Error Reincarnation
7 In ruins
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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7 In ruins

I turned my head around confused, the person was still griping my shoulder "Why did you follow me?" I answered honestly since I didn't want to die again "Because I saw you were about to suicide?" This pain is annoying, but I kept it in. The person released her grip and ran away. I was relieved that if I had lied there, who would know what might have happened. It was raining and my clothes were soaked, I had to go home to wash myself and change clothes.


I walked alone, people were taking shelter from the rain. I just walked straight, then I saw Jack. He was fighting with 2 people and they were pushing him back. I followed them, hearing swords clanging.




Jack had a sword and was holding back against those two who had swords too "I never thought Jack was this skilled!" I thought. I was behind them, the 2 people that are fighting Jack has a cloak. Jack looked like he was being pushed back so I found something to throw and threw it at them. It was a rock, the person besides him slashed it into pieces and continued fighting Jack. I was going to help Jack, I used Passive Footsteps against them. They blocked it and started attacking me instead of Jack, then Jack forcefully swung his sword at them, carried me, and started running "Error! What are you doing here?! It's dangerous!" Jack took me to a safe spot to hide. He let go of me "I was asking you the same thing, Jack" We were both soaked and the rain kept coming. Looks like this is an unlucky day for us. I wanted to help him so I said "Let me help you" Jack hits my vital point after he heard what I said and I fell to the ground and was about to go unconscious. Jack turned his back to me "Sorry Error, You can't help me fight these people. It's dangerous for you, those guys... They are looking for your father. I'll be back tommorow. I pray you be safe. Error..." Jack runs off to fight them. Then I saw the guys chase after him. My vision was fading and I saw their wrist, I started to have shivers. It was a dragon symbol, the guy who killed me. My eyes went wide open and it was already daylight. I tried to get up, but the vital point that Jack hit hurts like hell. I sat down and started meditating, I had to get stronger, so I can help Jack. Everything in my view fades and a path only remains in front of me, It was dark. 3 hours passed, a purple wall in front of me. I started to think of Jack being killed by those people. I started getting mad at what if I lose another family member again, I yelled angrily and tears flowed out of my eyes. I threw my fist at the wall, red KI comes out of it and the wall disappeared. I can't let that happen!, I continued to walk in the path in front of me being in despair thinking about Jack. I continued cultivating, day and night without rest. I grew stronger and stronger by the time I was at level 44. I stopped cultivating and opened my eyes. Black and Gold KI was already flowing through my body, what I saw was... No, something was wrong. There was sand all over me, I saw bones and remains of the city. I thought I was dreaming so I punched myself. I fell over and felt the pain when I punched myself. This wasn't a dream... It was reality, I searched for people desperately, anyone I can find. But no one was here... I cried, my city, family, everyone was gone. I wiped my tears and decided to find them myself, find Jack and father. That was my goal. I walked alone in the desert and sand around me and I only walked north.


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