Exploring My World - Revisited
6 Snickerdoodles
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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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6 Snickerdoodles

They talked for a couple hours. I know it was a couple hours because by the time I woke up, with drool on my face, it was dark out. Rin was shaking me awake so that was a sudden jolt to me. Hey it is not my fault that these chairs are so comfy. I checked the time it was eight at night. What did they talk about for that long?

I did feel bad for sleeping, but I didn't have a choice. The narration was just so calm. The voice of an angel. I also did make a copy of that chair and sent it to my 'void room'. The room where the computer for the universe is. I just thought 'void room' sounded cool so I might just call it that.

After walking out, those two brought me to an inn and we all slept in the same room.



Pax woke me up. Both him and Rin were getting ready to leave. They wanted me to follow them. They had me follow them to a building that looked like a church. There were five separate statues at the other end of the entrance. Stained glass windows, colored light in the church. It was beautiful. Colors are amazing. I approve.

I am sure that I can consider that the statues belong to the Gods. I have to say I am a little curious.

Rin takes out a bag that jingles. It looks really heavy. She hands it to a clergyman and we follow him into a room. The person that enters seems to be a priest or higher than a priest. Did they give that guy money? If they did was it a lot? Wait, why did they bring me here?

After he finished the first spell I feel a smidge of euphoria. It wasn't like that other spell. What did he do? Then he starts to cast another spell. This time it feels the same, but before he finishes I look at the ring on my hand. It felt loose so I tried to attach it back. As soon as I touched it, it turned to dust.

Come on. Seriously?! He destroyed my ring and he cast the spell so I can understand the language. I am angry. I wanted to learn, but is that impossible? It was so fun playing a character with minimal words. I'm not sure what to do. As I am trying to hold back my emotions Rin and Pax both stand in front of me.

"Can you understand us?"

They both asked me in unison. I was a bit frustrated. So I ask what I want to know before I do anything rash.

"Did you both pay to have that person remove my cursed ring?"

"Yup," Rin replied!

"We think of you as a friend. So it was just a minor sum we paid." Pax added this in.

First thing I stopped time in the world. Next I checked how much they paid and I had the sweet angelic voice of Jorgen Captivman tell me about the currency. It was the one thing they had not told me about. It was just a simple exchange rate. Ten copper is equal to one silver, gold and platinum. Easy to understand. I checked how much they paid, one hundred gold coins. Then I checked how much the average adventurer earns. First I learned they were ripped off. Second, I did feel a little better that they spent that exorbitant amount of money on me.

I decided that I'll accept the fact that I can speak to them now without learning. They put themselves in the whole for me. Even if they were rich, that was just way too much. The next anyone involved in this extortion, would get some delicious divine punishment. Sure they don't really deserve my involvement, but I needed to take my anger out on something.

When I get the time, I'll learn sign language. At least I can learn something.


After we left they started to talk to me. Asking me how I got there and where I lived. It took me a while to come up with a great backstory. We sat down at a small tavern to talk.

"I am a God above all the other Gods. I created all the worlds and the one we are currently on." Simple and easy, and they laughed the whole time. I did as well. Then I just said, "I remember a cabin in the mountains, but all of my memories are fuzzy. I was traveling through the woods when I reached that village. I don't know how long I was out there for. Sorry, I don't remember much."

"That is ok, Kear. We are all friends now, so we can take care of each other."

"Listen to Pax and I, we can be your older siblings now. Just like a family."


"Of course!"

Both of them really thought of me as a family. I guess the next questions is…

"Are you two dating?"

Pax started choking on his drink and Rin started laughing. Honestly I thought they had feelings for each other on a romantic level. It looks like I was wrong. I felt bad for assuming that.

"I am sorry. That was my fault."

They let me know it was ok. We talked for a little longer before heading to another place. It was back to the guild. We walked in and they grabbed one of the posters off the board. The let the receptionist know and then we left. I looked at the post since I was able to read it. It looks like there is a mystery afoot. People are going missing from a village. A true adventure.


