Error Reincarnation
17 Luo City
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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17 Luo City

I and the mustache soilder that looked like a general walked into the entrance of Luo City. "Where do ya live?" He asked me fidgeting with his mustache. I told him the city was in ruins "That must've been alot. Sorry for asking" he replied to me. I shook my head as we approached the entrance, heavy stuff was on my back all day. 2 guards did a 90 degree bow towards us "We greet General Mill!" they shouted. I looked at him "Wait, your a general? I thought you were just a guard!" He replied as we kept walking "Yep! I'm a general" We stopped walking and in front of us was an inn. General Mills looked at me "This is an Inn, you can rest here. If you need anything just ask me!" He did a thumbs up with a smile. I thanked him and went inside "Welcome! A room for one?" he said looking if there's any more coming in the inn, I nodded my head as I walked towards the desk. "Ok! That's a sliver coin" I gave him 1 sliver, he gave me the keys in exchange and my room number on it. I headed up stairs to see which one was my room number. I bumped into someone.


She had her hood on so I couldn't see then she started running. I shouted after her "I'm sorry for bumping into you!" Then I continued to search for my room number. Aha! Room 201. I put the wooden key fitting in the hole and turned it.


The door swung open and I put my stuff down. I did stretching a little in my room, then sat on my bed and started to cultivate.



20 minutes had passed since I started cultivating to reach level 47.


A pillar of light emerged into the clouds of heaven. With each level rising up, I get stronger. Five minutes later in General Mills lookout "General Mills! General Mills!" General Mills turned to look at a guard running towards him, the soilder kneeled "General Mills! It seems that a pillar of light emerged within our city!" General Mills replied to the guard "We'll do investigating in 5 minutes, get our guards ready" The guard stood up "As you wish!" At the same time when I've just reached level 47, I'm so excited to reach level 50! I wonder how powerful I will become when I reach level 50. I need to find money though, I'm running low and I'm only good at deboning. While I sat there thinking, I finally thought of an idea. A restaurant will be able to make me some money. I went off using my KI wings looking for a stranger "Hey, do you know where the best restaurant is?"

"Oh it's this way"

I thanked him and headed the way he was pointing to. A big building was in front of me, could this one be it?


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