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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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2 The Fores

I woke up in a lush green forest. Birds were chirping and the leaves and bushes rustling. I was in a small clearing. I set it to throw me into a random forest, as it seemed like an easy start. I stood up and found myself in the body I created. I was wearing some light clothing, leather armor, a sword sheathed at my left side, the cursed ring and a few pouches on a belt on my right. Next to me, on the ground, I found a small black backpack and black cloak. The cloak felt light, but felt warm at the same time and had a small shimmer to it.

There was a note on top of the cloak. It was folded and on top it said item description. I was elated when I saw that. I set it so if there were any magical items, there would be a note so I could find out what it was if I wanted. I guess that shimmer meant a magical item.

I was curious to find out what it was. I unfolded the letter and read it. It was called [Cloak of Homeostasis]. If it is cold outside, then the cloak would be warm and vise versa. Simple and not overpowered. That made me happy. It seemed like it was going to be fun.

I took a look in the back pack. A rope of fifteen meters in length, box of matches, rations, two torches, small tools, and a pouch of water. Similar to tabletop games I have played. I didn't really need the rations, but if I was adventuring with others that might be needed.


I started walking in a random direction. While I did, I had a narrator play some expositional basic knowledge of the area for me. Jorgen Captivman has the most wonderful voice known to me, so his voice was the narrator. It felt good to indulge.

I heard from the narration that there was a small village to the south and another in the east. I was heading south, so I decided to head there.

While listening to the narration I thought about what I wanted to do. It was way too difficult to decide, so I might as well go with the flow. I have total freedom after all. Once I get to the village it will be easier to figure that out then.

Since I cannot talk, other than my name, it will be hard to learn the language. Gestures will be my ally. This sounds really fun. Oh wait… I don't have a name yet. Using my old name seemed way too boring. Hmmm… Oh I'll go with 'Kear'. That sounds like a nice name.


I said my name out loud to make sure the cursed ring was working. Since I made that my name, it seems like it has taken affect.


I spend a couple hours walking and a little hardcore parkour. I reached the edge of the forest and looked towards the village. There were a couple bigger buildings near the center of the town while smaller buildings surrounded them. There was a big road leading into the village close by.

Without getting closer I could tell this was a minor settlement. The roads were a dirt on the outside while inside it looked like gravel. To my far left I could see a farm. To my right I saw a carriage along the road heading towards the village. It didn't seem fancy enough to be anything special.

I left the forest and walked along the road to the village. My foot accidently hit a rock and I tripped. Face first into the dirt. It hurt, but I started laughing. I was essentially a God, and I tripped on a rock. Right now I was roleplaying as 'Kear the human', but it was still funny.

I must have been laughing for a while as two teenagers approached. A young man and woman. They were both were equipped with weapons and armor. They seemed older than 'Kear' as this character was fifteen.

The man, human, wore leather armor similar to my own; carried a wooden bow around his shoulder; a knife horizontally place along his lower back; and belt of pouches on his waist. He had striking jawline, with some stubble around his mouth, and short black hair with his sky blue eyes. He seemed proficient in using bows and his upper body strength matched.

The woman, human, wore a metal plate in front of her chest; two sabers, one on each side of her hips; and a big satchel. It had a faint shimmer, so could I assume magical bag? She had a well toned body. She had a scar underneath her right eye, vertical along her cheek. The look in her dark brown eyes at me, were caring.

They were trying to talk to me as I saw them. I just stood up after calming down to wave at both of them. They seemed confused as both of them looked behind each other. I guess they thought I wasn't waving at them. Once they looked back I smiled, pointed to myself and said my name.


They talked amongst themselves in front of me after trying to talk to me some more. It seemed like they were quick on their feet and realized I couldn't understand them. They pointed to themselves and spoke, what I can assume as their names. It would be really weird otherwise.

"Pax," said the man.

"Rin," said the woman.

So Pax and Rin. Nice names. They both had worried faces as I looked back at them. Rin reached into her bag and reached out a handkerchief. She started to come closer and wiped my forehead. It stung. I see it must be bruised. She pulls it back in front of my face. It see a little blood. Not bruised, but cut.

I put on a shocked face, then I smile trying to show my thanks. Rin poured some water on the handkerchief and started to clean my wound. While she did that I decided I would play the healer. Agile healer did sound cool and it would allow me to help others. After she cleaned it I pointed at finger at my forehead. I could see a small bright green glow at the end as I passed over the cut area. All I did was close the cut nothing more. I don't want to appear all powerful after all.

Pax and Rin both smiled after seeing that. From the summary on the pc and narration, I know that everyone can use magic. Everyone is born with one to two specializations, sure there are outliers with more, and as long as they train they could use the magic they specialized in. I use magic, but it would also apply to powers as well.

So I made the green glow from one finger and water poured out of another. As my two out in the open, they could see what I specialize in.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》