End of the Magic Era
1040 Fate Tablets
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End of the Magic Era
Author :Zhuang Bifan
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1040 Fate Tablets

There were still a hundred years before the Greater Demon Overlord would struggle free of his seal. At that time, that broken space-time would reverse-devour the Raging Flame Plane, and who would be able to resist the power of the Greater Raging Flame Overlord then?

What would be the point of having conquered the Raging Flame Plane then?

After a hundred years, the Greater Demon Overlord would descend, and everything here would be destroyed. It made no difference if the rulers of the plane were humans or Beastmen.

All non-demonic lifeforms would be the targets of the Greater Demon Overlord's destruction.

After remaining silent for a long time, Morgan's eyes focused on the statue of that Beast God.

"That statue can give people blessings. That old Beastman didn't seem to know that humans would enter the Raging Flame Plane in the future… Maybe whoever came would get a blessing?

"Let me test it, maybe that'll help me reach the Heaven Rank in one go…"

Morgan cautiously touched the huge statue of the Beast God, but it didn't react. He took two steps back and then touched the stone greatsword, but to no avail.

Morgan suddenly thought of something. He pierced his finger and let his blood drip onto that greatsword. Suddenly, the entire statue started blossoming with glaring radiance as a mighty aura burst out. The pure aura impacted Morgan. 

Morgan instantly turned pale and rapidly withdrew in alarm. He cast Mana Shield, Elemental Shield, Runic Shield, and even used a defensive Magic Tool in order to resist the sudden impact.

But the Magic Tool was instantly torn apart. It looked as if it had undergone countless years of decay as it turned into a pile of ashes.

That mighty aura was like the charge of a bull, tearing open Morgan's shields. His three shields easily popped like three soap bubbles.

A loud bang echoed. It was as if a giant hand had slapped Morgan and sent him flying. He was still in midair when his bones let out sickening cracking sounds that made everyone feel uncomfortable.

After flying over a hundred meters through the air, Morgan fell to the ground and continued rolling for a bit. His magic robe was bloody and in tatters. Who knew how many bones were broken? He was opening his mouth to continuously puke blood.

That sudden event stunned everyone. Cold sweat trickled down their backs as they looked at the sculpture of the Beast God in alarm.

Morgan had been seriously injured just from its aura. If he hadn't used that Magic Tool to absorb a part of the damage, he would have already died.

Everyone was stunned for a few seconds as if they had encountered a Greater Undead Overlord. They tacitly chose to withdraw, wanting to stay away from that statue.

Morgan's painful screams echoed and roused Arnaud from his shock. He looked at Morgan's injuries and poured three Health Potions into his mouth before making him drink a potion specially used to mend bones. Only then did Morgan's screams come to a halt.

After no less than half an hour, the dozen broken bones were mended and he could walk without issues. But he would be unable to fight. He would have to drink potions for three days before he could recover completely.

Dedale solemnly looked at the Beast God's statue.

"This is quite troublesome. That statue is actually that powerful. The person that left this statue behind is definitely an extremely formidable Peak Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"Morgan is a 9th Rank Archmage, but he was seriously injured by the statue's aura. The blessing of the Beast God to the Beastmen would definitely be extremely formidable.

"That statue should be recognizing the bloodline of the Beast God and completely excluding other races. With the wisdom of that old Beastman, how could he not put restrictions on that thing? Sure enough, it was the case…"

Apart from the crystal ball, there was only the statue of the Beast God. They didn't find anything valuable.

The statue of the Beast God made everyone have a feeling of urgency. After discussing, they decided to hurry up and leave the temple to go hunt.

They left the temple, and sure enough, a platform had appeared at the entrance. It was a simple and crude stone platform in the center of that three-part array. A ray of light was shining on top of it. According to the guidance, this thing was used to host the Heaven Rank mana crystals. But they had no mana crystals because they had used their mana crystals on the entrance to enter the temple.

With that stone platform, the mana crystals could easily be converted into things. They couldn't wait; they had to rapidly increase their own strength because the Raging Flame Beastmen's threat had gotten worse.

Everyone separated once again, and every force started hunting on their own. Lin Yun led his own group away from the temple's range.

After walking for over a day, they met up with the mage army that hadn't entered the temple. Before entering the temple, Lin Yun decisively had the mage army leave the area.

