Error Reincarnation
13 Learning 3 skills
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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13 Learning 3 skills

I had reached level 46, they say that if you reached level 50, it gets harder to cultivate. I went looking for that girl but I guess I can't find her. I ran exploring the city thinking about what happened, ever since I won at the tournament. Nothing has happened till now but I'm getting more bored each day, after a hour of exploring, I start to hear a sword clanging "Must be a fight" I thought. I went to where the sound was, the sound gets louder as I come closer to where the fight was.




Into my view were 2 guys fighting with a sword, this guy on the right looked calm and the guy on the left looked angry. I guess it is like yin and yang, this guy attacked with brute force while this guy repulses the attacks. The calm guy was an elder, no wonder why he was so calm. I guess he does have some skill though. The guy who was angry a moment ago was now out of strength, tired, fell on his knees. I watched patiently being addicted to this fight. The calm guy was actually really calm, he said "Do you understand now? Your no match for me!" I'm actually more surprised at the fact there is no people around here. The guy who has no strength left to stand up, fell and became unconscious. The calm guy turned his back to him and walked away. I followed the calm guy behind his back, he turned around saying "What do you need?" I was surprised to be discovered so easily. I took a step forward with courage, bowed down and said "Please accept me as your disciple!" He turned around to walk in his own direction again saying "No! If you want to become my disiple then give me herb tea." He walked away laughing, then I immediately went off to buy herbs to make herb tea. The Sun was setting so I went home. Oh right, I forgot to ask what his name was and where he lives. I sighed in depression thinking how is Jack doing... I layed down on my bed being bored. Jake came home and looked at me, he said "What's wrong, why are you like that?" I told him I was bored and this place was boring. He grinned saying "Why don't I teach you Blacksmithing?" I nodded if anything was going to satisfy me at least. The Sun was about to set so Jake hurriedly gave me a pair of gloves and a leather blacksmithing apron. I told Jake where did they get the leather since we are in the middle of the desert. He was excited to teach me and just said "Oh leather? I don't know, they sell it in the market town" I equipped the stuff Jake gave me, then Jake told me to follow him. I never explored this part, it was the blacksmithing area in our house. Jake gave me a hammer and told me the instructions "Take a metal, burn it in the fire and hammer it" I said confused "That's all?" He nodded and I followed his instructions, I looked for a piece of metal, threw it in the fire, then I took it out by using what seems to be a grabber, placed it on anvil, and hammered it. I looked at Jack and he nodded, he told me to think of what you want to make. I decided to make the metal curve. Before I could think, the metal in front of me was already curved. I was amazed, the sun went down and the moon rose. Night time came and I went to my bed and slept, my last words to Jake were "Good Night" I woke up and stretched. Indeed, a fresh new day and time to learn 3 skills. I went to the quiet place then got ready, The skill I'm going to learn is called "3000 Lighting Movement" This skill can help you run faster and appear there in a flash. The next skill is called KI wings, this can make you fly if you have enough KI. Lastly, the last skill is called KI strike, this skill gathers all the KI around you into your fist and releases it when it hits something. It's been said that this skill can kill a wild bear but only if you have enough KI to trigger it obviously. I learnt all of these skills a hour later and everything I train, my stomach always grumbles. I sighed and went to go look for Jake.


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