Error Reincarnation
19 Demon Attack
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Error Reincarnation
Author :xXMR123Xx
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19 Demon Attack

I woke up due to the sound of someone shouting outside "THE DEMONS ARE COMING TO ATTACK US!! RUN TO THE CHURCH!" I opened my eyes, fully waking up.

"And I had such a nice dream too..." I rub my eyes while sighing. I slide the curtains open on the window, the sky's red and a bunch of black dots are coming towards the city, I couldn't see what they were though.

People were running in fear and screaming for help - I squinted my eyes and took a closer look at what the black dots in the sky were. Red eyes, black skin, wings. A thought had crossed my mind; a demon! What could demons possibly be coming to this city for?!

I kind of felt pathetic because, at the moment, the thought: If I disguise myself as a hero, people will praise me and I will feel cool- passed my mind. I didn't have a noble goal like wanting to save the lives of innocent people, I only wanted to look 'cool'. And that's what disgusted me.

I put on my old shaggy clothes and my cape "It's time to head out" Thinking it would look cool, I headed out the window, walked on the roofs of houses, and leaped towards the demons.

Though, once at the gates of the city, a person that was running away looked at my direction and stopped "Hey! The demons are coming!! You should run!!"

I took a moment to smile in his direction, but I was wearing a hood that covered my whole face, so the effect was lost. I changed my voice to a deep, baritone one and said "Don't worry, I have this under control, just get to safety," He didn't believe me, probably because the clothes I wore were akin to rags.

But I paid him no heed, he would see the might of my abilities in the next moment…

And so, I took out my twin black daggers "You demons -mere cannon fodder- think you can defeat me?" These two black daggers have support type KI Skills you see, so they make my KI more potent, increasing the strength of my next attack-

I place my right hand on my forearm so my left hand can sustain the recoil from the attack I am about to use.

"Huu…." I take in a deep breath, steel my eyes, and draw upon my KI Reserves. Two circular rings appear in front of my palm, the one further out around 50 centimeters in width, while the one closer to my palm was about 30 centimeters.

"Dark Prominence!" I shout out the name of the attack and unleash Its might upon the unlucky Demons in the sky.

True to Its name-stake, the gigantic black wave of KI rains down on the Demons, big enough to obliterate all of them into nothingness.

I spat out a mouthful of blood - which is a result of me forcefully drawing so much KI from my reserves, KI is designed to slowly flow through the body, either used to strengthen it or cloak it. It is rarely used for creating 'magic'. But the situation called for it….

"Hah," I chuckled softly upon catching sight of other black dots in the far-off distance of the city.

What does this city have to draw the attention of the Demon Race? For it to bring so many Demons...and at a time like this!

Just when I was about to race forward, a gust of wind blows behind me. Dozens of knights were marching forwards towards the incoming Demons.

"You okay there kid?" I turn around once I hear a familiar masculine voice.

'General Mills…' was the thought that crossed my mind as black dots started appearing in my field of vision.

I fainted.

The next thing I know, I wake up to see myself in someone's house.

I looked around and caught sight of General Mills sitting at a chair near my bed, reading a book "The demo-" He interrupted without looking away from his book "They've been obliterated by us. You did good work out there with the first wave." I lie back down on the bed, relieved "I see…and why were the demons coming to this town?"

General Mills stood up from the chair and put his book on the bedside table. He spoke as he made his way towards the door "We still don't know that yet, gods forbid it one of The Demon Lords has something planned….just rest, for now."


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