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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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3 Friends?

After taking a moment I realize that their smiles were not the same. Rin's was more of a sly grin, with a mischievous meaning . Pax's smile like one would use towards a friend. I cannot ask, so as long as they don't turn hostile, I'll go with it.

They both made gestures for me to follow them. They started to head towards the forest behind me. They seem friendly and I cannot communicate, so if they can be of some help, I'll follow them.

I start to walk behind them.


Even though I based things off tabletop games, I made sure there weren't anything like stats people had to worry about. I had read a few things where the main character reincarnates. They can call a screen and allocate stats to make them better. I made sure to keep that out of my universe.

Magic you don't need to chant, but I made sure that it was tougher. If I did every word would become a lightning strike. Oh that could be a funny prank.


In a way I can see that following two strangers into the woods isn't a good thing. While I can say I am nervous, I also don't feel that way. I can feel pain and if they attacked me, that would just suck. I don't want to play the overpowered character at all, so if I die, then I'll just remake another character. Though if the first people I meet attack me, then I will send a few meteors after them. Call it divine retribution.

We actually headed north east. It was a learning experience for me. They were moving quietly and made "shh" noises at my loud steps. I kept stepping on branches and alerting any wildlife in the area. It took me a while to get used to the concealing my movements, but I was nowhere near Rin and Pax's expertise. My facepalming was louder than the branches cracking under my feet.


I wondered what the time was and in my mind I received an answer. It was just a little after three o'clock in the afternoon. I think we have been walking for two hours. They started to slow down. It seems they were looking for something around, but they were talking aloud. I guess not an animal. They found a small clearing next to a small stream of water. There was a big flat rock in the center. If you sat next to it, it would make a great table.

I saw Rin taking out some fruit and meat out of her satchel. I guess they are going to eat. I don't really need to eat, but doesn't mean I will stand there watching them. Following their gestures for me to sit down, I take off my backpack and sword to sit with them. Before Rin starts to eat food she starts to pray. Pax just starts eating.

I did make some 'Gods' for lore reasons, but they do exist. Just like everyone else on this planet, no one knows about me, but I am like the big puppet master. Would they believe me if I said I was a 'God' above them? Now that I think about it, is there someone above me? There must be, but is there someone above the one above me? That is going to give me a headache. Let's just stick to my universe.

So Rin is following one of them huh. I have no idea about them, all I know is I made sure to include them in the fantasy world.

I take a drink out of my water skin. I take out one of my rations, dried meat, and put it on the rock for all of them to share. They both smile at that. They start to talk to me, using gestures while moving their mouths. Rin waves at me and keeps repeating a word. I'll have to take note that it is 'hi', 'hello', or something along those lines. They point to the different fruits and meat, repeating the same words. As soon as they go through pointing at the fruit that is like an apple, I feel a sensation. I guess it is letting me know I can say that word now without consequences.


They both smile and start to clap. Now this makes me seem like a baby. I roll my eyes inside my heart. Do they think I have a concussion from falling down? It seems like they are a little too condescending, especially Rin. I decide to squint my eyes at Rin and stare at her.


Before we cleaned up after eating, I decided to help them understand me. I point at my ring and I give a scared look. Trying to give off the feeling that it is cursed. I try speaking to let them know that is all I can say.

"Kear! Apple! Kear! Apple!"

Then I try to act as scared as possible. I squint my eyes like someone is about to hurt me then I use the word they used before when they were waving at me.


Twenty meters away from me a bolt of lightning strikes the ground. Rin and Pax were looking at me trying to comfort me when they both jumped back. Bringing their weapons into their hands ready for battle. I approach them and grab their shoulders.


I say like a kid who just got scolded and is sorry. It seems like they understood as I pointed at my ring again.

Rin takes out a parchment and I see the faint shimmer on it as well. She held out her hand gesturing for me to do the same. I hold out my hand. She facepalms and Pax starts laughing at her. She points to my other hand with my ring. I may have known what she meant, but I am petty.

She says a few words while the paper touches the ring and a small flash of light comes off the paper. They both go to read the paper. I am guessing it was a scroll to identify items, it makes the most sense after all. I see them make a face like they just realized what was going on.

Then they both burst into laughter.

I wouldn't say it is that funny. Ah, maybe it was.


We cleaned the food off the rock and stored the rest. Reequipped our items and head off. I think things are a little easier now. They know about the ring so that makes it a bit easier. I am sure they probably are not sure why a fifteen year old kid doesn't understand the language, but that doesn't really matter right now. I won't know until I can ask. At least they are helping me understand. While I cannot speak it, I can hear. Thumbs up!

A couple hours later we come across a cliff side. They slowly move over to the edge crawling on the ground. Pax takes out a spyglass out of a pouch on his belt. It looks like he is scanning the area. He must have spotted something as he pointed in a direction and handed the spyglass to Rin. She takes a look and mutters something back.

When she does that Pax backs closer into the tree line. He pulls out his bow and notches and arrow. He starts chanting I can only assume as he doesn't seem to be talking to Rin. The arrow sets ablaze and some wings appear out of the yellow-white flames. He pulls it back and releases. I see it flies in the direction it is pointed and about two kilometers away it detonates high into the sky in a blinding white light.

Horns blare in the distance. Is that an army? The noise is loud enough for me to cover my ears.

Are Pax and Rin scouts for an opposing army or faction? Mercenaries? Whatever. Nothing I can do about it. Pax nudges me to follow him to the edge of the cliff. I had been staying back as I wasn't sure what they planned to do. They never spoke in soft voices, they might have some trust in me.

I crawl over to the edge of the cliff. Rin and Pax to my right. Pax says something to Rin and she passes the spyglass to me.

I take it with a smile and take a look over at the blinding light over there. I see an army of what I can assume are goblins or orcs, perhaps both, fighting what seems like a human army. I can't be sure they are all human, but it is just a guess for now. There are banners showing a symbol…wait what is that?

"Oh no… RUN!"

Three lightning strikes strike randomly around us as a large fireball impacted the cliff face.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》