End of the Magic Era
1138 Abyssal Devil King
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End of the Magic Era
Author :Zhuang Bifan
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1138 Abyssal Devil King

Amidst the painful and despairing howls, pairs of demonic horns grew from these Beastmen's foreheads and demonic tails grew from their rears.

Their back muscles were shattered and wings of blood and flesh appeared.

IIn a handful of seconds, over a hundred seven to eight-meter-tall crazy Demons appeared.

This caused the Gold Beastmen to suffer disastrous losses. Many Gold Beastmen had been getting ready to help their companions, but they hadn't expected that their unsuspecting companions would suddenly transform into Demons, their heads twisted and bodies torn.

In less than ten seconds, a hundred Gold Beastmen powerhouses died tragically, replaced by a hundred demonic lifeforms.

The chaotic battle started. Gallsworth's eyes were red as he let out a deep roar and his body expanded by 50%. His Aura also burst crazily.

Using Berserk Transformation, Gallsworth took to the sky, his body leaving afterimages behind. He instantly appeared above the Abyssal Devil King and light golden Aura Slashes fell down like rain.

The Abyssal Devil King sneered as he swung his two halberds, resisting all of his attacks.

Suddenly, Gallsworth disappeared and appeared behind the Abyssal Devil King, the greatsword in his hands ruthlessly slashing at the back of the Abyssal Devil King.

An eight-meter-long cut appeared on his back, from which hot lava spurted out like a fountain. Gallsworth's greatsword was covered in black smoke and slowly distorted. After a few seconds, a portion of the greatsword melted, and the remaining part turned into a pile of scrap iron.

The Abyssal Devil King flew into a rage and roared. His dark green eyes glared at Gallsworth and two rays of light instantly hit his body.

Gallsworth wasn't injured, his Battle Aura Armor wasn't damaged in the slightest. But he suddenly paled, and the radiance in his eyes slowly dissipated.

Gallsworth floated up and let out painful roars. The light in his eyes kept converging and dissipating and his pupils kept shrinking.

A half transparent silhouette slowly appeared behind Gallsworth, and a dark green translucent tentacle extended out of the Abyssal Devil King's head.

"Ah! The soul of an Extraordinary lifeform! What a pure Soul Aura, it doesn't have a wisp of the disagreeable sulfuric taste and is filled with the fragrance of life. 

"I've already fallen in love with this world. I'll bring destruction to this world and harvest this world's souls…"

The Abyssal Devil King closed his eyes as he laughed, saliva rapidly dripping from his mouth. The tentacle extending out of his head was even more straight, as he wanted to forcibly pull Gallsworth's soul out of his body.

Under his soul parting curse, the souls of all living lifeforms would also be forcibly torn apart.

This was something the Abyssal Devil King specialized in.

Seeing as his soul was already half-way out of his body, Gallsworth roared and struggled, but it wasn't too effective.

With half of his soul already out of his body, Gallsworth's strength had been reduced by more than half. He couldn't even use Extraordinary Power and could only struggle vainly.

Gallsworth could see the souls struggling in the Abyssal Devil King's belly and despair and unwillingness appeared on his face. But he couldn't do anything right now.

His subordinates were stuck in a melee with those crazy demonic lifeforms. No could could help him, no one even had the ability to help him.

"Hey, mixed breed b*stard, look over here!"

Just as the Abyssal Devil King was about to enjoy the meal he had been preparing, a voice echoed next to his ears.

In an instant, the Abyssal Devil King stopped moving and the pond of lava on his head started boiling.

'B*stard', this was the thing the Abyssal Devil King hated to hear. Those that dared to say that the Abyssal Devil King was a b*stard would end up torn part by the Abyssal Devil King and their souls would be devoured, suffering torture for thousands of years.

"No matter who you are, despair will be the price to pay for your words. Boundless fear and suffering that won't stop when your life ends."

The Abyssal Devil King let out an enraged roar before even turning. The lava pond-like head flared up as if it was about to explode.

Gallsworth, whose soul had already been halfway dragged out of his body, barely managed to turn and look in the distance. He then saw Lin Yun floating in the distance with a curious expression.

But after watching for a while, Gallsworth didn't see anyone else and the flicker of hope in his eyes instantly disappeared, there was only more despair.

'Finished, we are finished. Mafa Merlin is unexpectedly alone...