The Beastmen that had entered the Raging Flame Battlefield were very powerful, and they were somewhat stronger here than outside. This was particularly true of the Golden Beastman General, Gallsworth. Lin Yun had been unable to defeat him last time they met, and he had felt that Gallsworth hadn't used all his strength.

Everyone would receive the guidance of the crystal orb after going into the temple. The Beastmen's understanding of the Raging Flame Battlefield definitely came from this place.

If the mage army had encountered Beastman powerhouses, their losses would have been disastrous.

Thus, Lin Yun had the mage army leave the temple after they entered. He sent them to kill magic beasts on their own to gather medicinal ingredients, materials, and those precious mana crystals. Lin Yun had pondered over it before entering, and after that many days passed, when he met the mage army again, they had already obtained twelve mana crystals.

The mage army could at most handle one Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beast at once. Being able to obtain twelve mana crystals was already pretty good.

Lin Yun knew that he had been overthinking when he met Kraff in the broken space-time. The Raging Flame Beastmen definitely entered the temple from another location and might have had some special methods. They might have also saved a lot of mana crystals.

Only encountering Kraff in the broken space-time confirmed Lin Yun's conjectures. 

After joining the mage army, Lin Yun kept moving forward, killing Pseudo Heaven Rank Magic Beasts while studying those Fate Tablets.

Every Fate Tablet could control the fate of an existence. In every legend, they had turned into a first-rate powerhouse with some special abilities.

Lin Yun was somewhat hesitating about how he should use the Fate Tablets. After looking at the thirteen Fate Tablets for a while, Lin Yun's expression changed as he remembered a conjecture about the Fate Tablets.

In the future, the Fate Tablets appeared infrequently. The shortest amount of time between the appearance of two Fate Tablets had been 400 years, while the longest had been over a millennium. Within that period, there would always be a Fate Tablet appearing.

The Fate Tablet by itself had no effect. Only by merging with something could the Fate Tablet's effect appear. Moreover, no one could be certain of the effects beforehand, so they could only leave it to fate.

And this property made some speculate that the Fate Tablets were actually Magic Tool Augments, and the Augments of some very powerful Magic Tool. 

But two Fate Tablets never appeared at the same time. Moreover, the Fate Tablet could merge with anything. It was very versatile.

No one could ascertain or deny whether the Fate Tablets were Magic Tool Augments. There were even some people saying that the Fate Tablets themselves were omnipotent Augments that could be applied onto all Magic Tools.

It wasn't until the peak of Noscent, after Bane and those few powerhouses appeared, that a rumor regarding Bane's words spread among the powerhouses.

He claimed that the Fate Tablets really were a kind of Augment, and they were in fact the Augments of the Book of Mantras!

Unfortunately, no one could confirm that rumor. The Book of Mantras and the Fate Tablets appeared in different time periods. Moreover, the appearance of the Fate Tablets spanned over ten millennia.

The Fate Tablets that had appeared early on had already fused with some powerhouses, so wanting to collect them all was impossible.

Those who fused with the Fate Tablets weren't easily pushed around. How could they be willing to hand over their Fate Tablet?

Robbing them wasn't even considered. Every powerhouse that had received a Fate Tablet had some special abilities, just like the daredevil that fused it with his spell. It made him able to teleport to another plane in an instant. Wanting to capture him was a joke.

And later, when the 9th Fate Tablet appeared, someone that had once obtained a Fate Tablet obtained that one.

He originally considered fusing the Fate Tablet with his Magic Tool, but he failed. He had fused one Fate Tablet with his Magic Tool already, but when he tried to fuse a second, that resulted in a failure… He was actually unable to fuse another Fate Tablet.

This was the only time within ten millennia that a Fate Tablet couldn't merge.

Unfortunately, this matter didn't spread. This was the only time that a person possessed two Fate Tablets.

This event was only recorded in the decaying library, and no one was able to confirm or deny that record.

Lin Yun frowned before looking over. At the time, he hadn't paid much attention. It was as if he had been reading a story.

Now, it looked like it was real. This showed that the Fate Tablet was truly a Magic Tool's Augment. Only when merged with its original Magic Tool could the Fate Tablets merge without restrictions.

It was just like the Book of Death's Augments: Only with the Book of Death could they display their true might. In fact, those Augments weren't very powerful when treated as Magic Tools. They were just a bit special, nothing more.


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