Error Reincarnation
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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Error sat on the bed "The doctor has brung alot of tools, I see" The doctor comes, grabs my hand, knelt, and tries to feel my pulse. I let it all go easy because I don't want to get into any kind of trouble. Father was standing there, near the door "How is he feeling" The doctor stood up "He is perfectly fine" Error stood there. The doctor left and father came over "Want to train together?" Error nodded and we both headed to the backyard. There were trees and the ground is sandy. Father did a stance I've never seen before "This is what stance you should always do when your fighting" I mimic the stance. Father emits KI, it was red. I laughed at that, but kept it in. Father went to a giant Boulder, and smashed it into pieces.


1 hit was enough for him to destroy the Boulder. Father turned to look at me and said "If you keep meditating, you'll reach my level I am right now. No you'll surpass me!" I nodded alot of times being excited. Father sat on my ground and showed me how to meditate. I try to mimic him by meditating. A strange white KI appeared around me. But if I stop meditating, the white KI will dissappear. So I did meditating for hours and finally. A white KI comes out when I emit it. Father was there watching me the whole time and congratulated me on it, it was night time. I was excited and kept meditating, I wasn't feeling tired at all and so, a few hours went by. But there is this giant wall I can't break. I stopped meditating and stood up. I was feeling hungry and was trying to find food. I found noodles being cooked "Lucky me, Jack probably cooked this. Don't mind if I eat it" Error cheerfully put the noddles in the bowl, sat down on a chair, and ate it. When I was down eating, I went off the house to find someone to help me, but I can't find anyone in the house "Ugh, at the worst times" Error was frustrated. He searched for anyone he can reply on. So I tried finding anyone outside that looks like I can depend on, I didn't even bother trying to ask butlers or maids. There was Jack, he was sleeping on his chair."HEY JACK!" Jack woke up immediately, looking around "W-Wha du you need?" Jack was groggy and tired. Error begged "Please teach me how to break barriers when your trying to breakthrough!" Jack was surprised at how Error was determined. He was never like this.


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