Error Reincarnation
14 Restar
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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14 Restar

I remember Jake saying about his job being a Blacksmith. I went outside and I felt the heat from the sun "Always hot" I thought. People walking past me doing their own stuff, I asked people to people where the Blacksmith Area was. There were only four blacksmith areas and Jake has to be in one of them. I used Ki wings and flew town to town, I found a blacksmith area. I asked the people there if they knew Jake, if they did not. Then I fly over to the next one, five minutes had passed and this is the last one. I stand up to the place and see Jake hammering metal, he looked at me and I waved at him. Jake came over to me saying "What're you doing here?" Then all of a sudden, people start screaming and men in black in black shouting "MOVE MOVE!" Jake did not move and in that second, The men in black held a knife and was about to stab Jake. I held out my hand and was going to move him out of the way, before the guy could stab me. I applied KI all over me, that should protect me from the knife he's holding now... Jake was pushed out of the way and I got stabbed. Then the men in black ran away, I saw the dragon symbol on their wrist and they smiled. I turned to look at the knife stabbed at me, it also had a dragon symbol. Jake was calling for help, I was losing blood. I sighed and thought before I lost consciousness "How pathetic can I be to get stabbed by a knife like this..." Then I woke up staring at what's in front of me. Like how many more times do I need to lose consciousness to wake up in my house. Jake was there sitting on his bed watching me he had eyebags, looks like he was about to fall asleep too. I see that it was nighttime and the moon shines when I look at it. Jake stood up getting me something to eat "That doctor helped you again" He said. He put the food in front of me but I declined. I felt weak and was about to pose consciousness again, my view was fading. I tried to wake up, thinking that if I fall consciousness here, it's all over. I looked at Jake, he looked old, I sighed saying "When did you get so old Jake..." I sheded a tear and my vison started to fade and I lost strength. Then I wake up finding myself in a dark space, it looked familiar so I thought "Isn't this were you cultivate?" A screen appeared in front of me.


"Would you like to restart?" I wanted to protect Jake... But I failed and died miserably. There was a yes and no button. I thought this was an illusion so I punched the screen betting that my fist would fly through.


Anddddd guess what, turns out it wasn't an illusion and my fist hit the yes button, looks like I made a mistake. White light appeared around my body, my vison started to fade. Black again then I opened my eyes and seen that Jake was gone. I stood up stretching thinking that this was a dream, I punched myself and I flew into the wall.


The wall was destroyed and pieces came falling off the wall. This wasn't a dream... I hurriedly went outside, used KI wings and went to that Blacksmith area. I slowed down, touched the floor with my feet, my KI wings disappeared and I waved at Jake. He came to me saying "What're you doing here?" Then people started screaming and men in black ran towards us with a knife. I used KI blast and they all went unconscious, I didn't even had to look since I knew what was going to happen. I told Jake to get them tied at our home. An hour passed and they started waking up, once they woke up. There hands was on their necks, they were begging in tears "PLEASE NO, DON'T DO THIS. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!" The men beside him didn't do anything and died with there necks cut off by their own hands. Jake was standing there seeing it all "Wow" I said


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