Error Reincarnation
10 The day of the fight - Part 1
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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10 The day of the fight - Part 1

Alot of people were headed the same direction, to sangsun street "These people look strong" I thought and The Sun was incredibly hot always, how could these people live in these conditions? Oh right, that reminds me. I forgot to ask Jake what happened to City#1 and why it became in ruins, forget it. I'll tell him after I win this tournament. Jake was leading me "Here we are, Error. Sangsun street!" I see a board sign saying "Welcome to sangsun street" It looks broken and roughed up though. The board sign was next to the entrance, I started seeing a big building, it was round like a Coliseum. Jake led me to entrance and seeing a long line "Right... Today is the tournament so there is alot of people willing to fight to get that prize" Jake patted of my shoulders, his eyes sparkled and said "Listen Error, you must do whatever it takes to win. We have to get that prize. No matter what!" I nodded my head in anxiety. We got into the line and waited. After 2 hours of waiting, we finally were at the entrance. There is a guard next to the entrance with the paper, he came up to us holding with a pen and paper saying "Sign this paper if you wish to fight" Jake runs off waving goodbye to me shouting "I'LL SEE YOU FIGHT ERROR! JUST GO THROUGH THE ENTERANCE AND YOUR ON YOUR OWN!!" I took the pen and signed the paper with my name on it then I headed inside. Inside, there was this guy who gave us papers at where we should be sitting, mines is G-14. I was Looking at the paper and finding where the seat was "Hmmmm... G-14... G-14... G-14..." Then I accidentally bumped into someone, But I didn't feel any pain "I'm sorry for bumping into you. I wasn't looking" It was a big guy and he's bigger than me. He looks strong, has alot of scars on his face, green eyes, red and white hair. It looks like he worked out alot, Compared to that, I looked skinny. I gave him a helping hand, he smiled kindly rubbing his head with his big hands "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking too" We talked for a while, he asked me what's my seat number was. I said it was G-14. He replied laughing, It was loud, I even had to cover my ears "Oh G-14? Mines G-15!" We both found our seats and I sat down. In front of me was the fighting arena, 2 people fighting...



The guy sat down and asked me what my name was. I told him briefly that my name was Error, the guy told me his name was Bob. I see people carrying weapons but not us, I was confused "Huh? Why are they carrying weapons instead of us?" Bob simply told me "You can bring anything to fight. Bringing nothing doesn't mean you'll get in trouble" I was confused about what the rules were so I asked Bob that too. Bob calmly told me "The rules is that if the person your fighting unconscious, you win. The next rule is if the person is out of the fighting stage, they'll get disqualified and you win. Lastly, if you kill the person your fighting, Your disqualified. I memorized these rules into my head. I had to go to the toilet immediately so I told Bob where it was. I went there running, then I bumped into someone again. I apologized bowing "I'm sorry" The guy I bumped into had red hair and blue eyes. He looked furious with a guy on his side "HEY! You bumped into me. Sorry is not enough!" I apologized one more time and headed for the toilet. I came out with a relieved sigh "Ahhh that was refreshing!" The guy was standing there glaring at me. I apologized to him 5 times for bumping into him and bowed. He grabbed my hair, lifted me up and punched me into my face. I felt no pain instead the guy next to him did nothing at all, He just watched. The guy broke his fist when he punched me in the face"AHHHHH!!" blood splattered everywhere out of his fist then He fainted and I went back to my seat.


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