'He might be very powerful, but he doesn't have a wisp of Extraordinary Power. Moreover, his stronger fighting abilities have no meaning in front of the Abyssal Devil King.

'Ordinary spells can't resist the Abyssal Devil King's Soul Lash, only Extraordinary Spells can. His soul would definitely be forcibly dragged out of his body, he would even die before me.

'Damnit, that guy is still smiling there, does he not know that this is a member of the ten Golden Demon Races? His strength can't be compared to ordinary Heaven Rank Demons…'

Gallsworth rapidly got angry, his body and the half of his soul that had been dragging out frantically struggled.

"Sir Merlin, leave immediately! That's an Abyssal Devil King, one of the ten Golden Demon Bloodlines. Hurry up and leave, find another Heaven Rank powerhouse…"

Gallsworth was crazily shouting, but he didn't have time to finish as the tentacle inserted in his body shook. Gallsworth started screaming and his soul was dragged out a bit more.

Flames raged in the eyes of the Abyssal Devil King, bubbles kept popping in the lava pond as three illusory tentacles instantly crossed a few hundred meters to attack Lin Yun from three different directions.

Seeing this scene, Gallsworth closed his eyes in despair.

'It's over, it's thoroughly over, we will all die here. No, it'll be even worse than death, our souls won't be able to return to the embrace of the earth and could only endure torture in the belly of that b*stard for thousands of years.

"Bang, bang, bang…"

Three muffled sounds echoed one after another, followed by the Abyssal Devil King's angry roar.

Gallsworth opened his eyes and saw Lin Yun calmly floating in the air, the shadow of an ordinary ancient scales below his feet and a magic tool floating on each of the trays. And behind him, a huge Purple Dragon's shadow was calmly holding a wheel shadow.

A spherical translucent shield covered in countless law runes was protecting Lin Yun.

The three transparent tentacles that the Abyssal Devil King shot seemed to have sunken into a quagmire a dozen meters from Lin Yun, their speed had suddenly became slow.

After three or four seconds, the tentacles came in contact with Lin Yun's Law Runic Shield, but the shield surprisingly wasn't pierced. As those transparent tentacles came in contact with the Law Runic Shield, numerous law runes frantically revolved.

The countless law runes formed a steel wall that firmly stopped the tentacles outside.

Gallsworth was suddenly stunned. He couldn't understand why the tentacles couldn't break through Lin Yun's shield.

But he understood the next moment.

The two Magic Tools on the two trays of that ancient scales' shadow simultaneously burst with the aura of Extraordinary Power. Flames and gales fused together and the dense Extraordinary Power transformed into a several-dozen-meter-thick pillar that fell down from the air onto the Abyssal Devil King.


It was just like a lightning bolt, it was as if there was a huge torrent pouring down from the sky. Enderfa's storm and Syudos flood flames formed a storm of destruction.

The huge storm firmly pressured the back of the Abyssal Devil King, making the Abyssal Devil King's huge and obese body stagger. The tentacles spreading from his head snapped one after another.

The tentacles restricting the Beastmen collapsed, and the translucent souls fell to the ground, disappearing one after another.

As for Gallsworth, he struggled free of the Abyssal Devil King's binding.

His soul returned to his body and he fell to the ground, heaving and coughing. White light was drizzling from his body. This was caused by his soul being shaken and having yet to recover.

He would be unable to use Extraordinary Power for a short time. Gallsworth struggled to stand up and foolishly looked at the battle in the distance, his eyes unfocused and his face hardly concealing his shock.

Lin Yun had summoned the scales' shadow and forcibly raised the power of the Spell Wheel to the Extraordinary realm. With the Extraordinary Magic Tools under Enderfa and Syudos' control, he could compare to a true Heaven Rank powerhouse.

In addition, with the scales' defensive buff and Extraordinary Power defenses, Lin Yun simply didn't have to worry about the Abyssal Devil King soul parting curse. He also wasn't worried about the transparent tentacles dragging his soul out.

The violent storm ruthlessly pressured that abyssal lifeform to the ground. The earth around the Abyssal Devil King kept sinking, and countless fragments and shockwaves were continuously spreading in the surroundings.

The Abyssal Devil King roared, enraged. He wanted to swing his halberds but he was pressured by the flames and gales. Every time he gathered a bit of the smoke-like abyssal power, it would be torn apart by the storm before being burnt into nothingness.


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