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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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1 Awaken

My eyes fluttered open as I woke up. When I opened my eyes I was blinded from the white light. I tried to sit up before feeling a piercing pain in my head.

I must've fallen asleep, as when I opened my eyes, the light in this room was significantly darker. Was it night? No, that isn't it at all. Other than the memories I had before I got here, there were more. It dawned on me what was going on. I made the room darker.

Before I got here, I was walking alone in the city before the famous Truck-kun came and helped me along to another world. The world isn't sci-fi or fantasy. It is a blank slate. With it I can create any kind of world I want.

I don't care how it happened, I am just happy for this opportunity.


With the knowledge that I gained, I started to create the universe.

At first the knowledge let me know that I could just use my mind to create what I wanted. It was nice, but it wasn't easy for me. So I created a workstation in this darkened place with a desk. I created two monitors, a mouse and keyboard. Since the pc would be considered in my head that wasn't needed, but I made a desktop with rotating colors like a rainbow. This place could use some color.

I imagined a game where you could create a universe and it appeared. It had all the relevant information that I took from my memories with extra bits that I didn't know about till now.

Different solar systems popped up on the screens. I played around throwing meteors at a single solar system, activated a supernova at another, crashed two planets in another. So on and so forth, just having fun. Then I progressed time by a billion years and took a look at some of the statistics showing. There were a few solar systems with developing life.

There was a drop-down menu. I clicked it and changed the universe to be based on fantasy. Magic and monsters. That sounded cool.

I had a fast forward button and watched one of the planets in a solar system till it developed into a medieval fantasy. It had a single moon orbiting it. I made sure it had one, as the night always calmed me in the past.

I am new to all this. I set it up to be random, within certain parameters so I could explore the world.


I set the game to alert me when it reached the era I was looking for. I did make a few tweaks so it would be an ideal world.

In the meantime, I decided to make my character, like a video game. I aimed for a look reminiscent of a fifteen year old. I thought that would be fun. I wanted to make my character, I guess myself, have a more neutral appearance. Neither man or woman. That didn't matter to me, so since I had the chance, I thought it would be best.

The face wasn't beautiful or ugly, just plain. It brown eyes, akin to earth. I made sure to make a smaller nose. The androgynous face looked good to me.

I had fun with the hair. Short, long, braided, straight, wavy, bun, ect. After playing around I ended with a nice look. The black hair dropped down, just above the shoulder blades. It had a more unkempt wispy bangs look and a streak of purple hair over the right eye.

For the body I stuck with a slim build. I enjoyed many agility type characters when I played games. The reason I enjoyed that was because of 'Hardcore Parkour'!


I wanted to make a flawed character, as they are the best. Tabletop board games helped me learn that. I'll have to think about an interesting flaw. After all I would be living as that character.

Though I did do a few different out of convenience. I made it so I wouldn't need to eat, so I would never need to use the bathroom. Medieval ages after all.


Sounds like it is time. I pause the simulation and take a look at the summary of the world. It sounds like a cliché, but it was what I wanted. Swords, magic, different races, monsters, loot!

That gave me a great idea. I would have a cursed ring on my finger. Every word, other than my name, I speak aloud would cause a lightning strike to occur within a kilometer from me. Every so often it will unlock a new word I will be able to use.


I realize the people I meet will be real. Not a dream or a game, real people. I couldn't say I was scared, but that it would be interesting. I may have to hurt or kill people. The world is flawed and I am fine with that. I never thought or believed in a utopia as nothing was ever perfect for me in the past. There will be challenges, but as long as I stay true to myself, then would there be a problem?

Before I departed down to the planet, I generated some random items and chucked them at random places in the world. I fast forwarded a hundred years. I made sure that the world didn't end. I made sure that everything was ready with my check list and departed down to the world.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》