End of the Magic Era
1244 Debate and Exploration
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End of the Magic Era
Author :Zhuang Bifan
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1244 Debate and Exploration

Everyone knew that Faleau was the highest administrator of the Gilded Rose, even Heaven Rank powerhouses didn't dare to show off in front of him. He had so many golds that it could really crush someone to death.

Lin Yun's research of truth runes had become increasingly more profound these past few days. The mysteries he had previous comprehended slowly transformed into alchemy results and it has reached the point where he could start experimenting with materials.

He had too little materials on hand, and they weren't varied enough. He needed Faleau to make preparations for him, but he could already start some experiments.

At this time, Gandaph came over once again.

After meeting Gandaph, Lin Yun heard many rumors about him. He was one of the three deans of the Starry Sky College and was known as the white-robed mage. This wasn't just expressing that he was always wearing a white robe, it was also a display of his strength and alchemy proficiency.

Gandaph was already at the 5th Rank of the Heaven realm a few hundred years ago, and no one believed that a Saint Alchemist would remain stuck at the 5th Rank after so many years. "The Truth is in Alchemy" wasn't just a catchphrase.

When it came to alchemy, researching the mysteries of the world was equivalent to directly studying the laws. It's just that the way of studying the laws was different from ordinary mages.

Powerful mages might not necessarily be powerful alchemists, but powerful alchemists were definitely powerful mages. This was common knowledge.

None of the Starry Sky College's three deans was below the 5th Rank of the Heaven realm when they reached the Saint realm. Furthermore, many mages wore white robes, but only one became known as the white-robed mage, Gandaph.

Gandaph chuckled as he entered Lin Yun's alchemy laboratory and Lin Yun immediately stopped his calculations.

"Dean Gandaph, could it be that you already want to organize the meeting with that Sir? You should at least let me know who it is ahead of time so that I can prepare myself mentally…"

Gandaph smiled and dodged the question.

"Youths are truly impatient. This isn't good, you'll understand when you meet that person. I didn't come over for this matter, rather, I came as an alchemist."

Since Gandaph said so, Lin Yun didn't continue probing, but he couldn't help feeling curious. Someone that could make Gandaph invite him must have a really high status...

"Eh… Is this the antithesis compounding method? Sir Mafa, you actually understand this technique?"

Gandaph threw a quick glance at the sheet of paper Lin Yun had been writing on and instantly saw through Lin Yun's notes. Antithesis compounding wasn't something ordinary Artisans could master. It was using multiple medicinal ingredients, with a minimum of two, to transform them into materials. The process was very unstable.

The materials had to come in contact with each other, destroy each other, until a new kind of material would be left behind as a main material for an alchemy potion. But even good potioneer Artisans would have a hard time compounding two kinds of materials with this method.

Because it required high control and knowledge of medicinal ingredients. If the subtle differences between every kind of medicinal ingredient weren't calculated accurately, or if the alchemist slipped up for a moment, then the compounding would fail.

And Lin Yun was currently calculating the antithesis compounding of eight kinds of materials.

Gandaph sighed, "I really didn't expect Sir Mafa to have already reached the peak of the Artisan realm, and you are far stronger than the average Peak Artisan. The antithesis compounding of these eight kinds of materials isn't easy to grasp, and the calculations might need several years to complete. Putting these three kinds of materials together is a bold idea…"

Lin Yun shook his head.

"These three kinds of materials oppose each other and are highly toxic when combined together. But with proper calculations, the best effect would be displayed as their toxicity would turn into a huge amount of energy…"

After that, Lin Yun followed Gandaph. When it came to alchemy, Lin Yun wouldn't back down. He expounded on his own theories and designs with Gandaph.

They discussed alchemy for three days, from potioneering to refining, and then to puppeteering.

"Although the Full-Right Angle Mana Reactor's design has merits, there would be restrictions on the burst of mana. It does have more endurance, but it is quite weak during critical times…"

"All mana reactors have to be studied based on their entire properties. A Full-Right Angle design could make the mana reactor react even more intensely, which meant that the mana that would erupt would be stronger while also having better endurance. This is an overall increase…"

"But the arc patterns' energy transmission is even stronger. Using the strong mana reaction of an explosion alongside the arc strengthening, a puppet's burst power could increase up to three times…"

"That requires at least three times the materials. With these materials, a mana reactor ten times as powerful could be crafted…"

Gandaph and Lin Yun were like two mad scientists leaning on both sides of a crystal table and arguing. Suddenly, Gandaph laughed and stood up, before looking at Lin Yun with an appreciative gaze.

'He is really a terrifying youth. Whether it is in potioneering, refining, puppeteering, or in the field of arrays, he is extremely skilled. And the most terrifying thing is that he studies problems from all angles. His potioneering knowledge can be used to puppeteering, and with the smallest cost, he can bring out the best outcome.

