understood what he was trying to say.

Sure enough, Deloy paused before continuing with a hint of an apology. "If it were up to me, I would be very willing to hand this valuable information to you. Unfortunately, that valuable information has been gathered using the blood and the lives of our Gaugass Battlemages. I don't have the authority to give this kind of valuable knowledge to others.

"But I can make the decision to share all the information we have obtained over the years if you are willing to explore the Poison Fog Valley with us."

Lin Yun immediately understood what the other side was thinking about.

Their goal was to get the poison resistance potions!

But after thinking about it, Lin Yun felt that cooperating shouldn't be a problem.

The Poison Mist Valley was very large and had filled with poisonmist over the years. Moreover, the further in one went, the richer the poisonmist was. The poison resistance potions could protect against it, but they couldn't resist the poisonous magic beasts.

The magic beasts they had met before all had the ability to burst with poison or spray out venom, and their toxins were a lot more terrifying than the poisonmist. It seemed that all of them had been refined through layer upon layer of poisonmist until they became extremely poisonous. The poison resistance potion had no way to resist their attacks.

Moreover, those poisonous magic beasts were completely different from creatures outside of this area. Who knew if they had some surprising abilities?

It didn't matter much to Lin Yun. He had a very good understanding of this poisonmist and understood the principle of the corrosion, and moreover, the probability of being poisoned wouldn't be high.

But his subordinates didn't have this kind of strength. If they were corroded by this kind of venom, even if their lives could be saved, it might still leave some sequelae.

Moreover, the poisonous magic beasts weren't the only danger in the Poison Mist Valley. The most dangerous locations were the special environments.

Those areas would be very different from other regions, and no one had any information except the Gaugass Battlemages

Now that there was available information, as well as poison resistance potions, the exploration would be a lot simpler and the danger would be greatly reduced.

In this case, cooperation was a good alternative.

Lin Yun pondered for a while before nodding.

"Okay, there is no problem with cooperating. I can give you some poison resistance potions, and you'll hand over your information. As for the loot distribution, we might as well keep it simple. What we find together will be split evenly, and as for the rest, whoever finds it keeps it. Is that fine?"

How could Deloy have a problem with this? He promptly nodded and said, "Fine, fine, that's completely fine! We will do as you said."

'How could there be a problem with this? We have explored the Poison Mist Valley for so many years, and with all that time spent slowly moving around the outskirts, we can figure out where we are just by looking at seemingly unremarkable mountains.

'Thus, with the poison resistance potion, the biggest problem is already settled.'

Their biggest problem during exploration was time. The Gaugass Battlemages couldn't completely resist that terrifying poisonmist, which put a limit on how long they could explore.

Now, the exploration was already at a standstill. Every time they reached the depths of the Poison Mist Valley, they would reach the limits of how far they could go due to being unable to bear the corrosion. They could only quickly leave the Poison Mist Valley.

Now, with the poison resistance potions, many of the places they had observed from afar and believed to host treasures could be visited, and they wouldn't have to worry about time and energy.

The harvest this time might exceed the harvest of the past dozens of years.

Deloy quickly calculated the investment and reward. He didn't even talk with Lin Yun concerning how many poison resistance potions would be needed.

At dawn the next day, Deloy personally waited at the entrance of the Poison Mist Valley. Lin Yun came with Xiuban, Reina, and the others.

He gave Deloy five bottles of poison resistance potions, and when Deloy slightly expressed his apprehension that it was too little, Lin Yun straightforwardly gave five more bottles, but he didn't say how long the potions could last or to what degree they could resist poison.

As for Deloy, he also gave Lin Yun a letter. It looked as if it had been recently copied. On it was written detailed introductions to things worthy of notice in the Poison Mist Valley.

Lin Yun sharply discovered some problems. There were many key areas that weren't accounted for completely, and many of them weren't detailed enough. If someone else saw this, they wouldn't have discovered anything.

But Lin Yun wasn't just anyone. He found some detailed records there, but some small details behind it were hidden here and there. And these small details might be the most valuable things.

However, Lin Yun didn't say anything. After the two groups went in, they immediately separated to examine the depths of the Poison Mist Valley.

Deloy's group of eight each had a bottle of the poison resistance potion, leaving two spares.

Soon, Deloy's group had gathered a huge harvest. Many of the things they found were things they had conjectured about from observations but hadn't had the strength to obtain.

Some precious ores were nurtured in the depths of the Poison Mist Valley, and the rare plants growing inside all had magic beasts living nearby. They were very efficient when it came to killing the magic beasts and collecting the materials.

Lin Yun looked from a distance but didn't say anything. He also didn't ask to share a part of their harvest.

Rather, Lin Yun's frown had never relaxed as they entered the depths of the Poison Mist Valley.

Reina and the others were attaining sporadic gains, but the absent-minded Lin Yun didn't collect anything. Even when killing magic beasts, he didn't collect the materials.

Lin Yun frowned and kept calculating something. His Magic Array was already revolving at high speed, and countless runes were flickering in his eyes. His mana consumption was very fierce.

It didn't take long for Lin Yun and Deloy to move further and further away from each other. Lin Yun followed a desolate path with almost nothing on it...

After walking for more than ten minutes, only mountainous rocks remained in the surroundings. Even poisonous magic beasts couldn't be found. This place was marked as one of the less valuable areas according to Deloy's information. It should be a worthless zone near the edge of the Poison Mist Valley, a complete waste of time.

As he moved forward, Lin Yun discovered that the poisonmist not only hadn't thinned out, but it was becoming thicker...

"Merlin, what the hell are you doing? You have been absent-minded from the start. Did you discover something? Isn't there nothing valuable here?" Enderfa couldn't help asking.

Lin Yun shook his head with a frown.

"I found out that the poisonmist seemed to be spreading from this direction, but the scope is too wide, I can't truly confirm it," Lin Yun casually answered.

He glanced left and right, his Magic Array revolving at full speed and continuously taking in the aura of the surroundings, calculating the path of the airflow.

The outcome of the calculation was that the poisonmist was suddenly appearing from here. The poisonmist in the surroundings was flowing very slowly. Even without any external interference, the poisonmist here wouldn't flow particularly well. Wind was very rare in the Poison Mist Valley, after all.

After continuously calculating the angles at which the poisonmist was falling, he discovered that the center of the poisonmist might be the area before his eyes, where the poisonmist was even more rarefied.

But now, after walking less than a kilometer, the density of poisonmist sharply rose, and it looked like there was green smoke spreading over the horizon. It seemed to be rushing towards the sky for over a hundred meters. In fact, this green smoke looked just like a fountain that spread out in all directions.


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