Error Reincarnation
18 Butcher Job
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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18 Butcher Job

I walked up to the entrance and knocked on the door.



The door swung open and there was a woman with huge breasts, although she had an arrogant attitude "Huh? What do you want?" She rubbed the back of her head "I came here for a Butcher job" She yawned and quickly waved me away with her hand "Shoo shoo, we don't allow inexperienced butchers like you"

"How about you let me try?"

"Our meat is expensive, if I let you try and you don't butch it properly. I'll make you pay"

"Whatever" I roll my eyeballs around

The woman leaded me to a kitchen where there was a regular cleaver, the woman gave me an apron and told the two guys that had crazy muscles to bring me a 5th grade level beast. After 5 minutes, I could see them struggling to carry the beast. Finally, they placed it on the cutting board.


It shook the floor and the lights swinging. The beast was really big but I had no problem cutting it. The woman crossed her arms and had an arrogant attitude "This is a level 5 beast and is known for it's hard-" I interrupted her by proceeding to just swing my arm down and chop. The woman stopped talking and instead had her mouth wide open. The two macho guys beside her too. I kept chopping the meat, one by one. To them, it's as if I'm chopping the meat easily. I placed the clever down and looked at the woman "Do I pass?" There she was, her jaw was wide open "Y-Yes..." After butching up around 5 sprit beasts, I can see that it was already night from the window behind me. The woman paid me 10 gold coins and 5 sliver, butching up the sprit beasts was that tough. Seriously. Tommrow is the day when this shop will close so I don't have to work tommorow. I leaned back my hand against my arms thinking about what to spend on walking to the inn. I sat down on the wooden chair and ate dinner prepared by the guy that owns the INN. While he was preparing food for me, he ran back and forth.

"Hm, what's wrong? You look troubled"

"I don't know what to spend my money on..."

"Well you can give them to me!" He chuckled as he placed the food on my table and running back and forth to get more

"No thanks!"

"You sure have a huge appetite... Anyways, there's this popular auction going on lately. Wanna hear it?"

"As long as I can spend money..." I became bored resting my head on my arms

"You'll have to gather alot of money to buy amazing stuff there! There's a starting price for each item on the auction, people bid there money to get it. If a person bids and another person bids his money higher than that person, then he'll get the item, because he bid the biggest price"

"I don't get what you mean..." I sighed and starting eating what I've started

He started to walk away "Whatever, you'll see what I mean when you get there!"


"Oh, it's a big round building."

I finished eating and went back to my room lying on the bed thinking about the auction. I wake up forgetting that the restaurant was closed today. I ran to the restaurant.

"Oh wait, I can just use my KI wings. Nevermind..."

I bumped into someone and I fell, I looked up to see who I had bumped into. It was that same hooded person I'd bumped into the inn "Ah! I'm sorry for bumping into you again!" I bowed down. "It's okay" She raised her hand. Huh? Why does her voice sound really familiar? "Have I met you somewhere before?"

Argh, what am I saying? Of course I haven't met her before. "No, I think your mistaken" She runs off. I tried to catch up but she was too fast "Wait!" I sighed and went back to the inn to eat lunch and lied on my bed. "The restaurant is closed today..." I closed my eyes, Then dreamed about this girl who was about to suicide but I got tricked. It was dark, people celebrating for a festival. A full moon, there was a hooded person on a cliff, ready to jump. I ran trying to stop her, but I was too late. The person jumped into the crowd of people where I cannot see the person. I went into the crowd of people searching for the person. I turned my head around to find that the hooded person ran towards the alleyway, I chased after person. The person turned at a corner, I followed her. When I turned at a corner, the person had disappeared, nowhere to be seen. The person was behind me the whole time having a knife at my neck and ready to kill me. I turned my head around to see that the person had no blood and fine "Oh what, your fine. You scared me by jumping off a cliff" I smiled. She released the knife that was on my neck and ran away "Tch, don't follow me anymore. You'll get yourself in trouble" It was raining and my clothes were soaked. I walked home thinking about the person. It was a woman though.


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