Exploring My World - Revisited
5 Travelling and Pranks
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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5 Travelling and Pranks

If someone wasn't wearing a shirt, that would be fine with me. I am sure if it was a hot day and you are inside, that would be fine. I thought the temperature was fine at least. Though, maybe, I have this preconceived notion that this is like an office space. A job. At an office, do you take your shirt off? I am sorry, but you don't. I am sure HR would hunt you if you did. This guy seems professional, so why?

It must be me, because they don't seem to care. Can I only see it? Are they just too used to it? I am so confused. Should I just destroy this world? Wait, who destroys a planet because someone doesn't wear a shirt. That line of thought seems pretty messed up. Let's rein in my thoughts and come back to reality.

The shirtless elf, stands up, and walks around the desk to greet me. He holds out his hand to give me a handshake. With his other hand he points to himself and speaks.

Honestly I can't understand any of it. Was that all his name? That seems way too long. I show him a face of puzzlement. From his face and eyes I guess that he made a mistake. So he repeats his actions.


Tasar? That is easy. The other part must have been something like a job title.

It seems like he is starting to cast some magic, while pointing at me.

"Can you hear me?"

Ah crap. Not good, not good at all. I heard him all right. That means I can understand the language now. I wanted to learn on my own. I don't want this, not one bit. I cough and send a backlash of mana back at him. Might have overdid it on the backlash. He is now on the ground coughing. Woops.

I lean down acting all puzzle and bewildered. I can assume my acting skills are the best, at least I hope. I cast a major heal on him. Enough so he can breath and stand up again. I felt really bad for him. I made it so his wish, had a higher chance of coming true in the future. I'm a nice person after all.

The other two were confused by the predicament. They were wondering what happened and tried to help Tasar. I am sure they never expected me to hurt him. I could say he hurt himself, but it was me after all. Sure no one could figure out it was me though.

I start to think about the nighttime sky. The moon and stars. I need to calm myself down. I need to pay attention to the situation.

Those two help him up and they all have worried faces. I am sure Pax and Rin about Tasar, but why him. Why is it directed towards me? What is he thinking? Then he walks forward, grabs my hand, and shakes his head like he pities me. Why? Shouldn't we be pitting him after all that trauma he just went through. I know he tried to help me, but I want to learn from the ground up. His way was to cheat to learn the language with magic. That doesn't help character development at all. I guess he could think I am cursed. At least something along those lines.

He turned around and started to talk to the other two. I don't know what he is talking to them about, but I know he is mentioning my name. Whatever it is, why is he involving me?

He walks over to one of the bookshelves and grabs a couple books. He hands them to Pax and another set to Rin. They both smile at me. I think I get it now. They are going to teach me. Unless they plan on throwing those books at me. Really, Rin, is her smile always mischievous? I know that isn't true, but I am nervous.


They start to teach me the words in the books. Some of them do have pictures. Wait, they are treating me like a baby again. I make a pouting face as they start to teach me. I pout because they treat me like a kid, not because of the learning. I want to learn after all.

Over the next couple of days I didn't learn a new word until the end. 'Name'. Now I can ask people their name. I am really happy about that. Learning about the other words I have started to hear them in a spoken sentence.

"How…are…you…Kear?" Rin asks me the next day. She said it really slow for me to understand. It was nice.

"Apples!" I look at her with a big smile and bring up my right hand for a thumbs up. Showing her that I am feeling good and understood.

I have been using the word 'apples' for different feelings. If I am confused, I look confused and say 'apples' in a confused manner. It is the same with different emotions. Speaking it allows me to get their attention so they can see.

Over these past couple days I have been staying in the same room as Rin. I am not sure if they don't trust me or are still treating me like a kid. I know I don't know the language, but I am only a couple years younger than you. I am not that fragile. Sheesh. Putting more thought into it, could they have realized that I don't have to use the toilet. Oh yea, in the inn we are staying there are toilets, but nowhere near as sanitary as the ones I used in my past. By not relieving myself, I make myself suspicious. Not good at all. Lets just see how long it takes before they unmask me.