'But he isn't restricted by this line of thought. Instead, he could also use high cost to bring up the strongest effect.

'He is in his thirties. For a Heaven Rank powerhouse, his life could be said to have just started. I wouldn't be surprised if he became a Saint Alchemist before 100. His knowledge is comprehensive and too outstanding. Moreover, he has farsightedness and creativity, which is hard to come by in alchemists.

'An alchemist who lost their creativity is no different from a craftsman. He'll definitely advance to the Saint realm, it's only a matter of time.'

Gandaph looked at Lin Yun in a daze, recalling the process of his own breakthrough with a complex expression.

Lin Yun suddenly noticed that Gandaph stopped in the middle of their heated debate.

Lin Yun awkwardly smiled and stopped. He didn't feel that he had persuaded Gandaph. As a Saint Alchemist, Gandaph really widened Lin Yun's horizon. Even if he just mentioned knowledge that would only appear in the future, Gandaph would immediately figure out the benefits and shortcomings, he could even make deductions...

Lin Yun had many undeveloped ideas which ended up being developed by Gandaph while they discussed alchemy. Lin Yun brought up some of his components ideas for the Shelter Tower to get some suggestions from Gandaph.

This was a true Saint Alchemist. Even if Lin Yun was already at the peak of the Alchemist realm and could clearly feel the Saint realm in the distance, he wasn't much closer than an Apprentice Alchemist.

It is said that Saint Alchemists are existences that mastered a part of the truth. Lin Yun could feel it now that he was acquainted with one. They really were very powerful. They are a lot more powerful than expected. Now that he was able to observe a Saint Alchemist, Lin Yun knew what path he should take.

It also explained one problem, why he was unable to keep researching truth runes after the 1,800th.

It was due to his rank. As a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage, the peak of the Artisan realm was already his limit. To continue researching, he would need to use law runes comprehension as a foundation. Without it, he would be unable to continue and the path to Saint Alchemist would remain a distant goal.

Gandaph sighed with a complicated expression, apparently making a decision.

"Sir Mafa, would you like to go somewhere with me?"

Lin Yun was slightly stunned.

"Is it to meet that person?"

Gandaph shook his head.

"Its another place, just follow after me."

Lin Yun nodded. Places that Gandaph would attach importance and would hesitate to bring up were definitely scarce.

He followed Gandaph as he flew out of Neverwinter City. After travelling ten kilometers, Gandaph stopped in the air and a terrifying aura surged from his body. But no matter if it was mana fluctuations or Extraordinary fluctuations, they were all limited to a meter around Gandaph...

Lin Yun remained a dozen meters behind Gandaph and couldn't help but release his Fusion Shield. That terrifying power made Lin Yun feel as if a terrifying monster suddenly opened its eyes in front of him. Even if it didn't target him, even if not a single wisp of air touched his body, the pressure it brought was far more terrifying than the all-out pressure of a 5th Rank Heaven powerhouse.

Breathing was hard under this pressure. It was like an ordinary mortal standing in front of a Dragon. Even if the Dragon held no malice, that terrifying pressure instinctively brought up fear that couldn't be prevented. This was no longer a gap in power, but rather, a gap in essence.

Lin Yun was shocked, Gandaph was truly too terrifying. This strength wasn't limited to the 6th Rank of the Heaven realm, it might even belong to the 7th Rank!

Even though Lin Yun was stunned, Gandaph's next move surprised him even more. Countless law runes throbbed at the tip of Gandaph's finger. Every law rune was condensed from at least twelve basic runes. The data and power they held was terrifying.

After these law runes appeared, they rapidly shrunk and joined together to form gloves of light. 

Gandaph's expression turned solemn as he inserted his hands into the void in front of him and moved them in opposite directions. It looked like Gandaph was tearing through the void as a spatial rift appeared. 

Fierce chaotic energies surged from the rift, but they were suppressed by Gandaph's aura in an instant. The halo on Gandaph's hands transformed into a colored ribbon which attached itself to this spatial rift, supporting it. Light then pierced into the void and a Planar Path could be seen a few seconds later.

"Sir Mafa, let's get moving, this Planar Path won't last long."

After saying that, Gandaph took the lead and stepped into this forcibly opened rift.

Lin Yun could hardly hide his shock, because Gandaph had forcibly torn open a Planar Path, this required one to be at least at the peak of the Heaven realm.

