Error Reincarnation
12 I need to get much more stronger!
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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12 I need to get much more stronger!

Jack was there and father was there on the ground, blood was flowing out of them. I ran to them "HEY JACK, FATHER, are you all right?!" There bodies simply gets further away and away "HEY JACK!! FATHER!! Anyone?!?!" Then I woke up to find myself in my own home again. I was all sweaty and Jake was there dipping the towel in the water and putting it in my head. I sat up and asked Jake who had helped me, he said "It's that doctor again, he told me to tell you not to move too much or you'll feel dizzy again. I sighed, stood up, stretched and told Jake what city this was. He told me it was called "Douluo City" Then I told him what happened to City#1 and why it was in ruins and Jake told me suprised "What?!? You don't even know that?! Well..." Jake started to explain to me what happened on that day bit by bit "Well..." It was rainy on that day.



Jack was running and fighting the two people, Error was unconscious on the floor. Jack used his last resort, if it was to keep Error safe, he would use it. Jack's last resort was called "Death Slice" Error never knew Jack used a sword but that is always what he uses when he fights. Death Slice uses all of your KI and the sword absorbs all of it. This makes the sword fast where no being could see it. Jack turned around to face them and beheaded the 2 people in a split second. This created air waves so powerful it can destroy a forest. Jack saw a air wave heading for Error, He carried Error and ran somewhere safe. Jack was trying to not fall unconscious, coughed blood and thought "Where could father be at this moment! Damn it!" Jack walked while carrying Error on his back and coughing blood. Then 3 people were flying and shooting KI, the last thing people knew is that they saw a dragon symbol on their wrist. Jack had to carry Error and escape, a KI blast went in Jack's direction and the whole city was on fire. People screaming for help, people dying, people escaping, While the KI blast was going for Jack's direction, he had to protect Error so he covered Error behind his back and The KI blast hit him. Jack and Error fell on the floor and was beginning to lose consciousness, Jack's vision was fading, he tried to get up and reached his hand for Error. Jack's last words before he lost Consciousness were "No... I can't let Error die..." Jack fell to the ground unconscious. The whole city was on fire, buildings going down, people are screaming. Jack forced himself to wake up, but it was too late. The whole city was in ruins by the time he had already woke up, he searched for Error but couldn't find him. Jack found a tattered cloak and went off north to find Error. Jake was about to finish explaining "and that's how City#1 was in ruins" I was paying attention to what Jake said and I understood why City#1 was in ruins now. I told Jake I'm going outside for a bit, I went to the quiet town and found no one "Guess that girl's not here..." I thought. I saw a comfortable place to cultivate and went there, I was going to cultivate to level 46 anyways.

Level 10 - Starter

Level 20 - Apprentice

Level 40 - Warrior

Level 70 - Saint

Level 100 - God

Level 150 - Greater God

Level 300 - Titled God

Level 500 - Infinity

No one knows for sure what is after Greater Infinity. They say someone had reached Level 300, but that's just a myth. No one had ever reached level 300. Who knows?


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