Error Reincarnation
9 A new home
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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9 A new home

"This is your new home now, tell me if you need anything!" The guy told me and then ran off. I was chasing after him to ask where the doctor was "Wait!" Too late, he was already out of my view. He went outside, I've been thinking for a while about what the outside world looks like here. I took a deep breath and took a step outside, it was bright but I started seeing it little by little. It was a town, people were noisy, buying stuff, selling stuff "NECKLACE COSTING 2 POUNDS OF WATER!" I can't believe the currency was actually food and water. I was walking around to checking some stuff out. This city was too big, so I ran around the city. Alot of other places were noisy but this place was quiet, no people when I checked around this place for 2 minutes, I heard noise.



I went to where the noise was, 3 guys and a girl. They were beating up her yelling "HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!" If they are telling her to stop looking at them, then stop. Why won't she stop? She was literally bloody all over and it looks like it hurts ouch. I decided to save her because I was bullied in my past life too. I ran and covered for her saying "STOP! Can't you you've already beaten her up enough?!" The boys were looking at her speechless and walked away "Tch" I turned around to look at her "Are you okay?" She stood up and ran away. I saw her tears, I think she was crying. I didn't chase her and went back to my home "Ahh I'm bored" I lied down on my bed without knowing what to do "Maybe I should explore this town once last time" I went out to see whatever I can find. Then while I was walking around, I saw people gathering around that board. I wanted to check it out, I went in between these people "Excuse me" I saw 1 paper "All these people for just 1 paper?!" I thought. I looked at the paper. It said "5000 POUNDS OF FOOD AND 500 POUNDS OF WATER TO ANYONE WHO WON THIS FIGHTING TOURNAMENT - SANGSUN STREET - STARTING TOMMOROW" I grinned and thought "Maybe I'll give it a go, seems fun" I've had to be prepared so I went back home and started learning skills. These are the skills I started learning "Third hand, Fist Of Fury, KI sense, and This'll be my ultimate skill "DEATH BRINGER" I knew this over powered skill in my past life. So after 5 hours of learning them all, I think I was prepared. It was sunset and The guy came back, I stood up and said "Now that reminds me, what's your name?" The guy replied "My name is Jake, I wonder what's yours?" I told him my name was Error and then told them where was SANGSUN STREET. Jake was surprised "SANGSUN STREET?! Your going to fight?!" I nodded and he looked happy "Can I come over to watch" I nodded my head like I don't care, whatever it takes to not get my bored. He went over to the bed next to mine and lied down "I'll lead you there tommorow" My heart was bumping fast, I was excited. I lied down on my bed thinking about the fight tommorow. I soon closed my eyes and quickly slept. Everything was black, I seemed to be alone by myself. I looked around, nothing. Then something appeared in front of me, I decided to come a little closer. Huh? Jack?? Father??... They were bleeding all over, they had no eyes "FATHER, JACK WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! TELL ME!! " I woke up with my eyes open and Jake next to me "Are you okay? You kept shouting Father and Jack, Your sweating all over!" I sat up on my bed and told him I had a nightmare. He seemed relieved and gave me breakfast, ugh fish and water again. I had no choice but to eat and drink, if not I would not have the strength to fight and die. I finished eating and told him to lead me to SANGSUN street, he nodded and leaded me.


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