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Exploring My World - Revisited
Author :KearDarkfire
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7 Happy

When I woke up I heard beeping from the monitor. I should make a stereo system. That would make sound flow better in the room. I made it so, with a decent sound system and headphones on a stand nailed to the desk.

After I checked and I see that the simulation paused. I received a notification that Rin used her ring. So I cleaned up Kear with some clean clothing. Truly adorable. With the time still paused I teleported myself to Rin.

It seems she was in a room surrounded by what I can assume are maids and doctors. It looked like she just gave birth and she was holding her baby. What a nice site. It seemed like she was about ten years older than before.

I healed her to full health and made sure the baby was ok too. I unfreeze Rin and the baby. The baby had her eyes. Super cute.

"Snickerdoodle… what is going…Kear?"

"Hello Rin!"

"What is going on? Are you really here?"

"Let me start out by saying I am real. The world is just frozen in time. Only you, me and your child are unfrozen."


"You remember after getting my ring off, we talked about where I came from. I told you the truth and a lie. There was no cabin in the mountains."

Her shocked face upon realizing the truth was indeed a funny site. I decided to continue.

"So this is the happy moment you chose? It is indeed a wondrous occasion. Did you come up with a name for the baby?"

"Ah… his name is going to be Glandriel."

"That does sound like a nice name indeed. That name sounds elvish or is that just me?"

"You are right. He's a half-elf. His name comes from a part of my father and my husband's father."

"I am really happy for you."

"Thank you Kear. Will you be staying or…"

"I will be going. Even though our time was short, it was a fun time. I do have a present to give you before I leave. Actually two of them."

From behind my back I create an apple and a ring.

"I healed you up, so you might be hungry." I handed her the apple. "When Glandriel grows up, give him this ring. The same rules apply. Though if he is in danger I will help him out one time." Then I handed her the ring.

She had tears in her eyes as she thanked me. I know it would be wrong, but I did want to throw the apple at her.

"Kear before you leave, I have always wondered, what does 'snickerdoodle' mean?"

"Good point. As a parting gift for those that worked hard to help you, then you can share them."

I created a plate of 'out of the oven hot' snickerdoodles. An amazing smell filled the room.

"That is a snickerdoodle?"

"They are delicious. Enjoy the rest of your life Rin. Thank you for being my family!"

"Goodbye Kear!"

I waved goodbye and disappeared from the room.


After Kear left the room, the others unfroze. Rin saw everyone starting to move. She had the ring in hand. She put the apple next to the snickerdoodles on the nightstand next to the bed. She was teary eyed, but looked down to Glandriel happy. She felt that her ring Kear gave her felt lighter. She looked at it and it had turned to ash.

"What is that smell?"

"Where did these come from?"

"Rin are you ok?"

The people in the room were puzzled about what had happened. So Rin decided to let everyone have a snickerdoodle to distract them from their confusion.

"A family member dropped those off. They are snickerdoodles. Everyone can have one."

Rin held her baby smiling rocking Glandriel back and forth. The maids and doctors grabbed and ate the snickerdoodles. Rin had one too after waiting for Glandriel to fall asleep. It was amazing, she had never had anything like that before. She was so happy. Looking back at the apple she whispered.

"Thank you!"


Once I got back into the void room I started messing about with different things. I created a game system, controller, and big tv. Created a fighting game with different characters from different sources. Anime, books, and even some randomly created people. I started playing for a while before I heard another notification.

I paused my game and went over to the computer monitor. It looks like Pax was the next one. I made sure Kear looked spiffy. I tried out a shirt and tie with a vest over the top. It fit perfectly with Kear and looked amazing.

I teleported to Pax. I saw it was a courtyard. An arch hanging over two people. Pax and another man embracing each other with everyone cheering.

I decided not to interrupt this moment. I waited until Pax and his partner separated from the crowd. I froze time again and walked over to him.

"Hello Pax!"

I cannot blame them both for freaking out. Especially Pax, since I 'died' in his arms. There were a few people around that were frozen too, so I can understand they why they might be afraid.

"Pax you used the codeword. Your happiest moment. When you and your partner here were kissing. I didn't want to distract you so I waited. Oh btw, I am not a ghost."

"Kear is that really you?"


I created a couch behind them and a chair across from it. I led them over there to sit down and collect themselves.

"Kear I saw you die. Rin and I buried you. How?"

"After my cursed ring was removed you asked me where I came from. I told you the truth and a lie. The cabin in the mountains didn't exist."

The same with Rin, it didn't take long for him to realize. The shocked face of his was in contrast to his partner. The man was bewildered about what was going on. He was close to the same age Pax. He had a clean shaven face compared to the full beard that Pax had. His well built figure and his darkened skin, exuded a strong adventurer feeling. His sky blue eyes matched Pax's.

I took the initiative to help Pax out of his stupor. I put out my right hand towards the man sitting next to Pax.

"My name is Kear. What is your name?"

"…Ah… my name is Kaalm. How do you two know each other?"

"We went adventuring a while ago."

"I see… why aren't the people around us moving?"

"Ah that I thought it would be best if we did it like this. The only things moving are you, me and Pax. If you ask how I did it, lets just say I am a God to make it easy to understand."

"A God?"

"Kaalm, Kear was the one that died in that cave I told you about. I never knew that Kear was a God."

"To be fair I did tell you. Though I understand that you didn't believe me. I wouldn't myself either."

"Kear why are you here?"

"Kaalm, I gave a ring to Pax. At his happiest moment, if he said the codeword, then I would surprise him. So surprise. Kaalm you should know the moment you kissed was his happiest moment."

I watched as Pax looked at Kaalm each meeting each other's gaze. The were both smiling, genuine happiness.

"I brought you two presents." I leaned over the chair I was sitting on and from behind it I created an apple and a bow. "Pax thank you for letting me be apart of your family. This apple is a token of my appreciation." I hand him the apple. "This bow is a representation of your partnership. Can I have both of you place your hands on this bow please?"

After I ask them to place their hand on the bow. Since I had time stop I decided on a chronomancy type enchantment. Those who use the bow within a meter of them, with stop time in that area except the user. Once the user releases the arrow will that stop. The arrow that releases and hits its target, will freeze them in time for five seconds. I made it so only Pax and Kaalm can use the bow and whoever else they decide. The information of the bow is sent to their minds, so they will know how to use it.

Then a special thing for the both of them. As long as they are within five meters of each other they will have a copy of that bow.

"Thank you so much for this Kear."

"You have my thanks Kear."

"One more thing, have you ever eaten a snickerdoodle?"

"What?" They both asked in confusion.

I lay a table out filled with plates of snickerdoodles for the part.

"I'll be leaving now. Enjoy your new life together."


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    《Exploring My World - Revisited》