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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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By the time I awoke it was night outside. I thought of the time in my head and it was around two in the morning. The moon blanketed the forest. A few clouds passed by the moon, making it a little harder to see around. I started to look around calling out to Pax and Rin.


Over and over again.

I healed myself with what I would consider lower level healing. I had a minor limp in my left leg. I hobbled around looking for them. It didn't take me long to find both of them. They were unconscious up against a tree. Rin looked like she shielded Pax with her body as she held him. The metal plate on her back took most of the damage, but her lower back wasn't looking too good.

I decide to get down next to her and start casting a bigger heal. I could instantly heal her, but that goes against what I want. That might make me evil, but I will stay within the limits as much as I can. I know this isn't a game. As a healer I know there would be tougher things. If I hadn't been involved with these two, the same might befall them. After firing that arrow they both did stay in the same spot, so that was their mistake. If I end up causing harm to another, because I am with them, then I will do everything I can to help them. Even if it means that I use my full power.


I spent a couple minutes cleaning and healing her back. Since her grip on Pax is so tight, I cannot check if he has any injuries in the front of his body. So I healed the cuts and scrapes where I can on both of them.

I started a small fire. It seems that the fighting between the two armies has stopped as I don't hear or see anything. The spyglass broke so it would be difficult to check. As I look around for some more wood, I noticed a small area where the lightning bolt struck. It was two meters away from where I was on the cliff edge! It seems I was really close to rolling a natural one. Scary.

I put my [Cloak of Homeostasis] over the both of them. I built a makeshift tent over the two. It was just made of sticks, as I didn't have a tarp. I guess that would be good to invest in. A bedroll too. Now I think about it, with what money?

I kept watch for the rest of the night. With the fire going it kept it warm around the area. I know I don't need to sleep, but I did make sure that I could feel tired, thirsty, and hungry.

I was really nice watching the stars and moon in the sky. The sparkle from stars, light years away, give me a strong sense of euphoria.


Dawn. The start of my second day. Leaning against a tree the sunshine warms my skin as it shines through. I walked out in the open and stretched my arms for the sun.

The two sleepers wake up with a scream destroying my little tent. I guess they didn't plan on embracing each other. I wave at them from across the fire pit.


Since they were bickering, I decided to defuse the situation. I pat my back while pointing at Rin. Rin was confused and had Pax look at her back. His shocked face started to scare Rin. They looked back at me and I made a green glow with my finger. It seemed they understood.

Since it wasn't a perfect heal there still was some exterior damage to her back. A bath or shower will help get rid of dirt. It will take a while for it to fully heal in the meantime. It seemed that Pax had relayed what her back looked like as she decided to move away from us and head behind a tree. Pax did the same in another direction. It is the morning after all.

Once they left I grabbed my cloak and threw it back on myself. I waited for them to return. Rin came back with a similar fresh shirt. Pax came back a little after Rin, looking refreshed. Both of them sat at the fire that I had kept going taking out some food eating. I sat with them, but I didn't eat. I guess they assume I already ate.

After breakfast the both looked at me with big smiles. They had been chatting for a while with each other. I assume they had the next destination in mind. Though the way the smiled was like they were thanking me. That seems like it is it, so I just smile back at them.


The direction we start walking is south west. I guess we are heading towards the village. Rin and Pax take turns here and there pointing to different things and repeating the same word. I am starting to understand a little by little.

We reach the edge of the forest near the village. We start walking on the road to the village and I kick what I assume the same rock, but I just stumble. I survived against a rock! I am a God! I was so happy.

We reached the gate to the village. It was nothing fancy and as the closer we got to it I started to understand the village better. It was actually starting to develop as a small town. It seemed like a few of the buildings were getting additions and other abodes were being built. Most of the shops were around the center of the village, so most of the activity was there.

We walked closer and closer to the center of the village. There was a big building just across from us. It seemed like the place we were going. I say we, but I am just following them.

Before we approach the door to the building I feel that tingling sensation. Yes! I unlocked a new word. I am super thrilled. I go up to the both of them.


Their faces were so scared when I said that. After a moment they realized and heaved a sigh of relief. I gave a small chuckle.


What a wonderful time to be alive.


We enter through the door. It screams, 'I AM A FANTASY GUILD'. A couple table and chairs. A reception desk. Lively interior of a variety of people. I am not really impressed though. It is standard. If I saw something in an anime, this would be it. It doesn't even try to be different. Is this really the pinnacle of innovation of 'Guilds'. If I had to I would redo this entire place. It doesn't need to look better, it just needs some variety. Yea, variety.

While I was in my thoughts Rin and Pax were looking at me like I was a dog. Trying to get me to stay or sit. I was laughing internally, but I decided to have fun. I nodded like I understood them. As they walked away I started to follow. Both of them stopped and tried to get me to stay again. I nodded and gave them both a thumbs up. They walked away and I followed again.

The whole place was laughing and the three of us took center stage. I made a face of 'oh' and nodded again as they walked away. I stayed there standing like a good little doggo. A few people came over to me, trying to talk to me. To let them know their efforts were useless, I told them my name and pointed at myself.

"Kear, Hello!"

I would say it was super effective. Some looked at me in pity, others like they were ready to take advantage of me, and the rest who just didn't care.

There were some posters. Bounties and jobs. A couple had a sketches of different faces. I assume they are armed and extremely dangerous. I tried reading them, but honestly had no idea about any thing. I am sure it is a great language, but I cannot read any bit of it. I will say whoever wrote these has amazing penmanship.


Around thirty minutes later, Rin and Pax came back from the hallway. I know this place is about two stories tall. So what is on the second floor? Offices or a single big office? Doesn't matter.

I waved at them and greeted them.


Rin grabbed my arm and we both followed Pax to the hallway they came from. I follow them upstairs. I was right there was a staircase over here. It seems there are just three separate doors. One at the end of the hallway and one on the left and right. I was led to the end of the hallway and Pax opened the door.

Inside there were a few chairs in front of a desk, a table next to a couch and a few bookcases filled to the brim with books. The man at the desk seems to be an elf. He has dark sea blue eyes, long white hair, and pointy ears. Should I say he looks young or old for an elf. For a human he is easily thirty years old. Though I do have a simple questions. Why isn't he wearing a shirt?


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》