Error Reincarnation
8 No Home
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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8 No Home

3 hours had passed, as I was walking North what I only saw was bones, sand, and the remains of the City. I was thirsty, I knew I needed water, I looked up. The Sun was shining in my eyes, it was bright and extremely hot. I had brown hair, my clothes were dirty and torn up. After another 10 minutes of walking, I start to see a person in the distance. The person I saw had a brown cloak, I don't know if the person had a weapon. I couldn't his face well since it was sandy, I used my hand to block the sun from my face. I walked towards that person, the person was walking towards me. I think he noticed me, since he was walking towards me. I was losing consciousness because I was exhausted and thirsty. I needed to get help from that guy, I tried my best to awake. I fell immediately and the person came running towards me "Hey!" I woke up finding myself in a bed with my shirt off. I sat up on my bed, and found a guy standing near the exit "Thank the doctor cause if you hadn't drink water, you would've died of dehydration. You lucky that your alive right now" I stood up asking him where the bathroom was. The guy replied "Oh, the bathroom?" He showed me the way to the bathroom. There was a mirror on the wall so I took a look on it. I had black torn up shoes and torn up brown pants. It looked like I was 19 years old and had a beard, my hair was long and I started to get hungry. My stomach rumbles.


I go back to the guy "What?" I asked him "Is there food and water?" Maybe I'll get used to whatever I'm doing right now. I can't believe I'm inside a house and seeing people when I just saw bones and the remains of my city, I looked around, they wasn't any glass on the windows. The guy came up to me "Listen, water and food is expensive in this world. If you want to eat or drink, you have to pay. But I'll give you food and water on this one." I nodded. The guy went off to find me stuff to eat, I was alone here, I checked around and no one was here. I decided I should cultivate until he comes back. Error was close to reaching level 45, every five levels, the color of the level he reached will shoot out a beam of light. Error had already broke through KI level 44 and reached KI level 45 minutes later. A Black and Brown KI flowed through his body and a Black and Brown light of beam shot up into the sky. The beam of light shortly disappeared after that, the guy came rushing with a plate of cooked fish and water "What happened?!" I couldn't talk, so I kept quiet. He looked around and checked me "Is anything wrong?" I shook my head. He checked around to see if anything was wrong, I walked over to my bed, picked up the tray and ate.



I was really hungry, thank the lord they had food and water here. If they didn't, I would've died again. The doctor must've gave me water when I was unconscious, I'll have to thank him.


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