We left the city after restocking our supplies. Now I did have a plan after we left the city. I created a small event in my mind. Something along the lines of a dead thief's stash that we find, that just so happens to have a hundred gold coins in it. I set it up so it would be random but would happen before we reach our destination.

We walked a couple days heading east. Following the road before we ventured off the beaten path to rest. We were looking for a place to camp for the night when a loud explosion was heard in the distance and then I got punched in the face. Yes, I was punched. It was an arm. Just the arm and hand. The hand was clutching a piece of paper that said there was a secret stash of valuables close by. Really this was the best 'randomization' could do? Wasn't this just obvious?

Rin and Pax were on high alert after that explosion. While they were scouting around to make sure it was safe, I read the message to them. I had cast a healing spell on my nose at it was shattered. The pain subsided after I cast the spell, but I was breathing funny, so I started breathing through my mouth till it healed.

Rin took a look at the paper and the map that was on the other side of the paper.

"Wow this map is really detailed. We should go and see if there are any survivors. Once we are done, lets go look for the loot."

"Rin, doesn't that seem too easy? A map leading to a stashed treasure. Something feels wrong."

Well Pax isn't wrong, but there isn't anything that I can do to help ease his suspicions.

We started walking to the site of the explosion. We found a cauldron, an elder lady, and a young man in dark clothing. The arm definitely belonged to the young man. There were no survivors in the area. I'll just assume the old lady was a witch and the young man, well I guess I already knew he was a thief.

I would say that it was messed up that Rin and I were looting the bodies, but not really. Pax stood their on watch just in case anything happened. We both found some money, herbs and potions. Nothing too great of value to me, but I guessed Rin had a wonderful time. After all I heard her scream.

"This is a high grade healing potion…This herb would fetch a high price…"

I lit a torch as it was getting dark and all of us followed the map. We walked in a formation. Rin in front weapons ready, Pax in the back keeping a watch on our flank, and me in the middle holding a torch and reading the map.


It took just under an hour to reach our destination. There was a cave with the marking made by the thief. There was some light inside the cave so I snuffed out the torch, just in case. We could hear some people talking inside the. From what I could hear, they just found a place to rest for the night. Then we heard screams. The best I could guess from the yelling and screaming was that there were innocent people in there being abused.

As soon as we figured the situation neither of us hesitated to form a plan. I would stay at the entrance to act as a rearguard and healer. Rin would rush in to create chaos and Pax would take advantage to take out those he could.

Those two rushed ahead as I stayed at the entrance to the cave, keeping a lookout. I waited for their signal for when it was all clear or if they needed back up. The sounds of battle echoed throughout the cave. It didn't sound good for the enemies at all, I may have felt sorry for them. I will deny it if you asked me though.

It sounded like everything died down, in more ways than one, and I received my signal. I ran into see if Rin and Pax were hurt. Even though Rin was covered in blood, it was only of the bandits. Typical bandits indeed.

After I saw that those two were fine, I looked to the ones that they saved. They were all kids. I know this made up quest was random, but kids. I know anything can happen, and stuff like this is possible, but I still don't like it. I go over and check the kids. I heal all of them with major heals. I wanted to make sure they were ok. I backed away from the kids as Rin and Pax were talking to them. Some of the kids were still crying so those two were calming them down.

Then I felt a sharp pain in my back, another and another. Three arrows pierced my back. I fell forward. I have to say that I wanted to keep going with this character, but I just don't think I can survive. I was about to lose consciousness when Rin and Pax lifted me up and pulled out the arrows. I checked my body and I knew there was no saving me. They had me drink a potion, but it wouldn't save me now. I decided to do the best I could for them in return.

"Take these two…'cough cough'… when you are at your happiest say the word 'snickerdoodle' and there will be a surprise for you." I quickly made two rings that didn't exist till now. I handed it to them and they each put them on. I closed my eyes and after I opened them I found myself back in my void room. The colors from the pc blanketed the room. I saw the comfy chair that I slept on from the guild. I have to say that I had fun.

I hope they remember those rings. I'll appear back down there to talk to them one last time.

I sat on the soft chair with a plate of snickerdoodles. I decided to take a nap.


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》