Error Reincarnation
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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As Error tried to open his eyes to see what was going on. Error saw 3 guys in black and the one in the middle has a blue KI which Error never saw (What is this Immense pressure? I want to get up but I can't.) Error's head was filled with thoughts

-Market Street-

People selling all kinds of stuff "BUY THIS, I GUARANTEE GOOD FOOD!" Jack was worried (Why is Error taking so long? Did Error get kidnapped? No! That's not possible!) Jack was incredibly worried about Error and just couldn't stand there doing nothing

-Market Street's Dark Alleyway-

"D-Damn you... Why are you doing this to me?" As Error tried to speak. The guy in the middle took a step towards Error "I suppose your the son of that stupid guy?" Error came to a thought (Heh, If I said I was. Maybe he'll get get scared) Error grinned and said "What if I am?" The guy beside the guy with the blue KI ran towards Error and tried to smash him "HOW DARE YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT!" When he tried to smash Error, the guy in the middle grabbed his head with incredible strength and said "Stop" The guy who tried to smash Error felt fear and took a step back "Yes..." Error spoke once more "Tell me... Who the hell are you?" The guy in the middle crouched and faced Error eye to eye "You do not need to know, I have business with that man and I will use you had as a hostage" Just as the guy with the blue KI was going to knock him out, someone grabbed his hand.

The guy with the blue KI jumped back. "Error! Are you ok?! Error was surprised "J-Jack?..." Error had a weak voice and could no longer continue speak. But he tried anyways "I thought I told you to stay at the market..." Error collapsed once again. "Sorry Error, I just couldn't stand by letting you get hurt. And I'm your body guard"

The guy with the blue KI felt a little pressure from Jack "Tch, and I was close to getting him. But now here is him trying to intercept me" Jack kept a straight face "What business do you have with him. You know that even if you touch a single strand of hair on him, your not getting away" The guy with the blue KI tried to keep things simple "I know, I know!" The guy with the blue KI walked towards Jack and glared at him "And?" Jack replied smiling "Your dead" The guy with the blue KI took 5 steps back "Shi-" (If I hadn't took 5 steps back, who knew what would happen) The guy with the blue KI was scared "DAMN IT!! AND I WAS SO CLOSE TO THAT STUPID GUY TOO!" He punched the wall angrily "DAMN IT! LET'S GO, WE'LL REPORT THIS." The two guys beside him nodded. He glanced at Jack angrily "We'll meet again and take your head with us" The guy with the blue KI disappeared into thin air

Jack exhales "Finally..." Jack sighed and sat down against the wall "I thought I was going to use that power for real..." Jack covers his face with his right hand. Jack memorizes his past.

-Jack's Past-

Jack was playing with his toys and Jack's mom came rushing and slammed the door open "JACK! WE HAVE TO RUN!" Jack looked up to mom confused "Mom? What's the problem?" Jack's mom grabbed Jack, went down the stairs and into the basement "Mom tell me, what's the problem? Jack's mom panicked and was scared "Jack..." Jack's mom shed a tear "Jack... Terrorists are after us... And are trying to kill us"


The sound of footsteps was above us

Jack was scared "Mom, why are they after us? Did we do something wrong?" Mom replied "No Jack, those are bad people." THUMP THUMP, the sound of foot steps came near the door and the door was broke open. Jack's mom covered Jack's mouth and whispered "Shhh they are here." Jack and his mom was hiding somewhere and the terrorists was walking towards it "Where are you?? I know your there" The terrorist sounded creepy and ordered the other terrorists to shoot everywhere PEW PEW!


The sound of the guns made Jack scared. The terrorist heard something and came over "I know your in there" Mom came out and locked the shelter "What... MOM WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Jack yelled desperately for mom to come back and was trying to kick the door open "COME BACK!! MOM! DON'T DO THIS!!" Jack cried

Mom stood up "Take me and do whatever you want to me but not my son" The terrorist examined at her head "You'll make a nice trophy on my shelf. Agreed" Mom closed her eyes and Jack did not blink once and saw the whole thing. Just as the terrorist was going to behead her, mom looked back and said "Jack... Live on" and smiled. Mom's head went flying with blood. Mom... She died.... "MOM!!!!!!"

PS. Dang, sure wrote alot. But cried at the same time (I did not cry damn it, I just used my imagination)


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