But Gandaph was clearly far from the peak of the Heaven Rank, yet he could still accomplish this feat. This explained one thing. Gandaph was stronger than powerhouse of the same rank, and his comprehension of law runes had reached a terrifying stage. He didn't need to use an array or supporting items to tear open a Planar Path out of nothing.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and didn't dare to delay. That kind of Planar Path was actually a very unstable Planar Path, it was very dangerous. He wouldn't go in unless he had absolute confidence. If this Planar Path appeared anywhere else, Lin Yun definitely wouldn't take the risk to go in. Who knows how long that Planar Path could last, what if it collapsed on the way?

But since this was created by Gandaph, this shouldn't be that dangerous…

He stepped into the Planar Path and noticed that it was different from ordinary Planar Path. There was only a narrow path of light leading into the distance. As Lin Yun stepped into it, the light path rapidly transformed into a flowing light rushing into the endless void.

The entrance behind him instantly disappeared and the endless void on both sides transformed into a flowing light in an instant. It was as if the entire world was flashing as he moved at the speed of light, his surroundings blended into blurry flickering lights.

After a few minutes, the flowing lights suddenly dissipated and another irregular rift appeared before his eyes. Lin Yun hurriedly followed Gandaph and passed through that irregular rift.

After walking out of that rift, Gandaph waved his hands and the fluctuations caused by the sudden tearing of the space were forcibly smoothed within a few hundred meters. He even forcibly controlled the several thousand meters around him so that no different fluctuation could be transmitted.

He only released his control when the rift behind them closed and no more spatial fluctuation appeared.

The thick taste of rust filled the entire space. The sky wasn't blue, it looked like the void was directly exposed while the ground looked like one of the huge meteorites floating in the void. It was a planet without an atmosphere.

There was little oxygen in the air, in fact, the air itself was sparse. A mortal wouldn't last more than a few minutes in such an environment before they suffocated. The ground didn't look like soil, it felt like it was made of steel covered in rust. The surrounding mountains looked like they were covered in corrosion. Some of them still looked like the ruins of steel buildings.

A few kilometers away, a huge steel building that was at least a thousand meters high was like a huge sword stuck on the ground, and many things were fluttering around it.

Cracking sounds echoed as Lin Yun woke up from his daze. He looked to the side and saw a swarm of thumb-sized eight-legged small mechanical insects gnawing on the steel's rust. The small mechanical insects were very fast and the surface of the steel was bright and clean after their passage, as if it was completely new.

He then saw a small insect's body shake and split into two identical insects before continuing to feed on the rust.

Rust Eater Insects...

They were puppets specialized in eating away the rust of metals and using it to reproduce.

The name of that insect instantly flashed in Lin Yun's mind, but he couldn't help exclaiming afterwards.

"This is the Puppet Plane!?"

Gandaph nodded and said with a prideful tone, "Indeed, this is the Puppet Plane. This is a place I managed to find after quite a bit of struggle. There is no powerful puppet within the surrounding thirty kilometers so this is the safest place to open a Planar Path."

Lin Yun nodded, shock visible in his eyes.

He had previously obtained a key to the Puppet Plane but hadn't dared to use it casually. Who would have thought that Gandaph's Planar Path would lead to the Puppet Plane. After all, the Puppet Plane was a high grade plane inhabited by many powerful puppets. Moreover, it would later be recorded that terrifying puppets surpassing the Heaven Rank inhabited this plane.

The ones in charge here were the Cybertan Race composed of Heaven Puppets that awakened wisdom. These guys didn't welcome the appearance of creatures of flesh and blood. It didn't matter how powerful Gandaph was, there were many puppets that could instantly kill him here.

"Be careful, last time I met a troublesome guy. We will be in trouble if we get caught by that guy…" Gandaph warned Lin Yun.

He led the way and passed in between two small mountains of discarded parts. After Lin Yun and Gandaph left, a large number of Rust Eaters emerged from their hiding spots and continued gnawing onto the rust of those structures and parts.

Lin Yun picked up a palm-sized component that had just been cleaned up by a Rust Eater. It was already bright and clean, as if new. But the most important part was that runes and patterns were changing irregularly on its surface and transformed into another property.

Although Lin Yun already knew about it, he still couldn't help sighing.

Rust Eaters could be said to be at the bottom of the food chain. These kinds of discarded components could be seen everywhere, forming small mountains. There was even a 600-meter-tall metal mountain in the distance. There was no need to think to know that it was formed from discarded components.

Rust Eaters were only interested in rust and had no interest in intact parts. More importantly, after they finished nibbling on a component, the component might not appear different to the touch, but its function might change to another kind.

A kilometer away, a dozen Level 10 Puppets were rummaging through the wrecks, seeking suitable components for themselves. If they found something better, they would immediately change the components and throw the old ones where they stood.

This was how low level puppets grew. They instinctively seeked new parts for themselves in these wrecks, continuously increasing their level that way.


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