Error Reincarnation
6 Learning a skill
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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6 Learning a skill


Jack was running fast on top of the roof and jumping onto another one. Jack sees his home coming up close, he goes to the entrance. The head maids, butlers, cooks greet them, Jack carries Error to his bedroom and lays him on the bed. When Jack was about to leave, he looked at Error one last time and sighed. 2 hours had passed and Error woke up with his head hurting without any memories of what just happened "Ow Ow, my head.." Error can see that it's almost sunset, Error thought of an idea and went to the backyard "Time to learn some skills!" Error stretched his hands, feet, and his body. He stood there silently and closed his eyes. The skill he is learning is called Passive Footsteps, this skill is very helpful if your trying to run, escape, run on the wall, dodge or do something useful with this skill. Error tries to recognize the skill he learnt in his past life, it's a foot technique. Hours has passed and Error learnt the skill. When he opened his eyes, he can see that it's already night time "The moon is full and bright today." Error entered the house and went off to find Jack. He couldn't find him "Ugh, not this again..." since he couldn't find Jack, Error decided to search for Father. But couldn't find him, so Error asked the maids and butlers where father was. They said "Your father is busy, he will be back shortly" When I asked where Jack was, they said "He is doing something, he will be back till the morning." At worst times like this, Jack and Father lefted when I needed them the most. I sighed in frustration while I went outside, jumped on the roof, and sat down while I'm sightseeing. The windows on the were lit up and there were many of them. I see a dark person standing there, looking as if he was about to jump off. I stood up immediately and rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not hallucinating. There was really a person that was about to jump off, before he jumped off. I start to jump off the roof and run as fast as I could, the maids and butlers see me off. I'm seeing the person on the roof while running to make sure he's not gonna jump. There were people in my way as I ran through them "Excuse me! S'cuse me!" There were alot of lights. Everything was moving so fast...The person jumped off into a crowd. I had to run into there to make sure the person was not dead. It looked like a festival was happening here so alot of people gathered up here. I turn around to see where the person was at. There the person was, running into a dark alleyway. I chased after the person. Then, it started to rain.



I hated running in the rain since I would slip anytime. The person took a sharp turn and I followed her, then the person disappeared. I was turning my head around to see where did the person go. The person was behind me all the time. I thinked before I turned around "Why do I always fall for this!" There the person was, in front of me was a dark clothed person. I couldn't see who this person was since the person wore a dark cloak, covering his head and face. I turned around to go back home being relieved "I can go back home now if your safe." The Dark clothed person grabbed my shoulder with strength saying "Wait." I didn't move trying to bear the pain "Who could possibly have this kind of strength?!"


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