Error Reincarnation
15 Starting my journey
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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15 Starting my journey

Ever since the guys cut off their own necks, I've been becoming frustrated about finding who killed me. I've decided that I should leave to find the people who killed me, this town is no good. I told Jake I was leaving and he gave me a purple dagger with black KI surrounding it "This is a parting gift, make sure to come back to say hi to me when you have time" he said. I already have my stuff packed to go out on the desert so I never starve to death or dehydration again. He walked me to the exit gate "Now that reminds me, I've never seen that girl" I thought. The two guards stopped us searching us if we have a dragon symbol, they let us pass through. I went on and looked at Jake, he was there crying but smiling, waving goodbye at me. I waved back and turned my back to him. The gates closed, I continued walking in the sand. I also forgot to pay my debt to that doctor, damn it! Someone was calling my name "ERROR!" I turned around to see who had called me. No one, expect just sand and the sky, I chuckled "I must be hallucinating" I thought. The Sun was setting, sand started disappearing in the direction I was walking. Grass, trees, animals... They all started to appear in my view. After 20 minutes of walking, I finally didn't felt heat anymore. Although, the sun was there shining at me. I had my own food so I didn't even bothering killing animals. A forest was coming up into view and I walked into the forest. I see smoke nearby and walked in that direction, 2 people. A guy and a girl, but I sense other people besides them "COME OUT I KNOW YOUR THERE!" The guy shouted. Men in black came out from hiding "Tch, we were discovered" One of them said. The guy looked like his level was around level 20 and the girl looked like she is around level 10. There were 5 people in black, 4 in front and 1 in back. The 4 men in black pulled out their swords"Looks like you're going to have to die since you noticed us" They said. The 4 men in black are probably around level 10 and for guy in the back, thinking he's a level 30. He looks tougher and bigger than the other 4 men. The girl single handily took care of them in 3 minutes, then the guy delivered a fist to his face but was pushed back by something unknown. The girl and the guy both fighted the man in black together. But again, pushed back by some unknown force. Then they retreated and that was it, I came out of hiding asking the guy in black if there a nearby town. This guy threw a knife at me and ran away, I dodged and the knife hit the tree. I didn't chase after the guy, where can I find a town in this forest?? I used my passive footsteps to climb the tree and looked to see if there was a town nearby. A town spotted, just north of me. I walked there 5 minutes later, I was going to search for a inn anyways. There was a sign saying "Welcome to Forest Town" My peace was destroyed by the noise emitted by these people. I see a sign saying INN and headed over there. "How much is for 1 room?" I said. The inn keeper said 5 copper, but I didn't have copper. I had sliver only! I gave him a 5 sliver anyways, I'm tired and I really want to go to sleep. I grabbed the key and walked to my room "Keep the change" I said. I threw my stuff on the floor, I lied on my bed. I immediately fall asleep forgetting to eat dinner.


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