While I continue to learn it seems that they have another job today. My fifth day in this world and we can really start an adventure. I am really excited. We start our journey following the road out of the village walking. During that time those two are talking amongst themselves. I take the time to turn the books into audio books and have Jorgen Captivman narrate it. I do that while I follow along the book. I cannot ask them to teach me all the time. At least I can put some effort in. Such an amazing voice. Even though I can hear it, no one else can. Obviously.


The journey was boring. The only fun I had was when Rin decided to prank me. Every time I said 'apples' she would throw an apple at me from her satchel. So I decided to get some payback. One morning, I yelled out, "I LOVE SNICKERDOODLES!" I did say that in my previous language as I don't know those words just yet.

Three lightning strikes came down around us and Rin was scared out of her wits. Well so was Pax, but I apologized to him after laughing at Rin. I was really lucky that the lightning didn't strike near us at all.

Other than that the past two weeks has been quite boring. Reading, listening, and learning.


Pax alerted me to get my guild card out. A simple form of identification. As we arrived at this big and bustling city. Huge walls made out of stone, metal drop gates, and guards galore. The guards asked for our cards and after checking for a moment let us through. Yea I did get my card at that place from Tasar. It would be difficult for me to apply for it without knowing the language after all.

I wonder if this is where these two are from. Other than Tasar, when we were in town Pax and Rin were treated like strangers. One if not both are from here? It could be another stopping point, but I doubt it. Rin has on her face, I am home. Pax is a little different, but he does act similar to Rin.

Walking along the street, I can see many tall buildings and further in even taller. Far to the north is a giant castle. Ramparts, towers, and gates. The stone of the castle matches the stone paved roads that we are walking on. The light grey tint really separates from all the dirt that we have been walking on for the past two weeks. A big city. I wouldn't say I am scared, but sometimes I hear Truck-kun whispering in my ear. Not scared at all.

I follow them to another guild like place. Other than being bigger, it is the same. This is a true disappointment. The displeasure really shows on my face because Rin asks if I am doing ok. I just shake my head and say "Apples."

They notify the receptionist, another human, about their arrival. I guess they are going to meet someone. I wonder who and why? A couple minutes later, someone leads us to the room on the third floor. Function over fashion. Such a disappointment.

As soon as we step into the room I get that sensation again. It has been such a long time since I got my last word.

"Hello, Rin." I whisper to her.

Shock, surprise, and a hint of fear all flash across her face as we enter the room.

"… Rin… Pax," says the woman welcoming them in. It did sound like a greeting, so I took it as such.

Rin takes a letter out of her bag and hands it over to the woman. She did this after her and Pax greeted her back. I was able to get her name, Jenavor.

Jenavor was an older woman. It seems rude to say, but she is just old and wrinkly. Grey and white hair that drape down her back. Dark amber colored eyes are the only color on her face. Even her lips are starting to turn white. One foot in the grave might be an understatement.

Next to her, must be the person taking over for her. He doesn't look like a guest or employee. He stands at the side eagerly watching the conversation. He is a younger man, but he is around his mid thirties. Short cut top, and a face that says I am learning, but I am powerful. He doesn't look like someone to underestimate.

After reading the letter, she hands it to the man. He reads it over as we stepped over to a more comfortable seating area. Soft chairs and a couch. It was a bit better than the one with Tasar. The young man sits down next to Jenavor after pouring some tea for all of us.

Jenavor notices me and when she says the word for name, I reply.

"Kear hello!"

She gives a small chuckle. Other than looking old she seems to have that feeling of vitality. I know people in their twenties can start balding. I have never seen someone look so old before and act so young.

Pax looks at me, then Jenavor as it sounds like he explaining me. Jenavor realizes something then she asks them a question. I am pretty sure she mentioned magic. She looks towards me and starts to cast a spell. The other two quickly stop her from pressing forward with that spell. I get it now. She was trying to cast the same spell that Tasar did. If she did, I would make sure it hurt less at least. Knowing the limit now, I can make it less.

After that they continued to talk more. I was able to pick out a couple words, but they spoke at a normal pace. That might be normal for them, but way too fast for me. Since they ignored me I decided to listen to my audio book and follow along.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》